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Essential Oils for high blood pressure
How to use regulate blood pressure naturally.

Essential oils good for high blood pressure
Essential oils for lowering high blood pressure (hypertension) is
within your reach as part of a healthy and happy prepper lifestyle.
You may have high blood pressure without even knowing it. Now
you have some natural remedies to help ensure you stay healthy.

Essential oils can be very healthy, but be sure you are well
informed if you know you have high blood pressure. Below are
ways to have a normal healthy blood pressure...

  • NOTE: Consult your physician about using rosemary, hyssop,
    sage or thyme essential oil if you have high blood pressure
    as these oils may either conflict with your medication or
    cause your blood pressure to soar.

Essential oils for lowering blood pressure
According to Dr. Josh Axe, "Essential oils can lower blood pressure
by dilating arteries, acting as antioxidants to reduce oxidative
stress and by decreasing emotional stress." In his article on the
five natural ways to lower blood pressure, he outlines a healthy
high-fiber diet and highlights essential dietary supplements, such
as taking a fish oil supplement and takign Coenzyme Q10.

What essential oils will lower high blood pressure?
Of the natural remedies to help lower your blood pressure,
essential oils are perhaps underrated, and yet they are highly
effective. You can diffuse them and use them topically to help
lower your blood pressure naturally.

Essential oils good for lowering blood pressure include:

#1: Bergamot essential oil.
Bergamot essential oil has a sweet citrus fragrance that can help
you lower high blood pressure.  

  • Bergamot is a mood enhancer. One of the causes of high-
    blood pressure is stress. Bergamot can calm and reduce
    stress. Use bergamot in combination with exercise and a
    healthy diet to help lower your blood pressure, because
    bergamot essential oil is a mood enhancer. Be sure also to
    get adequate sleep! Take charge to lower blood pressure
    with a couple of drops of bergamot oil to your temples. Read
    more about the mood enhancing powers of bergamot.

#2: Clary sage.
Clary sage, the light clear blue in color essential oil with a sweet,
nutty fragrance is effective at lowering blood pressure. Clary Sage
is well known for its euphoric action and is an extremely valuable
oil for treating nervousness, fear, paranoia and depression.

Clary Sage is a relaxing, warming oil which eases nervous tension.
It's great for menopause too! Known as a hormone balancer, it
may regulate scanty periods.

Its antispasmodic and emmenagogue properties make it useful for
helping with uterine problems such as easing, regulating scanty
periods and easing painful cramps in the lower back. Clary sage
also soothes  digestive problems. Studies have found Clary Sage
to be beneficial for its analgesic and relaxing effects. Useful
during menopause. Also useful for dealing with hair loss. Helps
cut, wounds and burns to heal and so much more.

#3: Frankincense.
Because it is a mood enhancer, frankincense is also effective at
lowering blood pressure. According to Dr. Josh Axe, Doctor of
Functional Medicine, "
The most effective essential oils for
lowering blood pressure are lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage and

Frankincense is the miraculous oil written in the bible. Its true
significance is just now coming to light with many scientific
abstracts published in the U.S. National Library National
Institutes of Health.

As a gift from the magi to baby Jesus, frankincense is an enigma
to many who believe it only to be a religious anointing oil or gift
of incense. True, it is an incense, hence the name, frank-incense,
but it is now thought to have been given to Jesus for its medicinal

much to know about frankincense if you're a prepper.

#6: Lavender Essential Oil.
Among the most treasured of essential oils for peace and
lavender essential oil brings peace as it eliminates
tension, relieves pain, disinfects, enhances blood circulation and
treats respiratory problems.  A cleansing and refreshing essential
oil, "Lavare" means “to wash.”

#6: Ylang-ylang.
Ylang-ylang, the herb with a funny name, is an effective
antiseptic, antispasmodic and sedative. For
controlling blood pressure and preventing an irregular heartbeat
(heart arrhythmia),  ylang ylang is a treasured essential oil.
A heart that beats too quickly can benefit from ylang ylang
according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
Institutes of Health.

How so?
ylang ylang has a positive effect on blood pressure and
on heart rate vitality.

#7: Sweet orange essential oil.
Anyone who's ever been to the dentist for a procedure is almost
ensured to get an elevated blood pressure (some more than
others). To reduce tension, you can try
sweet orange essential oil
~ it's a scientifically proven stress buster!  

In a clinical abstract published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine National Institutes of Health, researchers confirmed that
sweet orange essential oil helped children undergoing dental care.
Researchers measured anxiety using salivary cortisol and pulse
rate as the indicators. The study underscores how you can use

sweet orange essential oil
to reduce anxiety. Think of this next
time you need to go to the dentist: your pulse rate will go down
with the aromatic goodness.

#8: Tea.
Tea provides a burst of energy (caffeine tea) or a calming effect
(herbal tea): According to Lipton, "
Research suggests that
drinking 2 to 3 cups per day of black or green tea helps maintain
healthy blood vessel function."

Learn more about the
survival aspects of tea , which can help you
stay hydrated, keep focused and stay alert in times of crisis.

#9: Epsom salt
Epsom salt baths also have been linked with the ability of
lowering blood pressure. Doctors are quick to prescribe patented
drugs, when they could prescribe Epsom salts! As a low-cost
nutrient, magnesium remains overlooked by most, but now that
you are wise, you can talk to your physician or health practitioner
to see if Epsom salt is right for you.

Your bones and organs store much of your magnesium, ready for
many biological functions. Helping to regulate blood pressure is
just one of them.

#10: Vinegar.
Vinegar is great for your heart health! Specifically Apple cider
vinegar has been medically shown to
lower your blood pressure,
according to Dr. Axe.
Above,  Dr. Josh Axe, discusses how to manage high blood pressure

Do you know how to monitory your blood pressure?
Every prepper should learn to monitor blood pressure and to have
an inexpensive blood pressure cuff. The medical term for blood
pressure cuff is Aneroid

how to use a blood pressure cuff, also called an "aneroid
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Happy endings...
You may have high blood pressure without even knowing it. Now
you have some natural remedies to help ensure you stay healthy.

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  • NOTE: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does
    NOT recommend that essential oils be taken internally,
    unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also
    qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

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