survival desserts

Survival Desserts
Desserts in the Prepper's Pantry

During a hardship, treats are often the first omitted luxury, but
they don't have to be in your survival group when you plan ahead
with survival desserts.

Imagine how you might make someone feel who has a birthday
during a disaster or catastrophic situation, if you can provide an
uplifting smile of encouragement with a sweet treat.

Your survival life can be sweeter when you boost morale with
sweets too, including hard candies, freeze dried puddings,
brownie mixes, ice cream sandwiches and more. These desserts
are tasty and "not" to die for!

Happy Preppers Survival Dessert List

Enjoy the sweeter side of life with these freeze dried and
emergency treat ideas...

Survival Dessert #1: Augason Farms Chocolate Fudge
Brownie Mix.
No American prepper's pantry should be without brownies!
Imagine being able to serve brownies for a birthday in an off-the
grid scenario or just to serve this
dessert to boost morale. You
will certainly be a survival hero serving brownies.

Survival Dessert #2: Emergency Essentials Freeze
Dried Ice Cream.
Emergency Essentials, formerly Provident Pantry, has a variety of  
freeze dried ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. They are fun
treats in uncertain times! You'll feel a little like an astronaut in
uncharted territory. Add freeze dried ice cream to your pantry just
for the fun of it. In a Happy Prepper's taste test with a dozen
kids all, but one didn't enjoy sampling them. See also, Provident
Pantry Chocolate chocolate chip ice cream slices, Neopolitan ice
cream slices and mint ice cream sandwiches, immediate right.

Survival Dessert #3: Emergency Essentials muffins.
A muffin is essentially a cupcake without the frosting! While
Emergency Essentials, formerly Provident Pantry, makes tasty
muffin mix in #10 cans for breakfast, you can use them to bake a
cake.  Enjoy this delectable treat now or years from now by
adding this classic comfort food to your emergency storage.

  • Emergency Essentials Blueberry muffin mix. Formerly
    Provident Pantry, Emergency Essentials has an awesome
    blueberry muffin mix. Nothing announces a relaxing morning
    like the smell of freshly-baked muffins that are light and
    fluffy, with the taste of blueberries. Just-add-water mix
    packaged to store long term. Great for breakfast, dessert, or
    a snack.

Survival Dessert #4: Hershey's Syrup.
With Hershey's Syrup, you can top pancakes and ice cream, make
chocolate mousse and, mudpies, bake cakes and brownies and
mix with chocolate milk. Try also dipping pretzels, cookies and
fruit. Be sure to stock plenty of  
freeze dried milk.
Here are
recipes with Hershey's chocolate syrup.

Survival Dessert #5: Mountain House Raspberry
Raspberry crumble is a popular dessert with backpackers! A
refreshing and tasty dessert made with a rich raspberry sauce
topped with chocolate cookie crumbs, you'll find this dessert
available in individual servings or in a #10 can, both options
pictured immediate right.

Survival Dessert #6: Alpine Aire Foods Bananas
The freeze dried version of the classic Bananas Foster dessert,
you'll find a decadent sliced bananas with cinnamon and brown
sugar that swim in a delicate vanilla sauce. Alpine Aire makes
this dessert super easy to serve. Just open the packet, add hot
water, and let it sit for 12 minutes.

Survival Dessert #7: BackPackers Pantry Dark
Chocolate Cheesecake.
Dark chocolate cheesecake with a decadent chocolate cookie
crumb topping is so easy to make. Just Add Cold Water. Serves
two, but enjoy this one all to yourself.

Survival Dessert #8: Alpine Aire Foods chocolate
Mudslide Pie.
In seconds you can enjoy a rich chocolate pudding with a
chocolate cookie crumb crust and a peanut brittle topping with
Alpine Air chocolate mudslide pie and some water. Be sure to
make some chocolate milk!

Survival Dessert #9: Backpackers Pantry Mocha
Mousse pie.
Backpackers Pantry Mocha Mousse pie is ideal for coffee lovers.
It's a chocolate pudding and a touch of coffee with a graham
cracker crumb topping.

Survival Dessert #10: No bake peanut butter balls.
Bannock meals are the ultimate in outdoor meals. These meals a
specially formulated to be healthy, satisfying, and full of the
essential vitamins and minerals you need for your outdoor
adventures and the No-bake Peanut Butter Balls will fill your
sweet tooth. Each pouch contains 2.5 generous servings, which
means each 6-pack can comfortably feed up to 15 people.
Pictured right.

Survival Dessert #11: Honeyville Farms Instant
pudding #10 can.
With a variety of flavors of puddings from Honeyville Farms to
enjoy starting with chocolate and vanilla, you'll want Honeyville
as part of your survival planning. Consider Honeyville Farms
banana pudding. Honeyville's Vanilla Pudding makes perfectly
smooth pudding that's thick and creamy. Try also chcoloate,
immediate right. It's a great value that goes a long way. Each
Honeyville pudding is the equivalent amount of pudding you'd get
from 14 average size boxes you find at the grocery stores! See
Honeyville Farms freeze dried foods.

  • NOTE: Honeyville pudding requires mixing with milk, so be
    sure to pack powdered freeze dried milk in your preps.

Survival Dessert #12: Ambrosia Rice Pudding.
This pudding is ready straight from the can. Full dairy goodness,
Ambrosia is an English favorite since 1917. This creamy textured
pudding is a delicious, wholesome treat without artificial colours
or preservatives. Goodness comes naturally. Ambrosia Rice
Pudding is a low fat food and is suitable vegetarians. There's a
glass and a half of skimmed milk in every 425 g can. Milk is a
good source of calcium, which is important for healthy teeth and

Try also
Ambrosia Devon Custard. Another treat from Great
Britain, Devon Custard tastes so creamy and smooth, with more
than a glass and a half of skimmed milk in every 425 g can.
Ambrosia Devon Custard is a low fat food with less than 3% fat
and is suitable for vegetarians.

Survival Dessert #13: Canned mini Hershey's
Chocolate Kisses.
Chocolate is #32 on the  list of 37 Foods To Hoard Before Crisis.
Chocolate is just one of those foods that makes you happy. Not
only is chocolate a morale booster that could prove essential in
survival times, but chocolate also packs loads of antioxidants.
What's more the fiber will fill you up. Chocolate has been known
to boost heart health as well. Future Essentials has canned mini
chocolate kisses. With a 5-8 year shelf-life, you can enhance your
food storage with chocolate!

Survival Dessert #14: Canned Cocoa Nibs.
Cocoa nibs, pictured immediate right, are crushed cocoa beans
from Ecuador. Cocoa is high in potassium and magnesium as well
as being an excellent source of antioxidants, with a pleasant
semi-bitter flavor. Chocolate contains more health-promoting
catechins, a type of antioxidant, than green tea! Cocoa also
contains amino acid tryptophan along with small amounts of
phenylethylamine and theobromine which is said to elevate your

    Use Cocoa nibs from Future Essentials s substitute for nuts
    in baked goods, or even as a flavor kick in a cup of espresso.
    Sprinkle them on yogurt, in cereal and on top of ice cream
    for a flavorful treat. Turn a boring breakfast into something
    spectacular by mixing a few in your oatmeal. Grind them
    with your coffee beans, put them in smoothies and add them
    to trail mixes. They can even jazz up a peanut butter

Survival Dessert #15: Chewing gum.
Don't overlook chewing gum as a dessert option! Chew on this:
chewing gum could save your life! Not buying this idea? Well,
proof positive is that the military purchases a certain kind of
gum. Find out which kind...

Survival Dessert #16: Suckers and hard candy.
Hardcandies are almost pure sugar and will last almost
indefinitely (though they may get a little sticky). A lollipop could
save your life! How? Grasp one in the palm of your hand with the
stick pointing up between your fingers as you make a fist. Your
lollipop fist is now ready to punch some poor sucker in the eyes
or stab the neck or groin region. Now that's a tasty but weird
survival tool that you can stuff in your purse or backpack.

Here's the
lollipop defense tutorial.

Survival Dessert #17: Biscotti cookies.
Biscotti is a hard Italian cookie, which has a long shelf life simply
because it's twice baked and the result dries and preserves the
cookie longer. Ideal with your survival coffee, Biscotti without
chocolate is a good choice to enhance your food storage if your
family enjoys crunchy sweets. They can well. Find Biscotti at
Costco in bulk.

Survival Dessert # 18: M&Ms.
Did you know M&Ms debuted in 1941 to address the practical
need for heat-resistant chocolates to send overseas to U.S.
Soldiers? M&Ms won't last indefinitely, but it's well worth it to
stockpile M&Ms and store them in a canning jar.

Survival Dessert #19: Meringue cookies.
French inspired cookies made with mostly sugar and egg whites,
Meringue cookies have a relatively long shelf life. They can well,
as well!

Survival Dessert #20: Chocolate Crisp Soldier Fuel
Energy Bars.
Food bars are unlike ration bars. While ration bars are non-thrist
provoking and are provide minimal sustenence, food bars are
much more substantial They are substitutes for meals because
they provide energy and carbohydrates.

Soldier Fuel Energy Bars were developed for the U.S. Military for
use by soldiers. This yummy bar is packed with 17 vitamins and
minerals and has a 3-year shelf life. With an ideal balance of
protein, carbohydrates and fat, this is a great bugout bag item.

Survival Dessert #21: Halva.
An ancient prepper food, Halva (see also brand name Halvah,
pictured left) is a sweet sesame paste. a bit of a nutty paste
that's slightly chalky and yet highly addicting. Made of sesame
seeds, honey or sugar, and palm oil, halva is a dense and high-
energy food of ancient preppers.

And remember, the Honey, honey!
  • Use honey in survival times to flavor boring oatmeals and
    add flavor to breads and baked goods. Honey has a variety
    of medicinal uses because of its antibacterial qualities.
    Learn more about Survival Honey.

  • See also  Freeze Dried Baked goods. When you store a few
    key pantry ingredients you will have the luxury of baked
    goods in your preps. There are so many staples to consider
    in your freeze dried pantry of bakery items.

Happy endings...
How sweet your survival life will be with more sweets.

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