Plants mosquitoes hate

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Mosquito Repelling Plants
Plant the plants mosquitoes hate

Prepare for mosquito season!
Plant the plants that mosquitoes hate. How do you keep
mosquitoes away? In part you can do it by planting the plants
mosquitoes hate! Below are ways of getting rid of mosquitoes

Plant the Plants Mosquitoes Hate!
Curb those pesky mosquitoes naturally by planting fragrant herbs.
Plant fragrant basil, rosemary, and lemon verbena and other
mosquito repelling plants on your property. Here's the prepper's
list of mosquito-repelling plants to plant around the homestead...

Mosquito repelling plant #1: Basil.
An herb that makes mosquitoes skedaddle, basil will make a
delicious addition to your herb garden.

Mosquito repelling plant #2: Catnip.
Treat your kitty and combat mosquitoes simultaneously. Rub
catnip oil on your skin: it's purr-fect. The essential oil in catnip is
Catnip makes the cockroaches cower, too.
catnip is 10 times more
effective than Deet (as reported by Scientific Daily)!

Mosquito repelling plant #3: Cinnamon tree.
Preppers don't think of growing Cinnamomum zeylanicum, a
cinnamon tree, but it's the source of cinnamon that we commonly
buy. Cinnamon has been a favorite spice since biblical times, and
since then has evolved many uses. It has played key roles in
nutrition, medicine, religion, and the botanical economy.

Cinnamon also happens to be a spice that repels mosquitoes! If
you don't want to grow a cinnamon tree, you can use cinnamon
essential oil liberally like a potpouri.

Mosquito repelling plant #4: Citronella.
True Citronella resembles a long clumping grass and has a quite
strong and recognizable scent. It's quite decorative and grows
around 5 to 6 feet high. As long as you don't have frost, you can
grow citronella, which is the leading plant connected with
repelling mosquitoes.

You'll be able to find citronella in small potted plants at your
local gardening centers. You can propagate them by splitting the
clumps of grass and replanting them with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Mosquitoe repelling plant #5: Citronella Mosquito
Geranium Plant
In all, growing citronella (mosquito geranium) isn't too difficult. It
requires about six hours of sun and the citronella plant can grow
between 2 and 4 feet high. You'll need to prune it to encourage
new foliage to bush out.

Also sometimes called
mosquito plant geranium, it's important to
note that this plant doesn't by itself repel mosquitoes.

While it's true that mosquitoes hate citronella, they really only
hate the plant when it's crushed. In other words, for the plant to
actively repel mosquitoes, you need to crush and rub the plant on
your skin.

Mosquito repelling plant #6: Lavender.
Lavender smells nice to humans, but not to mosquitoes,
according to the Gerson institute, an organization devoted to
natural healing in cancer patients, lavender is one of six herbs
that naturally repel mosquitoes and fleas. The bonus is that
lavender has calming properties.

Mosquito repelling plant #7" Lemon balm.
Citronella is on the list of mosquito repelling plants, but lemon
balm also belongs on the list. Lemon balm has an interesting
compound called "citronellal," much like the other natural bug
repellent with a similar name. According to the Gerson Institute,
lemon balm is one of six herbs that naturally repel mosquitoes. It
repels fleas as well.

While lemon balm is not citronella, it is a good plant to have
around your home for its medicinal values as well.

Mosquito repelling plant #8: Lemon thyme.
Lemon thyme is loathed by mosquitoes. Pictured right is the
Mosquito Repelling Creeping Lemon Thyme plant.  

Lemon Thyme is the ultimate no-spray mosquito repellent! This
plant combats mosquito problems safely and effectively. A
relative of the thyme family, creeping lemon thyme has a
pleasant lemony fragrance that scents the air with a perfume
mosquitoes won't tolerate! The high citronella oil content of this
hardy, easy-to-grow perennial plant is more potent than any other
mosquito repellent plant tested, and more potent than citronella
candles or sprays, especially when the leaves are rubbed onto
exposed areas of bare skin.

Reported by plant scientists at a major university, and published
in major national magazine media, the mosquito repellent thyme
is up to three times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than
other mosquito-repellent plants. Mosquito repellent thyme is used
as a garnish or cooking herb. The plants are easily grown and
spread fast making an attractive low growing 4 tall ground cover
with a mass of light violet flowers.

Mosquito repelling plant #9: Lemon Grass.
Popular in Thai cooking, lemon grass is not easy to grow by seed.
If you're serious about getting lemon grass to deter mosquitoes
naturally, then purchase a bundle at an Asian market or online. Or
better yet, get some
organic lemongrass essential oil.
Lemongrass essential oil not only helps you get rid of mosquitoes
but it helps with
breast cancer survival.

Mosquito repelling platnt #10: Marigold.
You're golden with Marigold if you don't like mosquitoes, because
mosquitoes will buzz away at the smell of it.

USA today recommends planting marigolds to repel mosquitoes,
and says you will "also squash bugs and tomato worms," by
planting them.

Mosquito repelling plant #11: Rosemary.
Packed with antioxidants, rosemary is great for repelling
mosquitoes and it's a
natural disinfectant. Best of all, it's easy to
grow and doesn't require much water making it a drought tolerant
plant for your garden.

  • Rosemary, mint and cloves: Boil some water with a few
    sprigs of mint and rosemary and some cloves! The recipe for
    Cheryl's all natural Mosquito Spray smells nice to humans,
    but will send the mosquitoes away with the spray!

Mosquito repelling plant #12: Sage.
Burn sage and smoke out mosquitoes and any bad spirits.

Mosquito repelling plant #13: Spearmint.
You'll be minty fresh and mosquito free with spearmint.
Mosquitoes dislike spearmint, and other insects too, including
ants, flies, and moths.  Rub spearmint on your skin directly as a
natural mosquito repellent or plant spearmint in pots and move
wherever you find them. Other insects that don't like spearmint,
include ants, flies, and moths).

  • Spearmint oil: Essential Oil of spearmint is a natural
    mosquito repellent, as well  it has antibacterial qualities.
    (Ants, flies, and moths don't like spearmint oil either.)

Mosquito repelling plant #14: Thyme.
You can plant thyme in your garden, but also remember to use
thyme essential oil to repel mosquitoes.

  • Thyme oil with peppermint oil: Mix 1- drops of thyme oil
    with 10 drops of peppermint oil and with two ounces of
    water. This natural mosquito repellent is now ready for your
    mini spray bottle!

These plants naturally repel mosquitoes from your yard. Don't
have a yard? Even potted plants will help you on your deck.
Hippocrates once said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be
thy food."  Who knew mosquitoes would be such a picky bunch?

More about mosquitoes:

Happy endings...
How do you keep mosquitoes away? In part you can do it by
planting the plants mosquitoes hate, plant herbs like spearmint,
thyme and sage. Use essential oils such as peppermint essential
oil. Anything is better than the very toxic Deet.

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