prepping novelties

Novelties for Preppers
Prepper and survivalist gifts

Need to find the perfect prepper gift? We're as loaded with
suggestions as your guns are with ammo for the apocalypse.
Preppers will find humor in zombie action figures and emergency
underpants. Happy campers will appreciate the naughty roasting
sticks. Enjoy these novelites!

Here are the top ten novelties for preppers and survivalists:

  • Zombie Apocalypse victim figurines. Enact out the possible
    scenarios as part of your prepping with the zombie
    apocalypse victim figurines, top left. We provide the victims,
    you provide the terror!

  • Unicorn meat. Don't have time to hunt yourself? An
    excellent source of sparkles, any survivalist should stock
    Unicorn Meat by Radiant Farms. Add variety to your preps
    with this illusive meat treat!

  • Dehydrated water capsules. Lighter in weight than
    hydrated water, these convenient dehydrated water capsules
    are easy and convenient to carry around, so stash some in
    your purse or your Bug Out Bag.

  • Handgun ice cube tray. Freeze! Need we say more? Okay,
    fill it with dehydrated water.

  • Gun koozie. Prepping takes lots of work and the job is
    never done. No prepper should be without a cool beer at the
    end of a day, and the gun koozie, left can help put things
    back in perspective.

  • Inflatable turkey. An inflatable turkey has a multitude of
    uses for preppers. When the zombies come, throw them an
    inflatable turkey as a decoy. Then you'll have time to load
    another round. (Pictured upper right.) In-laws show up
    unexpectedly when SHTF?

  • Zombie survivalist T-shirt: Reads "Warning: If zombies
    chase us, I'm tripping you!" Pictured left. Fair warning! Just

  • Duct Tape Survivalist T-Shirt: Reads "Outwit. Outrip.
    Outtape. Duct Tape Survivalist: the ultimate survival tool."
    Pictured right.

  • Emergency underpants. Uh-oh. SHTF!? Well just whip out
    your handy dandy Emergency Underpants and before you
    know it you are sitting high and dry again:
  • Emergency Underpants dispenser. One pair of
    Emergency Underpants is great, but what if, um, you
    like, uh, have another emergency? Don't fret, we've got
    you covered. These 4" (10.2 cm) tall boxes look a lot
    like tissue boxes, but instead of tissues they dispense
    underpants. If you want to be extra safe you should
    keep one by your bedside, one at work and one in the
    car Each box contains five pairs of disposable unisex

  • Emergency Underpants kit: Feel safe, sanitary and
    secure with the Emergency Underpants kit, lower left.
    Fits most adults.

  • Oh no! Zombies! Board game. It's come to this. You're
    trapped in the middle of nowhere inside a rundown shack
    surrounded by zombies. Your cell phone doesn't get
    reception and the land lines just emit a constant busy
    signal. Your only hope for survival is to get to one of the
    abandoned stores so you can get a battery for the CB radio
    in the shack and a shotgun to help you survive the trip back.
    Good luck with that. Fun for the whole family! Includes
    spooky gameboard, fourteen 2" tall, plastic game pieces,
    thirty-four cards and three dice.

  • Public Toilet Survival Kit. Preppers, you never know when
    you're going to encounter a public toilet with some
    cleanliness issues, so make sure you're prepared with this
    Public Toilet Survival Kit. Each kit includes one toilet seat
    cover, two antiseptic wipes and one pair of latex-free
    disposable gloves which should be enough to keep you safe
    and sanitary in even the most challenging conditions.
    Pictured lower right.

  • Weanie Roast Set: The Happy Campers marshmallow and
    weenie roast set, left, is an amusing addition to the
    camping enthusiast's gear. Just a tad naughty and worth
    every penny in giggles.

  • Stocking stuffer ideas: Kids and adults will enjoy sampling
    some freeze dried ice cream sandwiches in the camping size!

There are plenty of Zombie Novelites ideal for prepper fun. Have
a gag gift to share? Join us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us
about it.

Happy endings...
If zombies chase us, I'm tripping you!

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