Patriotic Prepping

Patrotic Prepping
How to celebrate Independence as a prepper

Re-evaluate what it means to be an American prepper!
Benjamin Franklin once said "By failing to prepare you are
preparing to fail." Preparedness is absolutely the American way
and this quote is the cornerstone of preparedness ideals in the
United States.

You don't need to be born on the Fourth of July to celebrate
independence and self-reliance. Here's how to celebrate
patriotism from a prepper's perspective...

Ten Ways to Express Patriotism
Below are ten ways to express patriotism and prepping ideals.

#1: Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Every American, and not just preppers, should own and read a
copy of the United States Constitution. Right is a pocket sized
book -- 192-page that contains the complete United States
Constitution, the Virginia Bill of Rights, the Virginia Statute on
Religious Freedom, the Massachusetts Bill of Rights, relevant
portions of The Federalist Papers, and more.

  • Open carry your rights! For just a buck you can own this 52-
    page pocket sized booklet of the Constitution of the United
    States (including The Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27)
    and The Declaration of Independence.

#2: Own a gun and truly celebrate the 2nd
We the preppers, in order to form a more perfect union, need to
defend the 2nd Amendment. Start by reading it! Since 1791, the
United States Constitution has protected your rights to keep and
bear arms. Owning a gun is as American as baseball, hot dogs,
apple pie and Chevrolet! Owning a gun is not only the American
way, it's the prepping way and your second amendment right.  

A patriot is anyone who vigorously supports our country and is
prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. During the
revolutionary war, muskets were popular to defend against the
British. Secondary weapons were the rifle and pistol. It was a
bloody road to independence, but would not be won without the
patriots who laid down their life for our freedom.

  • NOTE: If you want to choose the right gun, shoot better,
    hunt smarter and stay safe, get a hold of Field and Stream's
    The Ultimate Gun Guide, which offers 335 essential shooting
    tips and techniques.

#3: Know what it means to be a "three percenter."
Being  III-percenter is much more than wearing a T-shirt, patch or
hat with the emblem.

  • Many "three-percenters" are U.S. veterans, but not all.
  • Many preppers are "three percenters," but not all.

When you know what it means to be a three percenter you have a
basic understanding of American history. If you are a "three
percenter" you are loyal to Constitutional rights.

  • What is a "Three Percenter"? During the American
    Revolution, the active forces against the King's tyranny
    never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. It was
    with the 3% that America owes its freedom. With this
    principal in mind, a movement started to defend our 2nd
    Amendment rights. Simply a "threeper" takes an oath to
    never disarm the American people. They are against martial
    law, blockades of American cities into concentration camps,
    confiscating food and other essential supplies, and detaining
    American citiens as "unlawful enemy combatants."

  • What are the three-percenter ideals? Three percenters
  • Uphold the constitution and the freedoms associated.
  • Support the U.S. Troops and our country.
  • Stand ready to fight alongside the troops.
  • Defend from enemies both foreign and domestic.
  • Be the last line of defense in an ever growing hostile
  • Read more about the three-percenter oath and what it

  • Are you a III-percenter? Stand up for your rights, and
    show them what you stand for with your "III percenter" T-
    shirt. You can do so knowing that there's much more to
    being a three percenter than wearing the emblem.

#4: Plant a Survival Victory Garden
Food equals freedom! Civilians during World War II planted
victory gardens to help avoid famine. The same is true of a
secret survival garden. There are many reasons to plant
a survival victory garden:

  • Almost free food. Aside from the gardening tools and
    seeds, you'll pay for your food with sweat equity.
  • Eat healthier. When you have a salad in the backyard, you'll
    eat more of them, and you'll start to come up with recipes
    so you can eat more of your free food.
  • Educate the kids. Planting a garden is one of the most
    important things you can do with your children.
  • Help avoid famine in the United States. It doesn't get more
    patriotic than helping to avoid famine in times of crisis.
  • Be one step ahead of the next Great Depression. People
    of the Great Depression didn' t starve because most people
    had gardens. Today, gardens are more of a novelty or a
    school project. Grow food and not lawns.
  • Keep Monsanto at bay. When preppers become organically
    self-sufficient in a GMO co-dependent world, they help keep
    Monsanto at bay.
  • Have a steady source of food to can. Preppers love canning
    and what better opportunity than produce in their own
  • Have winter food. Ensure your family has healthy home-
    grown produce in Winter when you also can your fruits and

#5: Can your own food.
Grow your own and can your own is the prepper way. As the
poster top right reads, "A garden will make your rations go
further." Such propaganda posters during World War II helped
convince civilians to can food from their Victory gardens. The
same feeling of patriotism exists today in the prepper movement.

Conserving food for future use is
how American Civilians helped
win World War II. It is also how preppers will survive.

# 6: Thank a veteran and anyone serving the military.
The best way to thank a veteran is to support veteran owned
companies. If you know a veteran, another way is to send a note
to honor him or her to thank him or her for bravery. If you see
military personnel in a service uniform out in public, thank him or
her for serving our country. Offering a simple expression of
thanks takes only a few seconds, and it gives much needed
recognition. Your gratitude will bring a smile and it will make you
feel good inside, too. John F. Kennedy once said, "As we express
our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation
is not to utter words, but to live by them." Below are some ways
you can do just that.

There are many things you can do to thank veterans:

  • Give to the homeless many of them are veterans. You can
    make care packages with the scouts or volunteer at the local
    food bank. You can also participate at your local church or
    synagogue when they sponsor homeless.

  • Never ask a veteran how many people he or she may
    have killed. It's not only bad manners, but it triggers
    disrespect in every sense of the word.

  • Send cookies and nuts. When the Girl Scouts sell cookies or
    nuts, ask them about their program to send their wares to
    the military as a gift of caring. You will get credit for a tax
    deductible donation, Girl Scouts will benefit, and someone in
    the military will get a treat! It's a win-win-win situation.

Not sure how to thank a veteran for his or her service? As
Alexander McCoy, U.S. Marine Corps veteran  put it: “How should
people thank me for my service? Vote!”

#7: Watch a Patriotic movie.
Movies bring a new perspective and sometimes a new
understanding of what it's like to be a veteran. While Hollywood's
version isn't always an exact depiction, you will gain by having
watched some movies. Here is a list of some key movies to watch
on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day or the Fourth of July:

  • American Sniper. U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq
    with only one mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. His
    pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield.
    American Sniper is just about every prepper's favorite movie.

  • Born on the Fourth of July. Born on the Fourth of July is the
    biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he
    becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist
    after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for.

  • Deer Hunter. Winner of five Academy Awards, including
    Best Picture and Best Director, and one of AFI’s Top 100
    Films of All Time, The Deer Hunter follows a group of
    Pennsylvania steelworkers from their blue-collar lives,
    hunting in the woods of the Alleghenies, to the hells of
    Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Academy Award
    winners Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken star in this
    unforgettable saga of friendship and courage. Experience the
    brutality of war and the depths of emotional strain on the
    human spirit in this extraordinarily powerful film classic.

  • National Treasure. Fictional fun, a man must steal the
    Declaration of Independence to find the National Treasure.

  • Saving Private Ryan. Based on a World War II drama. US
    soldiers try to save their comrade, paratrooper who's
    stationed behind enemy lines in Saving Private Ryan.

  • The Patriot. A reluctant South Carolina farmer, The Patriot,
    finds himself forced to fight the British in this epic adventure
    of the American Revolution.

(Omitted from the patriotic movie list above is Independence
Day. That's not a movie about patriotism.)

Want to watch a prepper movie?
We're happy to list 101 movies for peppers.

#8: Join the scouts or Military!
Scouting is a great place to start to learn about camping and
survival skills and serving your community and country. Every
memorial day Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts nationwide honor our
fallen heroes with flag planting.Scouts pledge to help others and
in so doing serve others by volunteering their time to help feed
the homeless at soup kitchens, collect and stock the shelves of
food banks to feed those in need, talk with and help the elderly
to bring a smile among many other projects.
Joining the military is the ultimate in patriotism, but it's not for

#9: Raise the flag at home.
It doesn't get more patriotic than showing your love of country by
proudly displaying the stars and stripes in and around your home.

  • Participate in a flag ceremony. Ask a member of the
    scouting community

#10: Buy American Made.
When you have a ckear choice and your budget allows, always
buy American made preps if available. Your patriotism shines
through by putting American workers to work. Also, seek out
doing business with veteran owned companies.

Thankfully there are many fine products made in the United

  • Flags. Your stars and stripes flag should always be American
    made! Your Gadsen Flag should be American-made as well.
    Do not buy such flags from China. Always look at the country
    of origin. A reputable company will proudly display that the
    flag was made in the United States.

  • Surewater water storage tanks. The SureWater storage
    tank, right, is made in America. It holds enough water for a
    family of four for one month.

  • Zippo Lighters. Pictured right is a Zippo lighter "made in the
    USA" that also bears a patriotic image.

Whatever you buy, your goal should be to buy American-made,
especially when it comes to your prepping gear.

Happy endings...
The core of what it means to be a prepper is independence -- it is
self-reliance and a feeling of accomplishment that comes in
knowing you are prepared to handle just about everything that
comes your way.

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