christmas gift for preppers

Prepper Christmas Gifts
Gifts and stocking stuffers for preppers

Are you dreaming of a Prepper Christmas?
Give the gift of preparedness and peace of mind this holiday
season with the happy gift ideas for preppers and survvialists.

Be sure to check out or
stocking stuffers for preppers,
homesteaders and survivalists too.

Prepper Christmas Gifts

Bear Grylls / Gerber fire starter.
Gerber and survival expert Bear Grylls collaborated to develop an
ferroccium rod and metal striker firestarter. The
waterproof storage compartment keeps tinder dry. Plus it includes
Bear Grylls' "Priorities of Survival" pocket guide. It has more than
668 5-Star reviews.

Bear Grylls / Gerber Survival kit.
Gerber's Bear Grylls' Basic Survival Kit includes a knife, firesteel,
waterproof matches, snare wire, emergency Cordage,cotton ball
fire tinder and mini survival guide.

Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet.
A hatchet might not be at the top of your list for Christmas gifts,
but it's a classic prepper tool and he'll really appreciate having
one. Making a fire or building a shelter are life saving skills to
have and it starts with the proper tools.  With a slim profile and
full tang construction, the
Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet, is just the
right size for survival situations. The grippy rubber handle ensures
it won’t slip, even when wet. Includes a durable nylon sheath to
keep the razor sharp blade safe when not in use.

Put a coin with the hatchet when presenting a blade as a gift. In
this way your recipient gives you the "magic" coin to buy it and
thus your relationship isn't severed. It's a wedding custom that's
just as much fun at Christmastime.

Cammenga "417 Official l U.S. Military Compass.
The Commenga official U.S. Military Tritium Lensatic Compass
Model 3H, is equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial
graduations in both degrees and mils. Around $46, this is the
best compass money can buy. The copper induction dampening
system slows the rotation for the magnet without the use of
liquids. This carries the 3H stamp. It is GSA compliant and made
in the U.S.A.

Medic kit (GI medic first aid kit).
The M17 Medic Bag is a GI style issued kit folds out three ways
for easy and quick access to all your first aid supplies Dimensions.

Emergency Fishing Kit tin.
Fishing for ideas? Then you'll love the 15-Piece Emergency
Survival Fishing Kit that meets Alaska/Canada over flight
requirements. Designed by avid fishermen, these are the most
used items you'll need.

Pocket Chain Saw.
The flexible Chainmate Survival Saw is best seller with more than
539 5-star reviews. This pocket saw is incredibly inexpensive and
powerful to help you gather firewood fast. Click the link to see
the video.

Folding Saw.
The compact Primos folding saw, right, quietly unfolds and
locks into position. With a lightweight nylon handle and a sure-
grip rubber coating, this folding saw is safe and simple to use.
It's a bit bigger than you might expect. It's good to have around
for emergencies.

Essential oils.
Nothing could be more biblical than Frankincense and Myrrh. Get
her into
essential oils or add to her collection! If she doesn't
already have a reference manual, then get her the Reference
Guide for Essential Oils, pictured immediate right. It is the bible
for essential oils.

  • Frankincense: The botanical name for Frankincense is
    "Boswellia serrata." It has a rich woody, earthy scent with a
    deeply mysterious nuance dating to biblical times. According
    to Matthew 2:1-12, wise men came from the East to visit
    Jesus, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense (an aromatic gum
    resin used in incense and perfumes), and myrrh.

  • Myrrh: Of the biblical oils, myrrh is perhaps the least
    understood of essential oils for preppers. It's an
    antimicrobial, antifungal, astringent and so much more.

Lodge Cast Iron Tools.
Lodge Cast iron tools are always a welcome gift for preppers who
cook. Healthy cooking, the best part about cast iron is that it
generally wipes clean (grease is good for "seasoning"). Do not
clean with soap. If there are too many food particles, just boil
with water, dry and season with olive oil,
coconut oil or your even
bacon grease. Get your honey cooking with Lodge cookware! In a
dutch oven you can bake bread or make tasty stews with the
healthful cooking of iron. Pair it with the Dutch Oven cookbook
found in our Prepper Library.

Hand tools for the kitchen.  
An easier life off-grid will require kitchen hand tools, like manual
mixer or a mandolin.

Prepper Pete Series Books.
Instill the love of prepping and reading simultaneously with
Prepper Pete books for children.

Two-way Radios and Walkie Talkies.
Communications are essential to preppers, but prepper kids can
have fun. two wave radio (Motorola at the top of the page is
highly rated).

Popular with Military personnel serving overseas, paracord is a
craft suitable for kids and adults.

Sling shot.
Sure it's fun for shooting cans, but it's also a terrific way to instill
pride and self reliance when your child realizes he or she can hunt
small game with these skills.

Freeze dried ice cream sandwiches.
Terrific as stocking stuffers (when wrapped indiviudally) what kid
wouldn't want to sink their teeth into an "out of this world"
experience first developed for astronauts? Y

Kids night vision goggles.
Invite the sleepover fun with inexpensive night vision goggles!
More expensive versions can also be part of a tactical security

Foldable bike.
A bugout bike that folds is an excellent addition to your
preparedness plans. Put a bugout bike in your vehicle or stash
one at the office as  your get home plan.

Classic red wagon
A red wagon is a fun toy for kids, but it's also useful to haul
water from your source in a long-term emergency.

Binoculars are a survival tool as part of your surveillance
preparedness plans. Also good for hunting or scouting out
resources from afar.

Marshmallow shooter or a potato shooter!
Of course you could go with the classic Daisy BB gun. Naw, you'll
shoot your eye out kid!

Christmas Gifts for Prepper Families

Big Berkey Water Filter.
Water is life and no gift more precious since you can live only a
few days without it, which is why the
Big Berkey water filter is an
ideal family gift for anyone -- even if the family is not yet a
prepping family..

Stovetop Popcorn Popper.
When the grid goes down, you can curl up by the fire with
popcorn. Pop some popcorn the old fashioned way on a stovetop!
The Original Whirley-Pop stovetop hand-crank popcorn popper
brings it all back with its one-of-a-kind design. You can enjoy
light, flavorful popcorn (makes up to six quarts) that you prepare
yourself right on the stovetop in just three minutes.

Solar Air lantern.
Great for camping, the solar air lantern is appreciated equally by

Christmas Gifts for Any Prepper

Aquamira Frontier Water Filter.
Ultralight, the Aquamira Frontier filters up to 30 gallons of water.
Light enough for  the bugout bag Aquamira Frontier traps over
99.9 Percent of harmful Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other
pathogens, including waterborne insect larvae, as well as many
bacteria including E. coli. At around $10, you'll want to get one
for everyone's stocking!

Prepper books and movies.
Books and movies are always an appreciated gift.

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove.
Any prepper will appreciate this: the BioLite Wood Burning
CampStove combines the benefits of a lightweight backpacking
stove and an off-grid power charger so you can cook a meal while
charging your gadgets. The best thing about the Biolate is that
there is no fuel to buy or carry. stoves cook your meals with
nothing but the twigs you collect on your journey or in your
backyard, eliminating the need for heavy, expensive, polluting
petroleum gas. Quick to light, fast to boil and easy to use.

Lightweight backpacking stove / tiny stove.
You won't believe the price (around $5.75 and this includes free
shipping) for the Piezo ignition lightweight backpacking camp
stove, pictured immediate right. It has 1,172 customer reviews
with an incredible 4.5-star rating. You won't be disappointed. It's
from a trusted source.

Paracord Belt.
Paracord is a fun survival gift, but the paracord belt, pictured left,
is a stunning look. Make
paracord part of your everyday carry!

Survival seed vault.
A survival seed vault will provide a sense of security for the
future in uncertain times, and is a perfect gift for the gardener or
ho-ho home Agrarian.

Solar Air Lantern.
The Luci solar lantern folds flat! It's emergency lighting that
doesn't need batteries or fuel; and there's no need to plug it for
power. It needs only the sun! It's not just a solar lantern either.
A solar air lantern is solar powered and maintenance free;
inflatable and packable; rechargeable while collapsed or
expanded; and waterproof and sturdy (once inflated its shock

Off grid laundry.
A Deisel laundry washer will make her off-grid laundry easier. This
is really a prepper gift for the whole family and well worth the
splurge. Pair it with the Portable Spin Dryer also pictured right.

Ove Glove.
The as seen on T.V. Ove Glove is a hot surface handler that will
be your best friend in an off grid world. Pick up your
Lodge Cast
Iron Cookware with ease. The Ove Glove withstands extreme heat
up to 540 degrees Farenheit, thanks to the exterior layer ,which is
made of DuPont Nomex and Kevlar.

So there you have it: Christmas gifts for just about any prepper.
Happy Prepping to all and to all a good night! Be sure to see the
101 stocking stuffer ideas.

Remember, An Amazon gift card is always appreciated and you
can send
Amazon Gift Cards multiple ways: by e-mail, print them
yourself, send one through Facebook or have an activated card
delivered to your door. They never expire and they are always
good for prepping.

Prepper men (and women) always appreciate the gift of a
blade or folding knife and other survival tools, like hatchets,
folding saws, or shovels at Christmas. If you want to get a knife
for your favorite prepper guy or gal, but are uneasy about
providing the sharp tool as a gift, because of superstition that in
so doing you will "cut the relationship," then here's an idea... give
a coin with the gift as a "payment" for the knife. Your gift is the
magic coin that pays for the knife. The receiver returns the coin to
you and gets to keep the knife. In this way you preserve your

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