Is it worth it to build a faraday cage?

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Faraday cage
Is it worth it to make a Faraday cage?

How to make a Faraday cage...
You can build a small Faraday cage in five minutes using three
items (or you can make something more elaborate), but is it
worth the trouble? A Faraday cage protects electronic equipment
and building one is relatively simple, though it sounds

A Faraday cage really isn't so difficult to build ~ you can build
one from a microwave ~ but just because you can build a Faraday
cage, doesn't mean you should build one.

How to build a Faraday cage
Want to make a Faraday cage? You can build a Faraday cage and
there are several DIY Faraday cage ideas circulating on the
Internet, but is it worth the trouble?

Is it worthwhile to build a Faraday cage?
Lots of preppers think it's worthwhile to make a Faraday cage and
they each have design suggestions on their
prepping web sites:

Maybe you have plans for how to make a Faraday cage or maybe
you're looking for plans. A Faraday cage is easy enough to build
and pretty inexpensive, but it may not be worthwhile.  

Here's the rub: you might save a piece of equipment, but you still
might not be able to use it because others don't have the same
protection for their equipment.

You need to ask yourself two questions:
  1. What are you trying save?
  2. Will it work on the other end?

Many sites are so intent on building a Faraday cage that they
haven't fully considered the contents.

  • Build a Faraday cage for your cellphone? If you build a
    small Faraday cage with the intention of saving a cellphone,
    you might be out of luck. In a massive EMP there wouldn't
    be any way to rely the communications from a cell phone
    because the cell towers would be inoperable. Most likely the
    transformers will be kaput! If they aren't fried the energy
    left in cell phone towers will last about a day or two.

  • Build a Faraday cage for a two-way radio? Surely it's
    worthwhile to build a Faraday cage for your two-way radios
    because there is no cellphone tower required! You need to
    put at least two in the cage and you can help ensure your
    family or group has adequate communications. Two-way
    radios are ideal for short range communications and most do
    not require the purchase of an FCC license, but some do.

  • Build a faraday cage for your vehicles? Theoretically you
    can build a large DIY Faraday cage for a car, motorcyle or
    tractor, but how will you fuel it? Gas stations won't work
    after an EMP and storage of fuels is pretty tricky thanks to

It's hard to believe, but the first Faraday cage was developed
back in 1836! It was a shielding device intended to protect
electronic equipment from an intense interruption of solar
radiation known as the
ElectroMagnetic Pulse.

The enclosure of a Faraday cage or box protects equipment by
blocking the static and non static electrical fields. There are
many theories on the proper way to build a Faraday cage, and
many involve antistatic bags, and packaging materials such as
styrofoam and antistatic bubble wrap.

Below are the very easy plans to make a Faraday cage in five
minutes with just three items:
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