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The importance of soap in survival
Prepper's soap making tools and ideas
Prepper's love soap. We like to make home-made soaps and we
have our favorite commercial brands, such as:

Below are some of the many benefits of soap in survival:  

#1: Soap minimizes fecal contamination.
How does a person get E. Coli food poisoning? The answer is
appalling. It's usually as a result of fecal-oral contamination. In
other words, it's a result of ingesting small quantities of human
or animal feces that get to your food because someone didn't
wash hands before preparing food. This will have you staring at
that sign in restaurants that says, "Employees must wash
hands" to ponder the signficance that sign directly has on your

Washing hands could help minimize the problem. It's critically
important for you and members of your household to wash
hands, since poop and pee can make its way from unclean
hands to mouths through contaminated food and water, as well
as contaminated surfaces. Fecal matter can spread to door
handles, on railings, and on countertops to make people sick.
This is especially true when people are in close proximity to one
another such as on cruise ships when illness can quickly become
a problem. The remote control and cell phone are two of the
most common places you'll find fecal matter nesting in addition
to door handles.

Fecal matter from hands can cause the following ailments:

#2: Prevents infection ~ works like an antibacterial.
Washing hands is the best antibacterial ~ even if you have no
soap, but soap helps draw the bacteria from your hands.

Thankfully germs and bacteria can't enter your body if your
hands are clean if you have no wounds.

Not all soaps contain antibacterials, but all soaps help fight
bacteria. Your skin is under a constant barrage and threat of
bacteria from breaks in the skin.

Think of the dirty places your hands have been today:
  • Diapers
  • Elevator button
  • Gas pump
  • Hand railing
  • Money
  • Public bathroom
  • Shopping cart

#3: Keeps your skin healthy!
Did you know the largest organ is your epidermis ~ your skin?
Soap can help your skin stay healthy. If you get a cut, a scratch
a burn or larger injury to the skin, it's even more important to
keep clean to keep bacteria.

Daily you're skin faces influences against infection, such as:
  • scrapes
  • Bitter cold
  • Scorching sun
  • Chapping wind

Hand sanitizers are effective for removing germs and bacteria,
but nothing beats a bar of soap. The reason is that while a
hand sanitizer will kill the germs, a hand-sanitizer won't wipe
away the dirt.

#4: Wash dishes.
While you can scrape away the food and boil away germs,
nothing beats dish soap for really getting your

#5: Clean clothes.
Without soap or detergent you will not be able to clean socks,
underwear and garments. It may seem inconsequential, but
having clean clothes can impact your overall health and here's

  • Underwear. If your undergarments aren't clean it can give
    way to painful anal fissures.

#6: Soap provides a morale boost!
Wiping away the grungy dirt is an exhiliarating feeling upon
emerging from a shower, It's good hygiene, but it's also an
emotional boost in uncertain times.

  • Showers certainly provide an emotional boost to homeless.
    Soap is a coveted item among all the hygienic items to
    receive at homeless shelters.

  • Rape victims often head to the showers immediately
    following attack as a way to cleanse the soul and mentally
    wash away the attacker.

What's a good laundry soap for homesteading?
For sensitive skin and for off-grid living, consider stocking up on
Charlie’s Laundry Soap because it's soothing, safe, effective and
biodegradable detergent that leaves nothing but the sweet
smell of clean between your clothes and your skin.

Zote bar soap is a homesteading favorite  for many reasons ~
top on the list is that you can make your own laundry detergent.

Learn to make your own laundry detergent.
There are many reasons for stockpiling soap, and you also
should learn to make soap. Start with a bar soap, like Fels
Naptha or Zote soap. Here's
how to make your own laundry
detergent from bar soap.

Soap is on our list of the
37 non-food items to hoard, and with
good reason.

Happy endings...
In the prepping rule of three, you can't live three minutes
without air, three days without water and three weeks without
food. Applying this to soap, you probably couldn't live three
months without soap in a survival situation. The importance of
soap in survival is something you can't understate.

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Importance of Soap
Soap can play a vital role in survival

Soap is a survival tool!
Bar soap, liquid soaps, and detergents each are critical
components of prepping for the long term ~ and it's not just
because you won't stink. Don't overlook the importance of soap!

Cleanliness is a factor to your overall health and well being. This
article underscores the significance of soap in survival...

Importance of Soap in Prepping
You may not have given it much thought until now, but soap can
have a critical role in survival.

Wash your hands with soap and water. It's important to do this
several times a day (and it's so much more than for cleanliness

The importance of soap in long-term survival is something you
can't understate.