Bob's RedMill in the prepper's pantry

Bob's Redmill
Stock up on very versatile popping corn for food storage

All Bob's Red Mill products are made from ingredients that were
grown from "identity preserved" non-GMO seed. Bob's Red Mill is
enrolled in the Non-GMO Project.

Bob's RedMill in the prepper's pantry
Bob's Red Mill has a non-GMO pledge and an excellent line of

Baking Power and soda

  • Bob's Red Mill Baking powder. Bob's Red Mill double
    action baking powder releases carbon dioxide when
    exposed to moisture and heat, thus causing doughs and
    batters to rise. Bob's Red Mill Baking Powder is all natural
    and contains no aluminum.

  • Bob's Red Mill Baking soda: Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda is
    made from the deposits of mineralized sodium bicarbonate.
    It is extracted by a simple water process that uses no
    chemicals. When used in combination with acidic
    ingredients such as buttermilk or molasses, it releases
    carbon dioxide that causes the batter or dough to rise. It's
    also a great household cleanser and odor absorber.

Corn Products

  • Bob's Red Mill Corn starch. Bob's Red Mill Corn starch is
    gluten free. Used as thickener for sauces, puddings and
    fillings, corn starch is also a mainstay of Asian cooking.

  • Bob's Red Mill oarse Grind Cornmeal. Bob's Red Mill
    Coarse Grind Cornmeal Gives An Intense Corn Flavor With A
    Satisfying Texture When Used In Making Breads Breading
    Tamales Or Old-Fashioned Porridge.

  • Bob's Red Mill Corn Grits. Bob's Red Mill Organic Corn Grits
    Polenta has a superb, rich flavor. Grits are a great way to
    meet your body's daily energy needs. The fiber content in
    grits helps you feel full for longer periods of time and it
    promotes regular digestive functioning. Grits also make a
    delightful breakfast when served as a hot cereal topped
    with milk and honey or brown sugar.

  • Bob's Red Mill Masa Harina. Masa is the traditional dough
    used to make corn tortillas.  Made with dried corn kernels
    that have been cooked and soaked in limewater, Bob's Red
    Mill grinds it into masa harina ("dough flour").

  • Bob's Red Mill Non-fat Dry Milk. The most highly rated
    powdered milk on Amazon, Bob's Red Mill Non-fat Dry Milk
    is made naturally from pure dairy milk without any added
    hormones. It's the best powdered milk. It is easily mixed
    with regular water to make liquid milk. Store this dry milk
    for up to two years without refrigeration.  Keeps best
    refrigerated or frozen. Too bad this stuff doesn't yet come
    in a #10 can! Comes in 26-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4). Try
    Bob's Red Mill products also for grains, legumes, and more.

  • Bob's Red Mill Popcorn. Bob's Red Mill Whole White
    Popcorn is carefully selected from the very best crops of
    corn. When it pops, it bursts into wonderfully fluffy
    blossoms of corn with a delightful crunch. Popcorn is one of
    the best munching foods of all. What little fat occurs
    naturally in popcorn is in the form of healthier
    monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Popcorn
    contains no saturated or trans fats.

Happy endings...
Bob's Red Mill offers a variety of quality foods. Buy Bob's
Redmill in bulk and save. For example the organic, extra thick
rolled oats, pictured right, comes neatly packed in a box of four.

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