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Rust busters
Making the most of minor rust repair

A tetanus shot will help you avoid illness caused by rusty
objects that may puncture you, but what about busting the rust
in the first place? Save money and extend the life of useful tools
with these hacks (you may not need to buy a commercial rust
remover). Bust rust with stuff you already have around the
house or homestead.

How to remove rust with stuff around the house
Before you buy a rust remover, give these rust busters a try:

Rust buster tip #1: Use salt and oil to remove cast
iron pan rust.
You'll need about 4 tablespoons table salt and an equal amount
of vegetable. Now you're ready to scrub the pan vigorously with
an old dish rag adding more salt and oil as you need it. If Need
more abrasion power? Use steel wool instead of your old dish
rag. When you're done, wash the pan by boiling it in water and
wiping dry. Then add your final "seasoning" of oil and store
away.  You'll find a well seasoned pan will resist rust.

Rust buster tip #2: Use salt to nix the rust.
Here are two ways to use salt to nix the rust:

  • Nix the rust with salt and turpentine. Alone turpentine
    will help you remove the gunk on all sorts of surfaces, but
    it's no match for rust on its own. The salt will help provide
    the proper abrasion, while the turpentine is the solvent.

  • Salt up a raw potato. Cut a raw potato in half and dip it in
    salt to remove rust from knives, screwdrivers and other

Rust buster tip #3: Make light of lighter fluid!
Who said stainless steel was stainless? To get out the stains
from steel, combine scouring powder and lighter fluid to scrub
away the rust. Apply lighter fluid onto a damp sponge allowing
the scouring powder to cling to the sponge and provide a
cleaning abrasive. Be sure to thoroughly rinse afterwards.

Rust buster tip#4: Scour with steel wool and
Machine parts will come clean of rust when you apply a bit of
elbow grease:  dip a steel wool pad into some turpentine and
work out the rust of your rusty tools.

Rust buster tip #5: Brush your porcelain.
Brush porcelain with toothpaste (no flossing required) to get rid
or rust stains! It's just one of the weird
things you can do with
toothpaste that's not listed by Reader's Digest.

Rust buster tip: #6: Don't cry over rust, use an onion
Slice a rusty knife into an onion. (Discard the onion.) You'll soon
see the magic of the onion working to remove the rust.

Rust buster tip #7: Use lemon and vinegar.
The acids of lemon on vinegar are natural rust busters. Here's
how to remove rust with this natural powerhouse method.

How to remove rust using Lemon and Vinegar...

Rust buster tip #8.
How to remove rust on concrete using only water...
Armed with water and a grill scraper, you can remove unsightly
rust from concrete patios and driveways. The video explains

Have an axe to grind?
Using a sanding block on a rusty axe will help you get to the
surface rust to see if it's worthy of repair. Alternatively, try a
belt sander or an orbital sander to get off the surface layer of
rust. If it's deeply pitted with rust, you may decide it's not worth
salvaging. Grinding away is hard work, like the expression, also
intended for sharpening.

A tried and true way to get rid of calcium, lime and rust is with
CLR, pictured left. This patented calcium, lime, and rust remover
for cleaning multiple surfaces including stainless steel, glass,
fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain, chrome, cement, stucco, brick and
more. Powerful non-toxic formulation effective on hardest of
lime and calcium buildup, you can even use CLR for cleaning
coffee pots, coffee makers, commercial washing machines,
dishwashers, vinyl siding, sinks, toilets, humidifiers and filters,
hard water stains; for use with pressure washers.

Prevent your tools from rusting with these ideas…

  • Repair appliance nicks with nail polish to avoid rust.
    Chipped paint exposes metallic surfaces to potential rust
    and you can remedy the problem quickly and easily with a
    bottle of nail polish. For example, the metal racks of your
    dishwasher may crack open, but if you act quickly and coat
    it with clear nail polish, you can save it from rusting.

  • Save silica gel packs and chalk. Recycle silica gel packs or
    blackboard chalk for the purpose of keeping the tools in
    your workshop free of rust-building moisture. Lay them
    inside your toolbox.

  • Apply a protective layer. Rub down a thin coat of any of
    the following substances to keep your saw blades,
    screwdrivers, shears or wrenches in top notch condition
    until you're ready to use them:


Happy endings…
Now you have some ideas on how to salvage flea market finds
and bring new life to the stuff you might otherwise give up on at
a garage sale. Happy hunting!

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