Bonus tip: Join Amazon Prime and your membership includes
loads of great movies!

#4: Camp for free!
Finding free camping this summer is easier than you may think.
how to camp for free in the United States and Canada.

#5: Free Guide: Shelters, Shacks and Shanties by
Daniel Carter Beard.
From one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America, comes
this free guide:
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties. This free guide
contains a wealth of practical instruction on how to build a bark
teepee, a tree-top house , a log cabin and a sod house and
more. Download this for your personal survival manual. No
professional architects are needed here; and knowing how to use
an axe is more important than having specific carpentry skills.
Check and see that this guide is sold on Amazon Kindle for
$7.41, but it's free to you by clicking the image below or the link

#6: Kids Freebies.
Kids often eat free at restaurants, and grocery stores also want
to give your kids stuff for free. When shopping for groceries make
sure to check in with customer service if you bring in your
children to shop with you to see what they may have:

  • Trader Joes freebies. Trader Joes offers an entertaining
    hunt for a stuffed toy. When your child finds it, he or she
    need only check in with the customer service either at the
    back of the store or the front. Sometimes it's with the free
    food samples, which you should also partake. Kids will get
    an organic lollypop or other treat.

  • Whole foods freebies. Whole foods has fresh produce for
    your child. Have your kid pick up an apple or banana on the
    way out, even if he or she is not hungry. An apple you get
    for free is an apple you don't have to buy!

#7: Free dirt.
Look for homeowners building a pool or basement. You may be
able to haul away some clean dirt for free and help them out, but
before you do, make sure you know the history of the land. For
example, houses built on an air force base or near a tire plant
are not be suitable for planting fruits and vegetables because of
the contaminants in the soil or radon, which can cause lung

To check the dirt, take several soil samples mixed from different

Different ways to test the dirt:

  • rapitest soil tester. It’s vital to know the existing pH level
    in garden soil. You can use a ph soil tester. The patented
    color comparator system allows for easy color comparisons
    versus a typical printed color chart. Extensive, yet simple,
    instructions are included along with recommendations for
    over 400 plants. Test results allow the gardener the amend
    and fertilize appropriately, ensuring the best possible
    results. Costs around $7, which is well worth the investment.

#8: Free fish scaler.
A fish scaler will cost you around $10 on Amazon, but the clever
preppers and have created the perfect fish
scaler and it didn't cost them a dime only their time. It's free to
make if you drink beer.

Here's how... Find a stick, hammer a few Heineken beer caps and
you're ready to scale your fish copying the design below. Do that,
and you've just saved yourself $10.

#9: Free protein!
Got chickens or ducks? Enjoy this idea for free duck and goose
protein.ow to get
Free protein for nocturnal poultry.

#10: Get hard and soft copy books for free.
Amazon is a great place to buy used books. Did you know you
trade in your text books and get up to 80% back on Amazon?
Students can also rent books to save money!

#11: Free guides on prepping:
Seek and ye shall find! Here are more free resources, just for

How to get free stuff on Amazon.
It's legal! Here are legitimate ways to shop Amazon and get free
books, prepping supplies or groceries. Save your money for more

Shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30% on Amazon!

Happy endings...
America is home of the free and home of the freebies. There's
much to get for free if you just open your eyes.

Bartering is the best way to get something for free, and while we
have an excellent
list of bartering items just for preppers, but we
can do better than that. Left is a free book about all about
bartering if you have Kindle Unlimited. If not, don't worry as
there are plenty of other
free books for preppers and you don't
need to own a Kindle (any tablet will do).

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Freebies for Preppers
Freebies for preppers, homesteaders and survivalists

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  • Be sure to read Ten Totally Free Preps (we promise they
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Freebies For Preppers
Free for the taking, below we've listed resource for free seeds,
books, movies and more for preppers, homesteaders and

#1: Free seeds!
Seeds can be pricey. Right, are quality seeds for around $15.99
on Prime, but free heirloom and non-GMO seeds are yours with a
self-addressed, stamped envelope. Watch the video below for

Another way to get free seeds: the seed exchange.
The best things in life are free! The Seed Exchange proves just
that. It provides a place where preppers and gardeners can offer
seeds for trade and make requests for seeds they want. Items for
sale are not permitted! Make a trade to today!
Get free seeds and plant starts that you can regrow yourself.

#2: Free Fiction: Stryker by Bobby Andrews.
From the bestselling author, Bobby Andrews, comes a thrilling
new tale of a post-apocalyptic world.
Stryker is free to read on
Kindle or for your tablet. ISIS has unleashed a weaponized
version of the deadly Ebola virus, killing 97% of the world’s
population. Only the immune and those who hunkered down in
remote locations remain.

Through the chaos strides a giant of a man known only as
Stryker. He is a former Force Recon Marine, who has lost as much
as anyone, but fights to preserve his honor and creed in the face
of slave traders and rogue military elements who prey on the
innocent. Together with his former Drill Instructor, Sarge, they
struggle to eliminate the remaining evil elements in society, even
as the nation’s infrastructure crumbles and life becomes
considerably more difficult. Together, they care for three young
women who survived the plague and attempt to give them lives
that are as normal as possible under the circumstances.
Follow along as they travel through a world gone mad,
determined to defend the weak and innocent against long odds.

#3: Free Movie. After Armageddon.
Below is the movie documentary by the History Channel
illustrating a worst-case scenario dramatization, After
Armageddon, which first aired January 5, 2010 as part of
Armageddon Week.

After Armageddon presented a picture of the breakdown of
society after a worldwide pandemic flu. It's a powerful video. If
it's not available in the preview below, you can purchase it for
around $6.59. It's well worth the cost, but you can see it here for
Prepper Deal Alerts Check
daily deals for prepping
gear and food storage.
Fire Tablet
Organic Vegetable seeds for around $16