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How to start a prepper's hope chest
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Above, the Medics trauma bag includes a blood pressure cuff and
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and equipment.

#10: Freeze dried food and luxury canned goods.
Pack a pound of this or a pound of that ~ in the tradition of a
“pounding,” which is a kitchen shower of sorts where guests
would bring pantry staples to a young couple's new home, such as
a pound of sugar to sweeten the relationship and a pound of flour
to help break bread together.

For the prepper's hope chest, you might pack a pound of canned
canned butter, Mountain House pouches or a can of
freeze-dried meat, for example.

Why is a hope chest traditionally made of cedar?
Cedar has the ability to repel moths, which was appropriate given
the chest would contain household linens and woolens in
anticipation of what a woman might need in a married life back in
the day. As well, cedar repels fungus to help keep the contents
inside well guarded from moisture. Many hope chests will have a
traditional cedar lining, even if the wood on the outside isn't
made of cedar.

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Prepper's Hope Chest
How to harness the incredible power of hope

Hope chest can help you prepare for the worst.
A hope chest or trousseau (meaning small bundle) is a piece of
furniture traditionally made of cedar created for an unmarried
young woman to collect household linens, China, silverware and
kitchenware in anticipation of a married life. According to Amish
tradition, the term hope chest symbolizes hope in a marriage. In
the Mennonite tradition, apparently young suitors would provide
the cedar chest to their bride-to-be in "hope" that she would fill it
well before marriage.

You can establish the tradition for the young prepper in your life!
Whether the plans are heading off to college or getting married,
the contents of the hope chest will be potentially life-saving. A
prepper's hope chest doesn't have the sexist conditions ~ it can
be a foot locker for a young man. Below are ideas on how to fill
the prepper's hope chest...

Prepper's Hope Chest
While the traditional hope chest holds family heirlooms, the
prepper's hope chest holds lifesaving survival gear. Think outside
the box with a prepper's hope chest for a young man or woman.
It's the perfect practical gift for the college-bound prepper and it
can provide a measure of hope for security in a world without rule
of law.

Here are some ideas on how to fill the prepper's hope chest.

#1: Wool blankets.
In the tradition of a classic hope chest, you can include a real
wool blanket or two. Wool is immensely useful to preppers for a
variety of reasons ~ it wicks away moisture, it can aid shock
victim, and you can use a
wool blanket to put out a fire, just for
starters. Read

  • The 100% Australian wool blanket, right, from Lavish Home
    is made from the finest Australian lamb's wool, creating a
    luxurious look and feel. Durable and long lasting, this
    blanket has the insulation to keep body heat in and cold out.
    It's perfect for layering in the colder months, or as single

#2: Water Filtration.
A Big Berkey is an awesome piece of prepping equipment to
include in a prepper's hope chest. The Big Berkey water filtration
system is ideal for off grid living and a "must have" in hostile
environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water
may not be available.

Alternatively, try the
AlexaPure Stainless Steel Water Filtration

When starting a prepper's hope chest, space ultimately is a
consideration. With that in mind, you can store a smaller version
Berkey: the Travel Berkey, which is ideal for the college student.

#3: Lodge Dutch Oven.
A traditional dutch oven will lend nutritional iron to your meal.
The idea of the original dutch oven was an oven made of bricks.
The oven would be preheated as a cooking oven and the heated
bricks constructing the walls would do the cooking. Cast iron
quickly became known as a "dutch oven" and the classic design,
right in black, by Lodge is an off-grid classic.

Lodge’s century-old tradition of excellence continues in cast iron
with the beauty of porcelain red enamel, pictured right.
Workhorses in the kitchen and show pieces on the dinner table,
this enameled iron will be a part of fond memories for many years
to come.

#4: Cook stove.
The young prepper at the cusp of adulthood will need a method to
cook off-grid. The
Volcano Stove is an ideal choice for a cook
stove as it takes three kinds of fuel ~ propane, wood or charcoal.
The Volcano stove connects to standard 20 pound propane tank,
or adapter for portable bottles sold separately. It's also ultra
portable ~ it collapses down to 5", fits in carrying case for easy
storage and transportation. Sets up in just seconds.

#5: Oil lamp.
When unexpected darkness strikes, preppers and survivalists can
strike up a match and some conversation with the ambient
lighting of an oil lamp (provided security is not an issue).

You might call it a hurricane lantern or an oil lantern. Whatever
you call it, an
oil lamp is a traditional item to include in an Amish
hope chest, so it's apropos for a prepper's hope chest, too! Right
is the Montana Oil Lamp ~ perfect for your off-grid escape. If an
oil lamp isn't your thing, consider a
solar air lantern that folds flat.

#6: Silver coins.
While the traditional hope chest would include a silver tea service
and silverware, you'll find the prepper's hope chest includes silver
coins and boullon for bartering.

Silver has real value for preppers. You can hide a mini-vault under
the linens, stash the coins inside one of the innocuous boxes, or
sew a hidden pocket into a quilt. A clever prepper might even
tape the coins to the bottom of the hope chest or include cedar
planks and hide them under there.

#7: New socks and underwear!
In the tradition of an heirloom Amish style hope chest, you could
include socks and underwear in the prepper's hope chest
Undergarments as a gift for the dowry for the bride to be was just
as much practical as it was sentimental. Having fresh
undergarments would also be practical for dealing with an
economic depression when such "luxuries" will not be in the
budget or for a complete collapse of society where no such
manufacturing will exist.

#8: Hand-crank washing machine.
Laundry might not be the first thing you think of when assembling
your preppers hope chest, but a life off-grid will get dirty and
cleanliness and sanitation is a survival basic. You'll want clean

You'll need a way to wash your clothes in an off-grid world and
Wonderwash provides an easy solution.
Wonderwash is a non-
electric, hand-crank unit that can wash 5-lbs. of laundry super
clean in just a couple of minutes. It's Is an ideal way to wash
woolens and delicate fabrics or underwear and socks.
Wonderwash uses far less water than even hand washing and no

#9: First-aid Kit, Emergency Response Trauma Bag.
A medic's bag goes beyond the ordinary first aid kit. A good
trauma bag includes a basic blood pressure cuff and stethoscope,
along with other first aid response gear, such as trauma sheers.
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