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How to Tie a Tactical Scarf
Learn to wear a tactical scarf also called a shemagh or keffiyeh
A prepper favorite also with men is the tactical scarf, also called
a shemagh or keffiyeh (meaning "from the city of Kufa"). A
shemagh tactical scarf is a great way to protect your face and
neck from sun, wind, and sand. It also works as winter headwear
against snow and cold winds! It's also ideal for natural disasters
and man made ones.

Imagine if you were among the surviving at 911 and had a
shemagh to protect yourself from the clouds of dust. Or to shield
you from the aftermath of debris from an earthquake. Also, a
shemagh / keffiyeh tactical scarf can mask foul smells! Now you
can see the practical side of owning a shemagh as a prepper.

The video above shows how to tie a tactical scarf seven different
ways, including:
  1. Neck wrap
  2. Bandit mask
  3. Ninja
  4. British SAS
  5. Pirate
  6. Special Operations
  7. Warmth Combo

For you skeptics out there,
Creek Stewart wears a keffieyh
/shemagh. As well U.S. and British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
wear the tactical scarf!

Let's get tactical, tactical. Tactical knives, tactical knee pads,
tactical range box, and, yes: Tactical Bacon!

  • Tactical range box. The new must-have item for tactical gun
    owners is a tactical range box. Pictured below this is the
    ultimate maintenance center to service both bolt action and
    AR-style rifles. Not only does the box include two adjustable
    gun forks, for rifles and shotguns, but also an all-new action
    block insert arm, designed to fit into the magazine wells of
    AR-15/M16 style rifles.

  • Yunnan Baiyao Capsules. No discussion on tactical gear
    and accessories would be complete without a bit about
    battle wounds.  Advanced preppers stock Yunnan Baiyao
    Capsules in their medicine cabinets. This pill reportedly
    saves the life of people who are seriously wounded.

  • Tactical clothing. Give careful thought to your bugout
    clothes so as to provide the maximum effeciency for your
    body to carry supplies and equipment, prevent moisture and
    sweat from exacerabating the body and to retain heat in
    extreme conditions:

  • Tactical Jacket: Look for a jacket that has plenty of
    layering options and zippers for ventilation and
    protection from the elements.

  • Tactical shirt: With Nyco rip-stop sleeves, the tactical
    shirt has an element of fire retardant -- the vest portion
    resists melting and dripping! Look for jackets and shirts
    with “pit zips”, these allow you to open or close to help
    you regulate whether you want to cool off or warm up.

  • Tactical pants. Sure they are fade, wrinkle, and shrink
    resistant, but the important features are that the
    tactical pants, pictured left, are crafted with a heavy
    duty double seat and double knee. Loaded with pockets
    they're made of DuPont Teflon treatment that resists
    liquids and stain.

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