How to prepare for a winter storm

37 non-food items to hoard
37 non-food items to hoard
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Winter prepping
How to prepare for a winter storm

How to prepare for a winter storm
Winter is calling. In preparing for a storm you'll need to have some basics in place.

Squirrels sock away their seeds and nuts, bears begin to hibernate, it's time for
preppers to bug in for winter. Get ready for winter with these ideas of how to
prepare for a winter storm...

How to prepare for a winter storm...

#1: Water and beverages.
During a storm your drinking water could be contaminated and you may not have
water or sewer from the municipal water supply. Ensure you have canned and
bottled beverages on hand, starting with an ample supply of drinking water.  Stock
up also on  tea, coffee, powdered milk, apple cider and instant lemonade or orange
drinks, which are among the
eight kinds of survival drinks.

  • Water: An area that most preppers have well covered is water, but if you
    don't consider these ideas:
  1. Home: While ordinary people have two weeks of water on hand, a prepper
    has a minimum of a one month supply! A family of four requires 270 gallons for
    a one-month supply of water. Consider the waterBOB to store 100 gallons in
    your bathtub!
  2. Car: Stock up on drinks for the car as well. Ration water is fine.
  3. Office: Plan for being stuck at the office! Many preppers put together a "get
    home" bag, which has the specific purpose of getting them from work back
    home to loved ones. It's much different from a bugout bag, though depending
    on the distance, many are similar. The idea is that you'd stock your "get home
    bag" at work (particularly if you commute) or in the car if you drive to work
    each day.

#2: Grey water and honey buckets.
Since you may you may not have water or sewer from the municipal water supply
you'll need to think about sanitation.

  • Grey water for flushing toilets. Water for toilet flushing can come from "grey
    water." If it's raining you can set out some buckets to collect water. Flushing
    the toilet can happen when you pour water into the toilet.

  • Honey buckets. Sometimes called honey buckets, your sanitation may require
    a simple containment system. You may want to have two Luggable Loos - one
    for yellow and one for brown. It's a personal decision.

#3: Stock up on food and a way to cook it.
You may well have prepared your long-term emergency food needs with ample
supplies of rice and beans, but it's time to stock up on the foods you'll need to
survive a power outage! Your aim for a power outage is ready to eat, shelf-stable
meals, such as protein and energy bars, nut butters and crackers. If you have an
alternate way to cook, then stock up on
soups and canned foods.

#4: Ensure you or your family or group has the right clothing.
Kids grow out of essential rain and snow gear quickly. Adult gear finally can give way
and tear making them ineffective. Take a look at your clothing and take advantage
of pre-season sales. If you can't afford new warm clothing, head to thrift stores and
garage sales.

Ensure your family or group has:
  • Warm sweaters and jackets.
  • Rain ponchos and parkas.
  • Waterproof boots.
  • Hats, scarves and mittens

#5: Stock up on personal sundries.
Personal sundries: diapers, feminine hygiene, prescriptions - whatever is on your
list, make sure you get extras while the weather is good. You won't want to risk a
journey to get them under dangerous conditions.

#6: Generate some heat!
Do you have a secondary source of heat? The time to get a generator is well before
you need one. Most importantly, you'll need to know how to use one properly so you
avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Buy a generator: No matter where you live, a generator is one of your most
    important purchases in prepping. Read our Generator buying guide!

  • Stock up on wool socks and blankets.

  • Solar chargers. Right is an unbelievably cool solar heater!

#7: Light candles.
While you wait for Spring to arrive, why not go off grid entirely with candles for the
evening! Votives are not only decorative, but useful for preppers in emergency

#8: Power up your cell phone, and get cranking!
Communications are essential. Now adaBe sure you have solar and hand crank
communications as well.

  • Make a communications plan. Communications with family members is key
    during a catastrophic situation and you'll need to plan now.  This quick list will
    get you started:

#9: Car Essentials
Start preparing your car for winter.
  1. Check your windshield wipers.
  2. Ensure you have ice scrapers handy.
  3. Gather a car kit: From car escape tools to repair, blankets and hand warmers
    to flares and emergency you'll need to build a car survival kit!

#10: Take care of your regional needs.

  • Do you have gear to remove snow? Last year's equipment may be
    inadequate or perhaps you lent your tools to someone in need and never got
    them back. Now's the time to check the condition of your tools to see if they
    need replacing.
  1. Snow shovels and snow brooms
  2. Calcium chloride ice melt (also good for correcting mineral deficiencies in
    water for home brewing beer, cheese making and pickling!)

  1. Get sandbags and water diversion gear
  2. Check the roof and get roof tar and patches to repair the damage.
  3. Clear the storm gutters.

Now that you've gathered the essentials, you can have some fun!

  • Gather pinecones. Did you know pinecones make excellent kindling? Have fun
    gathering and decorating pinecone firestarters! Spray paint or sprinkle with
    glitter, hang, make a centerpiece: Make beautiful pinecone firestarters by
    dipping them in wax.

  • Get a few good prepper books. Get cozy by the fire and grab some good
    reading, be it a prepper novel or how to book.
  • few good prepper books!

  • Make paper logs! You likely have all sorts of wrapping paper, cards,
    envelopes and bills for which you can put to good use after Christmas by
    making paper logs for your fire place or fire pit.

And that's how to prepare for a winter storm!

Emergency preparedness is a way of life. It's a set of hobbies and skills mixed with knowledge.
Prepare to live happily ever after with us at and share your ideas on
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