stone soup a prepper's storty

Prepper Stone Soup
Stone soup and what this story means to preppers

Are you familiar with the story of "Stone Soup"?
Stone soup has several versions from Russia to Africa. The story
line is the same, though the details vary. A hungry stranger
comes to a village without much and knocks on doors. The wary
villagers are quick to shut out the stranger, as the village
resources are scarce. Soon, the stranger attracts attention in
making a soup with stones (variations include a shell, a button,
or even a discarded nail). As the other villagers observe from
afar, the meekest villager bravely approaches the stranger to
inquire. Of course, “Stone Soup” is much better with salt and
spices, the stranger proclaims.

Intrigued, the villagers return with these things and gather
around as the stranger stirs the pot of mysterious soup. A crowd
gathers and the stranger divulges to a wider audience that “Stone
Soup” ideally also has onions. Incredibly, villagers return with
onions and even shallots. The pot crows and wonderful smells

The story line continues that "stone soup" is even better with a
carrot, potatoes and better yet with some meat. Amazingly,
villagers come with each of these requests and more, including
bread, butter, cheese, and drink. Soon there is a feast and
villagers bring tables and chairs, lanterns, entertainment and so
on. The villagers who said they had nothing really had quite a
bounty, and the villagers learn a HAPPY lesson of cooperation
amidst scarcity.

From a prepper perspective, the stranger in this story is not a
sheeple or a zombie who may come knocking on your door when
SHTF, but a friend, a neighbor or even a family member who is
"strange" to prepping. We have told you this story so that you
may “have enough” to make “Stone Soup” with the good people in
your life. Be happy and grateful that you may have enough to

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