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Freeze Dried Ground Beef
Provident Pantry Mexican food Combo - six #10 cans
Saratoga farms tortilla soup
canned meats: Amish style pork in a can
Green Bell Peppers
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Refried beans
Western Tomale Pie Food Storage by Gourmet Reserves
Legacy Foods
Food storage: plan a Mexican fiesta
Mexican food tray
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Yoders taco beef filling case
Beans in the Prepper's Pantry
Corn in the prepper's pantry
Pre-cooked dehydrated pinto beans
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Yoder's Taco Beef Filling.
The most exciting food storage item for those who like Mexican
food is Yoder's Taco Beef Filling, pictured at the top of the
page. Imagine just opening a can of beef filling and heating it,
opening a mylar bag of crunchy taco shells, or making your own
flour or corn tortillas, then garnishing your tacos with lettuce
and tomatoes from the garden. That luxury is possible when
you plan ahead. The best thing about Yoder's Taco Beef filling
is that it is grass-fed beef made the Amish way! You can't do
better than that in a can. When you consider this, you really
should stock up on the taco seasoned beef for your everyday
use and rotate. Give it a try!

Yoder's Hamburger.
Yoders also makes hamburger meat in a can that you could
spice with ketchup and chili to make your own simple taco
seasoning mix.

Provident Pantry Ground beef.
Freeze dried ground beef is an excellent item to add to your
food storage.

Provident Pantry Mexican Food Combo
Pictured immediate right, the Provident Pantry combination pack
of Mexican food kit, includes Taco Mix, white rice, dehydrated
refried beans, super sweet corn and black beans and chopped

  • Provident Pantry Taco Seasoning Mix. This is textured
    vegetable protein for some to consider who are not allergic
    to soy.

  • Honeyville Farms refried beans. What a tasty way to
    instantly add the Mexican flavors to your long term food
    storage. Beans with rice make a
  • Chili: Armed with a variety of cans of beans (or dried beans
    that you stew), plus some chili powder, cayenne pepper
    and ketchup, you'll have the fixing for a hearty chili. Add
    some freeze dried hamburger and you're in for a post
    apocalyptic treat!

  • Mountain House Mexican Style Rice and Chicken:
    Pictured at the bottom left-hand of the page, Mountain
    House Mexican Style Rice and Chicken is packed with
    protein for preppers. Each serving is 12 grams of protein!
    Packed conveniently for preppers in #10 cans, you'll enjoy
    the flavor of Mexican Style Rice and Chicken. Mountain
    House food is a luxury and yet very affordable. You'll be
    amazed at how quickly you'll add to your food reserves in
    buying just a few cans of Mountain House freeze dried
    meals each month. Buy it in anticipation of disaster
    survival, and yet enjoy it camping.

  • Other Mexican food storage additions include:
  • Saratoga Farms Tortilla Soup!
  • Saratoga Farms enchileda sauce
  • Hormel Tamales
  • Provident Pantry Refried beans

Mexican food storage recipes:

Happy endings...
Live off the grid in gourmet style with Mexican Food storage
combinations. Preppers often store rice and
beans, but you can
really have a gourmet off grid experience if you do a little
advance planning! Having variety in your food storage will
enhance your morale.

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Mexican Food Storage
How to combine foods to create tasty new meals

Likely your food storage includes rice and beans, but that will
get boring rather fast without a plan. Thankfully you can live off
the grid in gourmet style with Mexican Food storage
combinations, such as tacos, fajitas, tamales, enchiladas and
more all made from food storage.

Having variety in your food storage will enhance your morale.
Here's how to have a survival fiesta...

Plan a Mexican fiesta of food storage!
Starting with rice and beans, preppers can enhance the pantry
by adding the following to their food storage:

  1. Spices: Tobasco sauce and Fiesta brand pinto bean
    seasonings and other Mexican spices and seasonings. Be
    sure also to stock chili powder and dried chilis, cumin and
    coriander and Mexican oregano.
  2. Hard taco shells and tostada shells.
  3. Yoder's taco seasoned beef and other canned meats.
  4. Canned tomatoes (fire roasted)
  5. Canned jalapeños
  6. Canned olives
  7. Canned corn and dehydrated corn (preferably non-GMO corn)
  8. Masa harina (a corn meal for making corn tortillas from
  9. Hard wheat to grind into flour for flour tortillas.
  10. Sour cream powder.
  11. Sprouts! Sprouts are an excellent addition to tacos.
  12. Rice water. Horchata is a milk-like drink made of ground
    almonds, nuts, or rice.

Now that you have a basic list of foods, you can begin to
expand your food storage by learning how to make tortillas and

How to make tortillas from food storage
To make a taco you'll need tortillas. Need a lesson making corn
tortillas from your food storage? It's easy if you have masa
harina on hand. All you need is Masa Harina and warm water!

perfect protein. You can add the luxury freeze dried cheese.

  • Easy corn Tortillas with Masa Harina: Make lovely fresh
    corn tortillas with Masa Harina. Masa, is the Spanish word
    for "dough," which you can make easily with just three
    ingredients Masa Harina corn flour, water and sea salt and
    cook them quickly on a griddle.  A lovely golden corn flower
    is behind the "Masa Harina," which is made with dried corn
    kernels that have been cooked and soaked win lime water
    and then ground into masa. Masa Harina is best kept
    refrigerated or frozen. Practice tortilla making with this
  • A good brand of Masa Harina is from Bob's Red Mill.
  • A tortilla press is an excellent addition to a
    prepper's kitchen. Pictured right is an excellent cast-
    iron tortilla press of heirloom quality to enjoy for
    years to come.

  • Corn tortillas: Making corn tortillas is as simple as buying
    masa harina, adding hot water and frying it up! Masa
    Harina is #12 on our list of 37 Foods to Hoard. Need a
    lesson making corn tortillas?

  • Freeze dried cheese. When you have freeze dried cheese
    on hand you're ready for just about any meal from Mexican
    to Italian.

Freeze dried meats for Mexican inspired meals
Can you eat freeze dried chicken without cooking it? Yes! You
can eat freeze dried chicken straight from the mylar bag and it
makes a tasty protein snack! Of course it tastes better prepared
properly. Pictured above left in a Lodge cast iron skillet, is
Legacy Foods chicken. Legacy chicken here is garnished with
cilantro, lime, bell peppers and onions as part of a Mexican
fiesta. You can live well in uncertain times if you plan ahead.

    Legacy offers NON-GMO meats, coffee, milk, fruits and
    veggies and other high quality emergency prepared foods.
    While there is no cooking required, we suggest you prepare
    it by adding 1-1/2 cups water to a cup of meat.

Fillings for Tacos