prepper's first aid: analgesics

Analgesics for survival
Prepper pain killers - how to numb the pain

When there is no doctor, how will you numb the pain? Give thought to pain
management preparations to make now while there's still time.

Pain is a sign your body is in trouble. It's a sensory associated
with actual tissue damage, and it's one of the main reasons
people see their doctor. If there is no doctor, what then? You
need a contingency plan. You need advanced pain management
treatment with or without a prescription.

It's analgesics to the rescue! "Analgesic" is a fancy word that
means painkiller and people have used analgesics for the
centuries. The earliest painkillers were such things as willow
turmeric, and clove, but today we have a variety of
prescription and over the counter drugs to relieve the pain.

Different types of pain relief include:
  • Non-opiod pain relief: aspirin and ibuprofin
  • Mild opiod pain relief: codeine
  • Strong opiods: morphine, pethidine, methadone, etc. (the
    fear is addiction)
  • Topical anesthetics:  benzocaine*, lidocaine*
  • Local anesthetics: block nerve condition temporarily
  • Alternative methods: acupuncture. accupressure, hypnosis,

    Lidocane Plus, a pain relieving cream, pictured below and
    right contains the maximum amount of Lidocaine
    Hydrochloride (4%) permitted by the Federal Drug
    Adminstration (FDA).

Have a Plan for Pain Relief
Everyone must tolerate pain at some point, and everyone has
the power to control it, both in the mind and in the kinds of
things stocked for preparedness:

  • Bee stings. Having a simple insect bite antiseptic and pain
    reliever on hand during times of crisis can help bring a
    sense of normalcy to an already difficult situation.

  • Cramps. Menstration may cause irratability and pain for
    which you can prepare. Midol can helpget rid of symptoms
    associated with menstruation including relieving cramps,
    along iwth bloating, fatigue, backache and headache.

  • Headaches and migraines. Your headache could be a
    simple magnesium deficiency or caffeine withdrawal.
    Sometimes a headache comes from a lack of proper
    hydration. . A migraine headache could be the result of
    hormonal imbalance, food triggers, and even stress.
    Whatever the cause, your body is signaling trouble at the
    sign of a headacheIf you know what's causing the
    headache and you have already faced with the problem,
    then perphaps your only recourse is to soothe your
    headache with an over the counter remedy.

  • Recurring pain. There are many kinds of recurring pain
    that can happen during the height an emergency or in
    everyday life: arthritis, joint pain, lower back pain, ankle
    pain, nerve and muscle pain, Sciatica, Gout, neck pain -
    you name it. You simply must have a contingency for the
    people in your group should catastrophe strike.

Following is a list of analgesics for preppers - both natural and
over the counter options to kill the pain...

List of Over the Counter Analgesics (Painkillers)
  1. Acetaminophen
  2. Aspirin is an analgesic ideal for treatment of burns too!
  3. Benzocaine* (dental topical anesthetic). Examples include
    Colgate Orabase,Orajel, Hurricaine, pictured at the bottom
    of the page)
  4. Benzocaine* (first aid pain relief). Lanacane, Safetec
    Sting Relief, pictured immediate left
  5. Codeine - requires prescription
  6. Ibuprofin (Advil, Exedrin, Motrin)
  7. Lidocaine topical anesthetic* (often used in tattooing and
    piercing, also for first aid burn relief). Examples include
    Aspercreme, Water Jel
  8. Menthol - Artic Ice Analgesic gel, pictured at the bottom
    of the page.
  9. Pramoxine HCI (Neosporin + Pain Relief Dual action
    *NOTE:  lidocaine or benzocaine can cause an allergic

List of Natural Analgesics for Survival
An analgesic is a painkiller, usually a drug that produces
analgesia (or a relief from pain). Here is a basic list of natural
  1. Arnica - may help with carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic
    eye disease, inflammation of knee, muscle pain, and other
    pain management.
  2. Black cohosh
  3. birch leaf
  4. boswellia (Frankincense)
  5. burdock root
  6. bromelian
  7. camphor
  8. cayenne pepper (capsaicin)
  9. chammomile
  10. cherries
  11. clover
  12. clove - An excellent topical pain killer for toothache.
  13. cocao - Chocolate is a natural analgesic or antidepressant
  14. cranberry juice
  15. dandelion paste
  16. devil's claw
  17. English horsemint
  18. Eschschoizia californica (California Poppy)
  19. feverfew
  20. garlic
  21. ginger
  22. ginsing - American Ginsing can help with headaches,
    according to the rescription for Herbal Healing, 2nd
    Edition: An Easy-to-Use A-to-Z Reference to Hundreds of
    Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies by Phyllis A.
    Balch, CNC, pictured left.
  23. holy basil
  24. horse chestnut
  25. kava kava
  26. strangling fig root
  27. menthol - Menthol is known for its cooling and invigorating
    sensation when applied topically. Menthol is reported to
    contain local anesthetic (numbs nerves), is antipruritic
    (relieves itching), analgesic (painkiller that provides
    temporary relief from aches & pains), antispasmodic
    (reduces muscle cramping and muscle spasms) and has
    anti-irritant qualities. Due to it's amazing cooling,
    analgesic, and anesthetic properties, menthol is also
    extremely helpful in the treating of sunburns and razor
    burns. The cooling sensation simulates the feeling of ice
    providing some instant relief from pain. You'll find menthol
    in peppermint essential oil.  With peppermint oil not only
    do you get fresh breath, but also improved dental health.
    Peppermint has a bacteria-fighting qualities to limit tooth
    decay, and has menthol to help numb the pain.
  28. oats - analgesic effects when applied topically.
  29. onion - many preppers claim an onion to the ear helps with
    ear aches
  30. peony
  31. peppermint - Peppermint Essential Oil is known for its
    cooling and invigorating properties. It has been shown to
    have strong anti-inflammatory properties, ease muscle and
    joint pain, fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections and
    have powerful soothing properties that help relieve itchy
    skin. It's analgesic properties have been shown to relieve
    nerve pain, especially from neuropathy, and shingles.
  32. rosemary
  33. skullcap
  34. sweet birch
  35. tea tree oil
  36. turmeric - Turmeric lowers histamine levels to reduce
    inflammation, and this stimulates the adrenal glands to
    produce more cortisone, which is the body's natural
    painkiller. Adding black pepper increases the active
    ingredient of turmeric, curcumin, by twenty times! Right is
    Curcumin C3 Complex, which neutralizes free radicals to
    help support joint, brain, heart and circulatory health. It
    can help prevent joint pain!
  37. valerian root
  38. wintergreen essential oil
  39. witch hazel (witch hazel is a natural ingreidient of Tucks
    medicated hemorrhoidal pads as it provides immediate
    relilef from burning and itching)
  40. white willow bark - the most famous of them all (nature's
    aspirin). To use willow bark as an analgesic, boil to make
    a tea or chew the bark directly.
  41. yams

Did you know...

  • About 25% of modern medicines originated in plants!
    Before there was aspirin there was willow bark and people
    would chew on willow bark to reduce fever or joint pain.
    Today we take the synthetic version of the drug contained
    in willow bark -- aspirin! Modern medicine claims the
    synthetic versions of plant based drugs are modified to
    make them more safe and effective.

  • Ice or an instant cold pack is effective at numbing pain.
    Don't overlook having an instant cold pack handy for when
    ice isn't available!

  • Do you know the difference between analgesics and

  • Analgesics decrease or reduce pain.  An analgesic is a
    painkiller, usually a drug that produces analgesia (or a
    relief from pain). Some analgesics, like aspirin and
    ibuprofen, work to decrease pain by inhibition of
    prostaglandin synthesis. Others (opiates) work by
    activating receptors. Analgesics are used as part of
    general anesthesia.

  • Anaesthetics are numbing medications. Anaesthetics
    cause the loss of sensation or consciousness as when an
    anaesthesiologist medicates the patient for surgery. Local
    or topical anaesthetics are numbing medications. For
    example, a cold pack provides anaesthetic effects.
    Hurricaine topic gel will anaesthetize muscle tissue to
    provide temporary relief in discomfort in teeth and gums.
    This over the counter medication will be a godsend when
    the dentist is not around.

Did you know that the morning is when your peak tolerance of
pain is the highest? That's just a handy tip in case you want to
schedule a tattoo!

Happy endings...
Now you know more about the analgesic relief options (natural
and manmade).Ultimately relief from pain, any way you get it,
will help you better survive an emergency situation.

Did you know that the morning is when your peak tolerance of
pain is the highest?

  • antibacterials - An antibacterial is a substance "active
    against bacteria."

  • antibiotic - An antibiotic is a medicine that inhibits the
    growth of or destroys microorganisms. It can be topical or
    taken internally.

  • antiseptic - Antiseptics are antimicrobial substances
    applied to the skin to help prevent infection.

  • analgesic - Now you knlow, analgesic is a fancy word for

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