survival lamps

Survival lamps with charm
Bright and happy oil lamps

Oil lamps and off grid lighting with the charm of yesteryear!
When unexpected darkness strikes, preppers and survivalists can
strike up a match and some conversation with the ambient
lighting of an charming oil lamp.

A traditional oil lamp (or oil lantern) is a practical addition to your
preparedness efforts as well as being a fun accent piece. You can
cluster together several hurricane lanterns together in different

classic hurricane lamp, right, burns kerosene, lamp oil,
citronella or liquid paraffin.

Survival Lamps with Charm: Oil lamps
Stock several oil lamps and lamp oils at your bugout location,
along with a supply of wicks and oil, in anticipation of an off-grid

Camping Lamps
Kerosene is an easy fuel to store and kerosene lamps provide
prepper ambiance and the happiest off grid lighting solution! Be
sure to store fuel in the proper blue container as mixing fuel is
dangerous. Also called a paraffin lamp, an oil lamp or a hurricane

Check out these charming camping lamps for your prepping

  • Classic hurricane lamp. Available in red, blue or green, and
    black, the classic hurricane lamp, pictured above in red,
    offers a charming off-grid lighting solution for preppers.

  • Coleman Green kerosene lamp. Coleman's brightest
    kerosene lantern, pictured left, provides up to 5.5 hours of
    burn time on one two-pint canister. The fuel tank is coated
    on the interior to hold up to repeated use.

  • Coleman 2-mantle Lantern. The Coleman Dual-Fuel 2-
    Mantle Lantern provides incredible light in frigid weather
    thanks to its All-Season Strong fuel design. Duel Fuel power
    uses less fuel than most propane-powered lanterns and still
    provides an extra-bright 1107 lumens from Coleman Liquid or
    unleaded gasoline. An adjustable dimmer knob gives you the
    ideal amount of light whether you're tying the tent down in
    stormy weather or playing a card game inside.

  • Green Hurricane Oil Lamp. The V&O Supreme Brass Trim Oil
    lantern in green, pictured immediate right, Burns kerosene,
    lamp oil, citronella, and liquid paraffin, making it perfect for
    camping, emergency lighting or even repelling bugs.

  • Montana Oil Lamp. The Montana Oil Lamp features
    silhouettes of a moose and trees.

  • Red Hurricane Oil Lamp. Pack some country charm with the
    Red Hurricane Oil Lamp, pictured at the top of the page.
    Reminiscent of an antique railroad lantern, you'll find a
    sturdy little lamp at an affordable price. Picture it with a red
    and white checked table cloth and imagine the ambiance it
    will provide you at your next barbecue.

Table lamps

Wall lamps

Lamp Oils
The oil lamps on this page run on different kinds of fuels:

  • kerosene: Kerosene is a clean burning fuel for kerosene
    burning appliances, such as heaters, stoves and wick-type
    hurricane lamps and lanterns.  

  • lamp oil: With Ultra-Pure Lamp Oil, you get 32-fluid ounces
    of clear smokeless and odorless 99%pure liquid wax paraffin
    candle and lamp liquid.)

  • citronella

  • liquid paraffin

Want a do it yourself oil lamp project?
Creating your own oil lamp is both inexpensive and fun. There are
canning jar attachments (see the bottom of the page), so you can
quickly convert ordinary Mason jars into unique oil lamp
conversation pieces! Or re purpose a wine bottle for the purpose
of making a romantic and functional oil lamp.

  • Canning Jar attachments. Completely assembled burners
    with a 2-3/4" inside diameter Mason Jar Lid affix to your
    mason jars to create an oil lamp. The lids fit regular width
    mason style canning jars. Includes a pack of 4 burners. The
    bright brass plated steel burners include wick adjusting knob
    and 6" cotton wicks.

  • Wine bottle attachments. Create a wine glass candle,
    pictured at the lower right hand of the page, with lamp oil
    inserts for bottles. The clear glass insert is crafted into a
    smoothly flowing, tapered spiral. Fill the insert with any
    good quality lamp oil, insert it into your favorite wine bottle,
    light the wick, and you have instant mood lighting.

Happy endings...
True emergency preparedness is having several sources of light
from a simple candle to a hurricane lamp or a solar lamp.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
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