How to recharge your phone without electricity

Tynker solar lantern also recharges your phone
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#3: Harness the sun to recharge your cell phone.
The easiest way to recharge your cellphone is with the power of
the sun, but it will take time. Compact size design for portability,
the Levin Solar Panel with Dual USB Port portable charger
pictured immediate left and below, comes with a free hook to
hang where you like. This device can keep you phone charged, or
charge your iphone about 50% to 60% juice for emergency after
being solar charged for 7 to 8-hours under normal sunlight.
Hang the Levin on your backpack when outdoors. It's rainproof and has a
shockproof feature to protects the device from damaging.

#4: Hand crank power to your cell phone!
Get cranking! You can charge your cellphone with a hand-crank
device.  To charge cell phone with the self cranking device, you
need to keep cranking it to provide enough energy. For smart
phones, you need to start cranking really fast until the screen
shows normal charging, and then slow down to normal cranking

Granted it's not the most convenient, because it requires your
manpower, but it is an alternative when you don't have battery
power, solar power or any of the other ways to charge your cell

#5: Charge your phone with kinetic energy.
Using kinetic energy you can get a charge just by walking
around and being active or spinning your phone:

  • Spin charge your phone. Another device on the market that
    use kinetic energy. You can also spin your cell phone and
    get a charge from the spinning motion.

#6: Charge your cell phone using the LAND line.
Did you know you can get emergency power from a phone line?
Even in a blackout, the telephone that's hardwired into the
phone line will always work. This is an amazing hack for
preppers to learn. This free, hidden source of electricity is for
emergency use only. Yes, you can tap the power from the
telephone company and just enough to recharge your cell
phone, but you need some tools and you'll need to consult with
your own sense of ethics. No one can argue that in a matter of
life or death, it's the right thing to do. It's always good to have
options, even if you don't exercise them, so if you want to
recharge your cell phone using the telephone line, then learn
how to do it! The video below gives simple instruction.

Here's how to recharge your cell phone from your phone line...
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More crazy ideas for charging your phone...

How to make your phone battery last
Now that you know some unconventional ways to recharge your
cell phone, here are some ideas for how to keep your charge

  • Dim the display. Turn the brightness of your display to the
    lowest possible setting.

  • Keep the battery cool. Don't fry your phone by leaving it
    in the car to bake in the sun. Your battery will last much
    longer when it's at room temperature. While an odd thing
    to do, you can put the phone in battery in the fridge.

  • Don't use the vibration mode. That takes too much
    power. Ring tone uses far less energy.

  • Turn off the features. Turn off WIFI, GPS, infrared,
    AirDrop (iOS) and Bluetooth, except when you need these
    features. They are battery drainers. Animations are also
    battery hogs.

If you have an idea to add to the list of ways to recharge your
cellphone, please write us at

Happy endings...
Prepare to live happily ever after with your cell phone. It just
takes a little creativity.

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#9: Wind Turbine Phone charger.
Wind turbine technology has come a long way, and now you can
recharge your phone with the wind. The K3 Wind and Solar
Mobile Charger is expensive at $79.99 and doesn't work very
well, but it is available on Amazon. Watch for this product as
technology improves.

#10 Charge your phone with an onion a Gatorade.
How To Charge Your Phone with An Onion and Electrolytes:
Above learn to use the phone line to get your cell phone charged in an

#7: Get a portable power pack.
Recharge your cell phone with a portable backup charger:

This portable power bank will automatic shutdown if a short
circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging.

  • Anker. Ultra compact, Anker is often copied but never
    equalled lipstick-shaped portable charger is now better
    than ever. Pictured right, Anker is compatible with Apple
    and Android smartphones, tablets (including the Nexus 7)
    and other USB-charged devices except for the iPod nano,
    iPod Classic, HP TouchPad, LG G2, Asus tablets and some
    GPS and Bluetooth devices.

  • PowerGroov: With PowerGroov, a portable cell phone
    charger, pictured immediate left, you don't need to worry
    about running out of battery. PowerGroov external pack
    charger provides your smartphone with power instantly,
    wherever and whenever you are. You don't even have to
    search for outlets to plug in your phone. Just connect it
    with this portable charger and enjoy, everywhere! This
    keeps your battery alive in case of emergency. You don't
    need extra cables or wires, you don't even need electricity.
    And it comes in other fun colors, pink, lime green, and

#8: Recharge with a solar lantern.
Tinker around with Tnyker! With Tnyker, you can charge your
phone for emergency. This rechargeable led camping lantern
flashlight also functions as a charging station to bring your
dead-phone's battery back to life wherever you are! Tynker Solar
Camping LED Lantern Flashlight collapses easy for travel.
Recharge your cell phone
How to recharge your cell phone in an emergency

Weird ways to recharge your cell phone.
There's more than one way to recharge your phone in an
emergency (and you can do it without electricity). From strange to
ingenious, this list of weird ways to charge your phone will have
you thinking about how you can recharge your cell phone without

How to Recharge your Cell Phone
without Electricity
Keep your phone charged during an outage or an emergency!

Below are some ways to recharge your phone without using a
typical charger:

#1: Recharge your cell phone with sticks.
Sticks and stones may break your bones, and as it turns out,
sticks can also help recharge your cellphone. It's just one of the
many weird ways you can recharge your phone.

Using the thermal power of a fire made from sticks, you can
recharge the battery in your phone. That's right, you can light a
campfire, sit around the CampStove and watch the flames dance
as you roast marshmallows and tell stories with friends, as you
charge your cell phone. While it's fun, it's also an incredible
emergency preparedness item to own. Boil water, cook, be

#2: Get power for your cell phone from a car.
Don' take for granted that you can turn the DC current from your
vehicle into AC current for your survival and communications
gadgets. It's the next best thing, if you don't have a generator. A
power inverter is a car essential and the best selling power
inverter you'll find for the price, also has the highest review rating
of any power inverter brand. Pictured left in red, the Bestek is a
300W power inverter with 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets. This is a
road trip must-have with wide range of applications for preppers.
Full protection features and auto-shutdown keep your appliance
and car from damage.
Recharge your cell phone wihtout electricity
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