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Above, Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones of, discusses
snakebite basics, prevention and treatment.

Do not use a tourniquet to treat snake bites!
In case of a snake bite, do NOT use a tourniquet to restrict blood
flow or you will keep venom in one place, and it will swell and you
may loose the appendage! When you trap venom, it causes tissue
damage and tissue death. Cutting a wound and sucking out the
venom, the way Hollywood portrays, is never recommended.

What can you do to help a snake bite victim, until help arrives?
  • Keep the snake bite victim still and calm.
  • Draw a circle around the affected area so you can tell if it is
    worsening or improving.
  • Keep the part of the body that has been bitten in a neutral
    position or just slightly below the level of the heart, and
    remove any jewelry to prevent edema (swelling).
  • Finally, be careful in dealing with a snake even if you think it
    is dead! It can still poison you with its venom.

Happy endings...
Should you use a tourniquet? No! Don't use a tourniquet for a
snake bite. A tourniquet is not for use in dealing with snake
bites. Get yourself a snake bite kit!

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Snake Bite Survival
Don't use a tourniquet for a snake bite and other lessons.

Snake bite survival depends on your knowledge
Did you know most bites happen during farming? This is one of
the most important reasons preppers should get a snake bite kit
and get educated on snake bite survival. Get the snakebite basics
below including prevention and treatment...

Snake Bite Survival
If the fangs of snake get under your skin do you know what to
do? Knowledge weighs nothing! Get the quick medical training
you need from Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones of
designed just for preppers. The video below is how to deal with
snake bites.
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