multiuse survival tools

Multi-use Survival Tools
Survival tools with more than one purpose

Preppers and survivalists love multi-use survival tools, like a
leatherman, but they also appreciate the unexpected surprise
of stockpiling one tool and getting many uses from it. We've
compiled one such happy list to ensure you use your tools (and
resources) wisely. Survive with knowledge!

Multi-use Survival Tools

Multi-use supply #1: Alcohol.
Preppers store two kinds of alcohol: rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl
Alcohol) and the variety which has an intoxicating constituent
(such as Vodka).

Alcohol is valuable for medicinal purposes, bartering and morale
building, as well as cooking! Not only can you add alcohol to
make gravies, stews and pastas, alcohol is a fuel for an alcohol
stove or heater. This colorless, flammable liquid, is also used
as an industrial solvent or even to make a Molotov cocktail for
defense. While Vodka is perhaps the most likely to be bartered
kind of alcohol, don't overlook Whiskey, wine and beer.

Multi-use supply #2: Aspirin.
Extremely worthwhile to pack for emergency preparedness,
aspirin goes well beyond it's purposes in first aid to relieve
pain. Read:
11 Weird and not so Weird uses of Aspirin

Multi-use supply #3: Baking Soda.
Baking soda has a long history of household applications that
extend beyond baking! Read:
10+ Uses for Baking Soda for

Multi-use supply #4: Bandanna.
Cowboys had them, campers and backpackers bring them.

Multi-use supply #5: Bleach.
Blondes have more fun with bleach (and so do preppers).Read:
0 Compelling Things to Know about Bleach and Prepping.

Multi-use supply #6: Bobby pins.
Prepper ladies or families who have girls will likely find bobby
pins in the vanity drawers. Clever preppers can make use of
them. Here is Sensible Prepper in his usual McGyver style,
showing us his bobby pin hacks:

Above, Sensible Prepper shows the survival uses and everyday life hacks of
a bobby pin.

Multi-use supply #7: Borax.
It might surprise you that Borax is a natural product and that it
has many survival uses.
Survival Uses of Borax.

Multi-use supply #8: Buckets
Food grade buckets are ideal for do-it-yourself prepper projects
because they have a multitude of uses! From storing your food
to making a toilet (like the Luggable Loo, pictured left). Here is
the complete list of
27 projects for a five-gallon bucket.

Multi-use supply #9: Cat litter.
Mind you, the suggestion of kitty litter is not for your cat.
Instead, kitty litter has many alternative uses for preppers. Use
kitty litter to:
  1. Deal with human waste in an off-grid situation. Just
    pour the cat litter into your portable toilet to keep down
    the smells.
  2. Aid tire traction on icy roads to get you out of a sticky
    situation in Winter.
  3. Keep potted plants moist. Use equal parts kitty litter and
    soil to retain moisture. This will provides the added
    benefit of helping root them.
  4. Clean up an spill after an automotive oil change.
  5. Reduce mold and moisture around your essential
    prepping supplies. If you're storing gear in basement or
    damp storage area, lay it on a bed kitty litter to keep the
    equipment dry.
  6. Plug a mole hole. If you have a cat, use it for litter, then
    pour the soiled litter down mole holes to get rid of the
    pesky little critters your cat didn't catch.

Multi-use supply #10: Chewing gum.
A surprising addition to your bugout bag and preps, chewing
gum is a worthwhile supply to stock in the name of emergency
preparedness. Gum can help you fish, fix things and even light
a fire, but you have to know how to do it. "Chews" to read the
How Chewing Gum can Save Your life.

Multi-use supply #11: Cigarettes.
History reveals cigarettes have been an important bartering
tool, but did you consider cigarettes can be tinder? Think of
cigarettes as tinder sticks! The tobacco of
a cigarette may have
medicinal purposes as well. Tobacco relaxes muscles, may help
deal with worms and intestinal parasites as well.

Multi-use supply #12: Coffee and Coffee Can.
A large coffee can (or a #10 can that holds freeze dried foods)
provides material for tools in an off-grid world. Save the cans
to create a:
  1. storage container
  2. Hobo camp stove or part of a cardboard box oven
  3. cooking pot or baking tin
  4. forage container
  • Coffee grounds can help add nitrogens and can acidify your
    soil. Find out the benefits of Coffee for Survival.

Multi-use supply #13: Cooking Oil.
Cooking oil is essential, but it will eventually go rancid. If you
have rancid oil then you'll have fuel for an oil lamp or a candle.
Be sure to have wicks handy in your supplies. You can also use
Crisco or coconut oil for making a candle too. A stick of butter
is another unusual oil to make a candle.

Multi-use supply #14: Cordage.
Cordage, such as paracord has many survival uses. Stock some
in your bugout bag. You'll find
paracord imminently useful in an
emergency situation for such things as making snares and
tripwire; improvising as a fishing line; lashing to create shelter;
thread to sew or to make an extra shoe lace.

Paracord is cordage that's imminently useful in an emergency
situation. With paracord for survival, you can:
  • make snares and tripwire;
  • improvise as a fishing line;
  • lash foliage to create shelter;
  • make a clothesline;
  • improvise a first aid tourniquet
  • use as a fire bow cord;
  • sling a rifle;
  • tie down gear to the bugout bag;
  • use as a bear bag rope;
  • thread to sew (paracord has layers of cordage, just break
  • make an extra shoe lace or a belt.
  • improvising snow shoes (binding)
  • stitching a wound!
    The list of uses for cordage is endless!

Multi-use supply #15: Corn Starch.
Sure you can thicken gravies with corn starch, but who knew
corn starch would be so helpful with these "out of the box"
prepper uses:
  1. beats heat rash (sprinkle on the skin to avoid rashes from
  2. soothes rashes and prevents diaper rash (in powder form)
  3. is a sunburn reliever (when you make a paste)
  4. keeps roaches away (the little boogers don't like it)
  5. works as a dry shampoo for pets
  6. prevents chafing while hiking so you won't get blisters on
    your feet
  7. frees rubber gloves from sticking to your hands for easy
  8. stiffens clothes as a starch for ironing!
  9. polishes silver
  10. acts like a deodorant under the arms to absorb moisture
    as it freshens
  11. absorbs odors in your shoes as a talcum powder

More crazy things about cornstarch: Believe it or not, cornstarch
is also a good source of Calcium! Look closely and you'll see an
ingredient in powdered sugar is corn starch. Also, cornstarch
can be a substitute for baking powder in some recipes.

In addition to thickening gravies, stews and soups, cornstarch
is ideal for making puddings, and pies, and fluffy omelets.  

Multi-use supply #16: Dental Floss.
Pack dental floss in your bugout bag in the name of survival.
Your dentist will smile over the
25 Unusual Uses for Dental

Multi-use supply #17: Epsom Salt.
Epsom salt is worth it's weight in, well, salt! We've got Eight
Good Reasons to Stock Epsom Salt in your Preps.

Multi-use supply #18: Honey.
Honey is all the buzz in the survival forums as a natural
addition to your food storage, but did you know that honey is
also an antibiotic? There are so many reasons to stock this

Multi-use supply #19: Hydrogen Peroxide.
Did you know hydrogen peroxide expires? Stock ample supply of
hydrogen peroxide and look to restocking fresh supply of this
unstable liquid, which has strong oxidizing properties. Valuable
for disinfecting, hydrogen peroxide is a prepper's favorite.

Multi-use survival tool #20. Iodine.
A small bottle will help you purify water and simultaneously
treat wounds, as well as improve your health (including
improved thyroid function). Pictured right is Lugol's iodine
solution. Apply it to the skin or take it orally:
  • Applied to the skin, iodine destroys virus and fungus on
  • Taken internally*, iodine destroys vicious stomach
    bacteria, (especially salmonella), against gas, bloating,
    indigestion, heartburn. Doomed are harmful bacteria and
    parasite eggs!  Lugols also provides amazing relief and a
    calming, soothing, peaceful state to anxiety and a manic
    stage. Helps improve thyroid function as well. Add two
    drops to your coffee and see!
  • Iodine purifies water.

Multi-use supply #21: Kerosene.
Kerosene is a popular fuel from our American ancestory that
came about in 1848 when an
American medical doctor and
geologist distilled coal to produce a clear fluid that burned with
a bright yellow flame. He noticed that kerosene burned brigher
and steadier than candles. This clean burning fuel, also can
prevent rust, plus you can use it as a lubricant or as a solvent
to remove oil, grease, tar!

Multi-use supply #22: Lemons.
Pucker up your emergency preparedness plans with lemons.
There is more than one use for a lemon, giving you more
reason than ever to grow lemons and make lemons part of your
survival plan.
Reasons to Include Lemons in your Survival Plan.

Multi-use supply #23: Mouthwash.
Certainly mouthwash makes the list of improvised tools and
supplies because there are
12 prepper uses for mouthwash.

Multi-use supply #24: Mosquito Netting or Panty
Survival expert Mykel Hawke brings mosquito netting because
it  has many purposes. A pair of panty hose belongs in your
bugout bag as you'll soon discover it has several survival uses
for preppers as well. Wearing pantyhose provides an insulation
layer, particularly in wearing panty hose under socks has the
added benefit of preventing chafing and blisters. This is an old
military trick! Here are more reasons why the drill sergeant
wants you to wear a pair of panty hose:
  1. mesh bag to hold supplies
  2. a strainer for water
  3. a fish net
  4. a covering for sun drying meat or storing root vegetables
  5. gauze, compression bandage, or sling
  6. cordage/ lashing,
  7. water strainer/pre-filter

Mosquito netting weighs hardly much at all and makes your
outdoor experience much better. Use mosquito netting at home
to repair screens, make a baby carriage net, too.

Multi-use supply #25: Mylar Survival Blankets.
Mylar is an extremely versatile material, which is why mylar
blankets are often included in survival kits. Don't expect mylar
to warm you up: the job of mylar is actually to retain the heat
you have.

Multi-use supply #26: Salt.
Salt is a multi-use item beyond flavoring your foods.

Multi-use supply #27: Silica gel Packets.
Silica gel packets are "dessicants," which are materials
designed to eliminate moisture.  
Uses of silica gel packs may
  1. Keeping your dried meats dry!
  2. Preserving your vitamins in a fresh, moisture free state.
  3. Preventing rust on metal.
  4. Averting mold with leather products.
  5. Reducing condensation in electronics.
  6. Acting as a dehumidifer for gun safes, and even
  7. Saving a wet cell-phone with silica gel.

Multi-use supply #28: Steel Wool.
Steel wool is an excellent supply to help you scrub pots, but
did you know that steel wool is an excellent fire starter? All you
need is a 9-volt battery.

Here's the tutorial on how to make a fire from steel wool (along
with a few other tips you'll find useful):

Multi-use supply #28: Superglue.
Krazy glue, Gorilla glue or superglue: these glue formulas have
amazing powers. Here is the
list of super uses of superglue.

Multi-use survival tool #30: Safety pins.
Safety pins are included in survival kits for many reasons. With
a safety pin you can:
    #1. create an instant fish hook (you'll need cordage of
    #2. craft an arm sling from T-shirt for first aid.
    #3. improvise tweezers for splinter or tick removal.
    #4. secure a bandana to make a bandage to compress
    #5. make a finger splint.
    #6. hang stuff to dry.
    #7. affix gear to your bugout bag.
    #8. mend a broken shoe lace.
    #9. close your pant legs to keep out snow.
    #10. improvise a toothpick
    #11 connect blankets, bags or clothes to create shelter
    #12 close wounds (in extreme cases where no doctor is
    #13 open cans
    #14 defend yourself!
    #15 start a fire with a battery and safety pin (attach a
    safety pin to the terminals of the battery). You can do the
    same with aluminum foil
       (and, yes, you can repair your clothes)

Multi-use supply #31: Vaseline (petroleum jelly).
Petroleum jelly is a lubricant with many uses for preppers:
  1. firestarter
  2. lip balm
  3. treatment of rashes
  4. temporary seam sealant.
  5. Get more uses from a jar of petroleum jelly.

Multi-use supply #32: Vinegar.
Pioneers are among the earliest of preppers. They packed
vinegar for vinegar pies, special tonics and more. Read the 15+
Uses of
Vinegar for prepping.

Multi-use supply #33: WD-40.
WD-40  is well appreciated by preppers.

Multi-use supply #34: Zip-ties.
Also called cable ties / zip ties have a multitude of purposes
for preppers.

Happy endings...
To be a prepper is to effectively use the resources all around
you to survive. Even ancient man knew that a stone was
valuable to hammer, to grind food and cook, to defend a
territory and kill prey.

Above, stone tools made by Athonio Akkermans shows some of
the many ways stones were used.

Native Americans used stones:
  1. to craft arrowheads and spear points (flint, also quartz)
  2. for firestarting (flint)
  3. to grind acorns and wild grains (granite)
  4. for ceremonial purposes (red jasper, alabaster)
  5. to tan hides (flint)
  6. for cave paintings (hematite)
  7. to make jewelry (turquoise, obsidian)
  8. for medicinal purposes (Rose quartz and azurite for
  9. to mix pottery with clay (pumice)
  10. for silver casting (granite) to craft weapons
  11. to carve peace pipes (Catlinite also called pipestone)

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* These prepper medicines are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or
treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical advice
when available.

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