brain eating amoeba

Brain eating amoeba
What preppers need to know about Naegleria Fowleri

The zombie outbreak response team has a real problem on its
hands, or rather its brains! The shocking and deadly brain eating
amoeba, or Naegleria Fowleri, is a lethal bacterium again making
headlines. An
Ohio teen was killed June 19, 2016 from the deadly
amoeba after a white water rafting trip.

It's Real the Brain Eating Amoeba!

Infections occur primarily July- September a time when the
amoeba thrives in warm in ponds and lakes and people stir up
the sediment where it lives.

Primal fears are a reality: a single-celled zombie is attacking!
It's not a joking matter! For preppers, the brain eating amoeba
has a special significance in that our primal fears have become a
reality. It appears as though this bacterium is attacking like a

The amoeba enters the nose of its victim by means of water
(bathing or swimming), usually through a disturbance in the
sediment of ponds and lakes, and heads to the brain. A severe
meningitis or uncontrolled inflammation of the brain ensues.

Thankfully, however, it's not possible to catch Naegleria Fowleri
from another person. That's happy news indeed, but preppers in
Florida and Texas should take note in particular and traveling
preppers should heed caution as well.

Here's what preppers need to know about this odd brain

  • Strange but true: the brain eating amoeba is a lethal
    reality. Waters tainted with Naegleria Fowleri will kill. In
    fact, 97% of people who get this "zombie amoeba" will die.

  • This "zombie amoeba" loves boys. This odd but real brain-
    eating ameoba, which was first discovered in 1965, seems to
    favor boys. While people of all ages encounter it routinely,
    only some of us become infected. Naegleria Fowleri affects
    male children around the age of 13:

  • Where you'll find this deadly bacterium: In the United
    States you'll find Naegleria Fowleri. in the Southern and
    South Western states, particularly Florida and Texas. Waters
    throughout the world, including ponds, lakes, rivers, hot
    springs and other warm water runoff. Incredibly, you can also
    find it in pools not treated with chlorine.

All About the shocking brain eating amoeba first discovered
decades ago...

This zombie-like amoeba is striking the fears of the general public. This
lethal bacterium may affect those who swim or bathe in fresh waters, head
to water parks, or use untreated spas and pools!

More about the zombie amoeba...

  • Hot spots in the United States, include: Arkansas,
    California, Florida and Texas.

  • Hot spots worldwide, include: Australia, Costa Rica,

  • Where will you find the zombie ameoba? Waters:
  • aquariums
  • dust (yes, indoor dust!)
  • hot springs
  • lakes
  • mud puddles
  • ponds
  • rivers (particularly slow flowing rivers)
  • rock pits
  • run off from power plants
  • soil
  • untreated municipal water sources
  • untreated pools and spas (though it can't live in salt
  • well water

  • Pathways to humans: The pathway of the zombie amoeba
    is through the nose as with water sports.

  • When is the brain eating amoeba most active? Infections
    occur primarily July- September.

  • Is there any cure? Treatments are available, for example
    steroids can help reduce inflammation of the brain, but there
    is no cure.

  • When do the first symptoms appear? Incubation of the
    zombie eating virus is two to 15 days of exposure.
    Unfortunately death is much faster occurring between the
    third and seventh day of exposure. The unfortunate news is
    that there have been under ten survivors. Below is one of
    the few survivors...

Meet Kali Hardig who contracted the dangerous brain-eating infection at an
Arkansas water park at 12-years old, and lived to tell about it.

Happy endings...
Don't let the fear of this zombie get you. Noseplugs will certainly
help you feel more confident swimming in lakes and

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beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other system
can duplicate this performance.

Happy endings...
If you wear a noseplug and don't push up the sediment, chances
are you'll have a pretty good chance of survival. Don't sweat the
small stuff. Use your brain for prepping! Be a warrior and not a
worrier. Live happily ever after with us!

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