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Zombies don't prep
10 reasons why zombies don't prep

Zombies are people who don't prepare for emergencies.
There are people who prep, and then there are the zombies. The
difference is one believes in self reliance and the other believes
in fairies. Below are 10 reasons zombies just don't bother
preparing for the unexpected...

Ten Shocking Reasons People don't Prep
Our ancestors prepared, so why is it that in modern day society
has changed when it comes to preparedness. In part it's because  
modern day conveniences have helped wipe away fears of harsh
winters, famine and even of war. The result of a modern lifestyle  
is that zombies are born. These zombies are the everyday people
who just can't believe that society might ever fail them.

There are 10 reasons zombies just don't bother preparing for the

#1. Zombies believe in the grocery fairy!
It's the grocery fairy that makes all the necessary food and
supplies magically appear on the shelves, right? That's what
Zombies think, but preppers know how fragile our food system
has become.

It takes three days to stock shelves, supplies can be gone in a
matter of hours. To ensure their families have food and water
Preppers know the 37 crucial items to stock before there's a crisis.

#2. Zombies believe in the electricity elf.
If the power goes out, it will be back in a couple of hours, right?
That's what Zombies think. but preppers know that an
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) catastrophe could take humans off
the grid indefinitely. It's not just that you won't have lights.
Humans can live without lights.

Preppers know that in an EMP ~ when the lights go out forever ~
that so will the whole food supply chain. Not only will
refrigeration cease to exist, but the trucks that deliver the food
to grocery stores will stop delivering food because all of the
electrical components will fry trucks and that even if the trucks
could drive they wouldn't get very far because the gas stations
won't be able to pump gas. The magnitude of damage is much
more significant than that.

Electricity also effects the water supply...

#3. Zombies believe in the water nymph.
Zombies don't understand that the water fairy needs electricity to
pump water to our homes. If the grid goes down, so does the
water supply. Sure it will work for a few days or weeks, but
eventually the clean water will cease to flow.

The difference between a zombie and a prepper is that preppers
not only have water reserves*, but that they know how to find
water sources and to filter it.

#4. Zombies believe in the dollar fairy.
In the dollar they trust. They don't know what an Amero is or
believe it will ever become currency. Bartering will be the new

#5. Zombies believe in the credit card leprechaun.
They believe that in an economic crisis their credit cards (and
debit cards) will continue working. Zombies are slaves to their
credit cards.

#6. Zombies believe in the government will save
Zombies trust the government will save them. They plan to go to
FEMA camps, but that's where many will die.

#7. Zombies don't believe in zombies.
Zombies are just classic Hollywood horror stories, right? Most
people don't know that they are the zombies. If you don't prep,
you're destined to be a zombie.

#8. Zombies think their neighbors will feed them.
Zombies believe it's their right to have food (even if they didn't
prep for it). No food and water? No problem! Zombies plan to get
food and water by stealing it or maybe even killing for it. And
why not? They'd be dead pretty quickly without it!

#9. Zombies don't believe end times will ever come.
Zombies just don't want to think about anything bad happening.
It's uncomfortable thinking about what could happen. They don't
get that it's their world that could end. Life will go on for some in
The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI).

10. Zombies believe Preppers are crazy.
Preppers are hoarders, doom and gloomers, and gun happy
freaks, right? Well, only two of those three statements are
correct. Preppers hoard food and guns, yes, but we're not going
to be the ones who are gloomy and doomy should the
unthinkable occur. We're the ones who'll have food, guns and
ammo to keep us Happy Preppers.

Happy endings...
A zombie survival kit is your salvation. Gather food, water and
supplies and you can live happily ever after

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