Yoders Amish canned meats

#4: Yoder's Taco Beef Filling.
Plan a Mexican food storage to include Yoder's Taco Beef Filling,
pictured right. Imagine just opening a can of beef filling and
heating it, opening a mylar bag of crunchy taco shells, or making
your own flour or corn tortillas, then garnishing your tacos with
lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. That luxury is possible
when you plan ahead. The best thing about Yoder's Taco Beef
filling is that it is grass-fed beef made the Amish way! You can't
do better than that in a can. When you consider this, you really
should stock up on the taco seasoned beef for your everyday use
and rotate. Give it a try!

#5: Yoder's Canned Hamburger meat.
It's unbelievable that you can get delicious grass-fed beef in a
can. Made the Amish way, Yoders hamburger meat, pictured
immediate right, is so versatile that you'll use it for Mexican style
food (spice the meat with ketchup and chili to make ab taco
seasoning mix), Italian style food with pasta and sauce, American
style (sloppy joe seasoning mix).

#6: Yoder's Beef Chunks.
Perfect for stews and casseroles, Yoder's Beef Chunks are fully-
cooked, premium boneless beef. Full of texture, this beef is
perfect for your food storage plan, family preparedness and
emergency readiness.

#7 Yoder's Yoder's Turkey Chunks.
U.S. raised and commercially canned, Yoders Turkey Chunks with
broth is a can of fully cooked, low fat content turkey. In the
canning process, raw meat is placed in cans, the cans are sealed,
and the product is cooked in it's natural juices. Yoder's Turkey
chunks is ideal for making soups, stews and casseroles.

#8: Yoder's Chicken Chunks.
Your food storage plan should include poultry products, even if
your family already raises chickens. Make Yoder's chicken chunks
part of your backup plan. You get 1 lbs. 12 ounces of chicken
(that's 28 Ounces in each can).

Sample Yoder's canned meats today, or just buy the whole case
now and save money. Cases are available in a variety pack or in
your favorite meat.

Why do you need canned bacon if you plan on eating
rabbit for survival?
Rabbit meat tastes just like chicken and it is an abundantly
fruitful source of lean meat; however, you must have a source of
fat if you plan on surviving only on rabbit meat. Humans will
starve to death eating rabbit alone!  

Eating only rabbit will cause digestive upset and hunger will
worsen. If you consume only rabbit and have no  source of fat,
you will get diarrhea, discomfort and eventual death eating only
rabbit. Which is why you'll want to have on hand some Yoder's
Bacon of course. Happy Prepping!

Happy endings...
Yoder's will make you yodel with happiness.

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Yoder's Meats
Grass fed beef that's canned, real bacon in a can! Yes!

Preppers are a bacon-loving bunch ~ we eat bacon from a can!
One of the best foods for preppers is meat in a can made the
Amish way. Yoders canned meats are an ideal resource of quality
grass-fed meats. Yoders canned meats are non-perishable,
requires no refrigeration and is ideal for camping, travel, and
long-term food storage. Yoder's quality meats store 10 years or
more in airtight sealed cans.

Stock up on Yoder's Meats
Produced exclusively from U.S. farm-raised, USDA inspected
choice cuts of meat, Yoders emats are commercially canned in
the United States under the strictest quality standards for
optimal taste, quality and safety. Yoders provides beef without
added growth hormones, steroids, or by-products, and natural
beef, pork, turkey, and chicken that are free of any antibiotics.  

Yoders canned meats have become popular because of their
convenience, low fat content, and non-refrigerated shelf-life.
They are made the Amish way! Here are some of the wonderful
products from Yoder's...

#1: Yoder's Pork Sausage.
Pre-cooked, Yoder's Pork Sausage can be eaten out of the can! It
contains essentially only meat water and salt and spices, so it's
gluten-free. It also is low fat. The simple ingredients include
pork, salt, sugar, pepper, red pepper, nutmeg, and ginger.

#2: Yoder's Pork Chunks.
Delicious tender Yoder's pork chunks are ideal for your soups,
stews and casseroles. Usually sold as part of a set of meat
variety packs, you'll find other chunked meats, such as chicken
and beef. Yoder's does not contain a BPA lining.

#3: Yoder Canned bacon.
Did somebody say bacon? We sure did! From Yoders comes bacon
in a can.  Truly, this Yoder's Canned Bacon is a Prepper's miracle!
With smoky flavor and a long shelf life, you'll be glad to have
this canned bacon in your preps. You get about 30 servings per
can of fully cooked bacon, per drained of fat. This stuff has a 10
year shelf life. Try a sample can, upper left hand of page, or
stock up on a dozen cans and live like royalty.

It's so good, it comes in camouflage! Each can is 9 ounces of
fully cooked and drained bacon. Between 2-3/4 and 3-1/4 pounds
of raw bacon go into each can. Cured, cooked and then hand
wrapped, rolled and packed in the U.S. Yoder's cooks down this
bacon prior to canning, so you won't pay for all of the natural
shrinkage that occurs whenever you cook bacon. They carefully
drain all of the fat and liquid off and can it fresh so it will taste
as good out of the can as it would right out of the refrigerator.
Yoders canned pork sausage
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