emergency meal challenge

Emergency Meal Challenge
Essential foods to stock in your Prepper's pantry

Take the plunge and gather your favorite prepper recipes. The
"Emergency Meal Challenge" from Homestead Revival provides
inspiration to gather a few shelf-stable ingredients to plan a
meal for emergency preparedness. Happy Preppers took the
challenge and gathered some easy recipes of seven ingredients
or less. Bon appetite!

Every day pantry dinners
The convenience of having food in the pantry for emergency
preparedness means that you have something to serve your
family for dinner in a pinch. Below you'll find prepper recipes
and suggested prepper food menus for items for dinner that
have a long shelf life:

  • Beef Tacos. Hard Taco shells (organic, non-GMO) +
    Yoder's canned taco filling, (made with grass fed beef) +
    beans (refried or your favorite pinto or black beans) +
    olives + dehydrated cheese (or private reserve of waxed
    hard cheese grated).

  • Cowboy stew. Yoder's canned taco filling + 1 can corn
    drained + 1 can pinto beans in sauce + 1 can kidney beans
    + 1 can diced tomatoes + one cup water + 1 cup uncooked
    wagon wheel pasta (the stew will cook the pasta) + top
    with dehydrated cheese.
  • Recipe: Simmer all ingredients as a stew for 10-15 minutes
    and serve with cheese garnish. Tabasco sauce to taste.

  • Salmon Alfredo. Hot smoked salmon (flaky salmon found
    during the holiday season, also available online right, it
    lasts three years) + fettuccine noodles + Alfredo pasta
    sauce + dehydrated parsley for garnish.

  • Salsa chicken. Two cans chicken (flaked) + jar artichoke
    hearts (sliced) + small jar green salsa + small jar picante
    sauce or red salsa + spiral pasta.
  • Recipe: flake the can of chicken and simmer with salsas
    and artichoke hearts. Pour over prepared spiral pasta.

  • Tuna Linguine. Linguine noodles + can tuna + can olives
    + can capers parsley.
  • Recipe: Dump olives and capers on a cutting board and
    chop them with handful of parsley (if you are lucky enough
    to have fresh parsley growing in your garden), allow
    chopped mix to marinade in 1/2 cup olive oil for 1/2 hour,
    then salt and pepper to taste. Prepare linguine noodles.
    Add can of tuna, flaked and tossed into pasta.

  • Crab pasta. Canned crab meat + Alfredo sauce + artichoke
    hearts jar (sliced and drained from the marinade) + egg

  • Tuna Mac and Cheese. A box of Annie's Mac and Cheese
    + can tuna flaked, makes an easy meal. High in protein,
    kids love it.

  • Another variety of this meal: substitute tuna can for
    chicken can.
  • Try also Cheeseburger Mac with Yoder's Canned
    Hamburger. Start with Yoder's canned hamburger,
    elbow macaroni and frieze dried cheddar cheese
    powder. Cook the macaroni and make the cheese
    sauce separately. To make the sauce. Start with 3/4
    cup freeze dried cheddar cheese –or– 1 cup shredded
    cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup instant powdered milk
    (reconstituted), add 1 tbs. butter powder, 2 tsp.
    paprika, 1 tsp. onion powder, 1 tsp. garlic powder, 1
    tsp. salt, 1 tsp. sugar. Mix over the warm stove top
    where you cooked the macaroni.

Every day pantry lunches
Here are some emergency preparedness meal ideas for lunches:

  • Tuna lunch kit. Tuna can + pickle relish + small
    mayonnaise + crackers = a nice lunch. Add V-8 juice + trail
    mix packets. (Suggested by Homestead Revival Blogspot).

  • GoPicnic lunch kits. GoPicnic ready-to-eat meals will give
    you loads of ideas that go beyond tuna lunches (though
    they have a tasty one). With a long shelf life, GoPicnic will
    give your survival pantry a gourmet lift of high quality,
    tasty foods in a variety of flavor options. Just grab a drink,
    spread out your GoPicnic lunch, and let your taste buds
    come out and play. No refrigeration, preparation, or wicker
    basket required!

  • Lunch combo: Sausage slices, pepperoni sticks or beef
    jerky + applesauce + fruit sticks + pineapple juice.

Freeze Dried food Ideas
Here are more menu ideas for preppers who stash freeze dried

  • Cheesy Chili Mac: Annies Macaroni & Cheese (or freeze
    dried) + ground beef (freeze dried) + can pinto beans +
    chili powder or taco seasoning = Cheesy Chili Mac, a
    prepper favorite. Garnish with freeze dried cheddar cheese.

  • Crab cakes: Canned crab meat + eggs (freeze dried and
    reconstituted) + bread crumbs (freeze dried). If you have
    them, add dehydrated celery and onion too. Serve with
    pasta noodles garnished with freeze dried cheese and a
    dash of olive oil. Substitutions: You can also make tuna
    cakes and use crushed buttery crackers for the bread
  • Alternately, substitute the crab for salmon or tuna.

  • Clam Chowder: Creamy potato soup (freeze dried) + clam
    juice + clams = Manhattan Clam Chowder prepper style. If
    you have them, add dehydrated celery too! Instead of
    adding water, add the clam juice!

  • Potato skins appetizer: Potato slices (freeze dried) +
    bacon bits + cheddar cheese (freeze dried) = Prepper's
    Potato Skins. Bake them in a solar oven. Top with freeze
    dried sour cream! If you are lucky enough, garnish with
    chives from your herb garden.

  • Shepherd's Pie: Sloppy Joe Mix (freeze dried) + peas
    (canned or freeze dried) + carrots (freeze dried) + mashed
    potatoes (freeze dried potato gems) = Prepper's
    Shepherd's Pie. Incidentally, Future Essentials Sloppy Joe
    Mix is a wonderful way to add variety to your meals. It
    comes in a number 2.5 can (an everyday can size).

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