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Mountain House Pouches
Mountain House pouches

Turn your Mountain House bugout food trash into treasure!
Backpackers and campers rely on Mountain House pouches, and
preppers love them too. The food inside Mountain House pouches
has value in a bugout bag, but have you considered the other
uses for the bag itself to help you survive?

Mountain House pouches are resealable, which makes them a
valuable tool in survival after you're done with your food both in
wilderness or urban survival situations. Following are backpacking
tips for preppers using Mountain House sealed pouches...

Using Mountain House Pouches to Survive
After you've finished eating a delicious Mountain House freeze
dried meal in pouch, don't think of the emptied Mountain House
pouches as trash, because they are treasure on the trail.

Yes, and an empty Mountain House pouch can help you survive!

Unexpected uses of a Mountain House pouch:

#1: Collect food and water.
The resealable pouch is invaluable way to collect life-saving
resources. Water is life and an empty Mountain House pouch can
help you collect water and food you forage along the trail.

#2: Keep tinder dry.
You may not spot the perfect tinder near your camp site, but
along the trail if you spot the perfect cat tail fluff, birch tree
bark, dried grass, old bird's nest, dandelion clock, or whatever
suits your fancy, stuff it in the pouch for safe keeping.

#3: Use for signaling.
The reflective Mylar interior of the Mountain House pouches can
serve as an improvised signaling mirror if need be!

#4: Keep toasty warm in your sleeping bag.
Not only is it a good idea to eat before heading to sleep on a
cold night in the wilderness, but you can use an empty Mountain
House bag to help keep you warm. Fill an empty and clean
Mountain House pouch with hot water and seal it up. You can
have confidence that you will stay warm without a leak, but for a
more confident night, just seal one pouch inside the other and
enjoy the radiant heat at your feet!

#5: Clean underwear or socks.
Use the pouch as a mini basin to clean underwear or socks. Just
add a bit of
CampSuds and water, then seal and shake. Next,
squeeze out the soap rinse and repeat. The emptied Mountain
House pouch is like a mini washing machine!

#6: Avoid trench foot.
Clean feet aren't just a courtesy to others around you. It is a
vital lesson in survival to keep feet clean and dry during hikes
and an emptied Mountain House bag can help. Tuck a pair of
fresh socks inside a pouch to
avoid trench foot on the trail. In
this way you will always have a clean and dry pair of socks.

#7: Keep your gear dry.
In addition to keeping socks dry, you can keep other things dry in
your bugout bag to protect against the rain or water crossings.
Think smart keys, cell-phones, passports or other documents if
you haven't already made a provision for them, as well as toilet
paper, matches and tinder.

#8: Trash bag.
The zippered pouch is also a way to keep your trash contained
while backpacking. Paper towels or dried wet wipes which are
trash could be used as tinder for the next campsite.

#9: Serve food and water to your dog.
Why carry the extra weight of a dog bowl? You can give water
and food to your dog with a Mountain House emptied as a bowl.

TIP ABOUT REUSING POUCHES: When reusing your Mountain
House pouches, be sure to mark the bags and know what's inside
so you don't reuse a trash bag for collecting food or water for
example. You can bring along a Sharpie to mark the bags or pre-
print stickers to label them.

Mountain House Pouches
Did you know that Mountain House #10 cans are scientifically
proven to last 25 years and Mountain House guarantees them for
30 years? The cans help keep the contents pest proof and the
food inside fresh.

The pouches may have a shorter "best by" date on the packaging.
Pouches are not as secure from pests as the cans.No worries,
meals in pouches, kits and cans all have a guaranteed shelf life
of 30 years!

What's the deal with different Mountain House pouches?
There is a difference between the Pro-Pak and Standard Mountain
House pouches.

  • Mountain House standard pouches. The standard pouches
    have some air in them. These are the best kind to have on
    hand for emergencies at home or at your bugout location or

  • Mountain House Pro-PAKs. Pro-PAK pouches are air-sealed
    for high-altitude excursions. Mountain House Pro-Paks are
    vacuum sealed for compactness, which makes them ideal for
    backpacking in high altitudes, because they won't expand at
    high elevations. ProPaks also have a little less food than
    other Mountain House pouches, but this means you can
    travel lighter. These are the best kind for your bugout bag!

Mountain House Breakfast meals

  • Breakfast Skillet. You will love this combination of gash
    browns, scrambled eggs, crumbled pork patty, peppers and
    onions for breakfast! Pictured at the top of the page,
    Mountain House Breakfast skillet is among the top selling
    freeze dried meals with more than 545 positive reviews.

  • Granola with blueberries and milk. Packed with energizing
    dried fruit, fiber, and unsaturated fats the Mountain House
    Granola and Blueberries and milk breakfast will keep your
    metabolism humming all day long. Just add water and it's
    like you've poured the milk. It's ready to go!

Mountain House Beef meals

  • Beef Stroganoff. Whip up this filling meal in minutes:
    Mountain House Beef Stroganoff! You get tender pieces of
    beef, tasty onions and mushrooms blended in a savory
    cream sauce over a bed of egg noodles. This is the top
    selling Mountain House dinner and it's especially satisfying
    after a long day on the trail. It's a
    favorite. (We are avid backpackers.)

  • Chili Mac with Beef. Spicy chili sauce with beef, macaroni
    noodles, onion, and beans, you'll enjoy Chili Mac with Beef.
    It has a spicy kick, but you can add your own Tabasco sauce
    or cheese to enhance it even more.

Mountain House Chicken meals

  • Rice and Chicken. Perfectly seasoned rice and chicken in a
    savory sauce accented with pimentos, you'll love this dish.
    Mountain House Rice and Chicken consistently gets top
    marks from reviewers. Don't expect big chunks of chicken in
    this freeze dried meal, but do expect a quality product and
    excellent taste. Pictured right in Pro-Pak

  • Chicken and Dumplings. This is another excellent Mountain
    House pouch that's not your standard freeze dried fare! The
    Chicken and Dumplings pouch is rated as almost home
    made. Fear not that it looks a bit messy after you've poured
    the water. You'll enjoy this meal.

  • Chicken Teriyaki. Made with dices of real chicken, tender
    bamboo shoots, and rice with a sweet and tangy sauce and
    not overly salty, the Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki pouch
    is satisfying meal.

Even if you plan on cooking from scratch in an emergency with
food storage, consider getting yourself some Mountain House
pouches. They will be good for the days when you are just too
tired to cook, when someone you are ill and can't cook, or when
you have other more important prepping tasks at hand.

Mountain House is a popular backpacking food that's also
available in large #10 cans for camping and food storage. While
the Mountain House pouches are great for the bugout bag
because they are resealable, they are a valuable tool in a
survival situation.

Happy endings...
Having Mountain House cans or pouches on hand is great for
emergencies. You'll be happy about the satisifying portions and
taste. Mountain House pouches are ideal for emergencies and you
can use them camping, too.

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