How to light a fire in Winter

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How to light a fire in Winter
Firebuilding methods and firestarters

When the wood is wet and you need to start a fire, do you know
what to do? Can you light a fire in wind, rain and snow? Grab a
cup of coffee and your bivvy and learn how to light a fire in winter
with the tips below.

How to light a fire in winter
Fire lighting is an essential skill and if you know the techniques
that are simple, straightforward and reliable in cold conditions,
you can rest assured that you'll survive the night.

Bushcraft Instructor Paul Kirtly, of
Frontier Bushcraft, shares his
secrets for a failsafe firelighting experience. He'll show you two
natural firestarting materials you can find in the forest and which
natural materials are ideal for winter. Preparation is key and
Instafire bucket
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Above, Paul Kirtly, of Frontier Bushcraft, shares his secrets for winter

One of the easiest ways to light a fire in winter is to use Instafire.
Versatile and easy-to-use,
InstaFire, pictured right is a
granulated fire starter for wherever you need a light: campsites,
fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, RV parks and especially in winter or
in an emergency!

Insta-Fire is a safe, simple, and versatile product that starts fires
quickly. It's water repellant and just a half cup provides
fifteen-minutes of burn time and it dries out wet wood. Best of
all, Insta-Fire is not combustible, so it's safe to use.

Insta-Fire is a patented blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and
paraffin wax. This patented formula is what makes Insta-Fire
water resistant for use in even the most severe weather such as
rain, snow or high winds. Anytime, anywhere a fire is needed,
Insta-Fire provides a safe, clean, and natural way to start a fire.
Use Insta-Fire to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or
as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking while camping or in

Made from recycled wood, volcanic rock and a patented blend of
food-grade paraffin wax- ~ no harmful chemicals or vapors
Safe-to-store, nonvolatile formula with shelf life of 30 years and
no risk of flare ups, explosions, or flammable-storage concerns
Leftover ash is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that
nourishes the earth.
Above, Instafire works on wet wood and burns in all types of weather,
including 30 mile-per-hour winds, rain and snow.

Happy endings...
Now you can start a fire even in the rain, wind or snow.
Knowledge weighs nothing, but remember that it doesn't hurt to
have a BIC lighter around.

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