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Challenges for Advanced Preppers
How to thrive as prepper (not just survive)

In times of gloom, Advanced Preppers will surely bloom!
They have planned for abundance so that even in uncertain times,
they will thrive, not just survive. The happiest people on earth
are those who've prepared for a positive outcome. Positively,
we're happy to have Advanced Preppers here!

From the Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide:, by
Jim Cobb:
“When it comes to survival, no one ever ‘arrives.’ There are
always contingencies that haven’t been considered and,
inevitably, an area or two that needs to be fortified.”

Challenges for Advanced Preppers

Prepper Challenge #1: Hold a Bug in Graduation!
The school of hard knocks challenges Advanced Preppers to do
without and live off the grid for an extended period of time.
Spend 72 hours without electricity or gas, without use of toilets,
without water from a faucet, without food from the refrigerator.
After this excercise, graduate the challenge to a longer bug-in
scenario. Why not plan a vacation of a week or more with the
same scenario at a different time of year, perhaps in harsher
conditions? This is a Preppers graduation! Are you up for the

Prepper Challenge #2: Get out and Bug out for the
What's the fuel supply for your vehicle right now? Go check the
meter. If any of your vehicles are less than 3/4 of a tank fuel
without any alternative source, then you've just failed bug out
graduation. Next, is that fuel secure from tampering, and do you
own a siphon? Does your vehicle have at least one folded bicycle
stashed? If you own a boat, how can you defend your Noah's Arc
from the zombies who haven't prepared?

  • Here are more ideas for bugging out:

Prepper Challenge #3. Food survival challenge.
Learn how to can something, dehydrate something, grind
something, hunt something, grow something, cook something, or
eat something that you haven't because you've put it off. And if
you don't even own a set of MRE meals, then you can't really
consider yourself an advanced Prepper. MREs have their place
even if you've mastered a complete off the grid living.

Prepper Challenge #4 Learn how to dismantel a
water heater.
If you were to shut off the gas and water to your home, would
you know how to survive on the water from your water heater?
Advanced preppers know that a hot water heater is a survival
essential. The challenge for anyone who believes they are an
advanced prepper, is in knowing precisely what to do in the dire
situation which would require dissembling the unit. (Kids, don't
try this at home.)

Instead, find your directions for extracting water from the water
heater without the aid of the Internet, which obviously will not be
available. Do you have a book or instructions handy for how to
accomplish this task? Add one now to your Personal Survival
Manual. Do you have all the tools necessary to get at the water?

Happy Preppers are never devastated or hopeless in dire
situations. Just as they have plenty of manual can openers handy
for food, they have the know-how to get to this essential
resource should the unthinkable occur, and they've trained others
to get at it. Instructions are handy. They are happy in knowing
that they are prepared to tackle the hot water heater should it be
a necessary survival tool.

Prepper Challenge #5  Hygiene challenge.
  • Laundry. Have you tried doing laundry off the grid? Pretend
    to be an Amish woman for the day and see if you can wash
    some clothes. In the Amish community, there is a
    designated day to do laundry, usually on Monday. Be
    prepared, as it's a lot of work! You'll need a family size
    washboard, wringer and a galvanized bucket, and of course a
    clothes line.

  • Sanitation. Set up a sanitation station with our easy guide
    from a simple system to a more complicated one, we've got
    dozens of ideas for you.

Prepper Challenge #6 Get your Family off the Grid.
Advanced Preppers will set up rain barrels, solar panels, build a
backyard chicken coop, as well as investigate wind turbines, and
other high-tech, yet low impact project ideas.

Prepper Challenge #7: Seed a survival garden.
Homesteaders are advanced preppers. It all starts with self-
Learn to be an agrarian! Even if you live in an apartment
you can grow barrel carrots, herbs in the window, or plant
ornamental peppers.
Buy Survival Seeds.

Prepper Challenge #8: Bury a survival cache or two.
The watertight barrel or cache, pictured right, is ideal for your bug
in location. The idea is to stash some essentials underground in
your own backyard. Stash anything from water, food and supplies.
You might even store a bugout bag or homecoming kit for when
you bug out and come back home. What will you store in this
watertight barrel?

Prepper Challenge #9: Build a Faraday cage.
A Faraday cage is shielding device intended to protect electronic
equipment from an intense interruption of solar radiation.
how to build a Faraday cage.

Prepper Challenge #10: Get the fancy stuff for your
medical kit.
Do you have a dental medical kit or a surgical kit? Now's the time
to stock up on the last of the essentials. See our
medicine cabinet suggestions for some things you may have
overlooked. Get CPR certified!

Prepper Challenge #11: Read "Without Rule of Law".
This thought provoking and highly controversial book provides
advanced skills to help you survive, and a must read for anyone
who thinks they are an advanced prepper. This book discusses
how to hide, evade, scavenge and infiltrate in a world without
law. The book description comes with a warning as this
"instructional guide covering tactical actions and capabilities
which should only be executed in last-resort survival situations."
And yet it is highly rated on Amazon. You can't hardly call
yourself an advanced Prepper if you haven't read the book, now
can you?

Happy endings...
Survival of the fittest, smartest and most advanced. Prepping
certainly has its rewards.

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