Lung Cancer Survival
How to survive Lung Cancer Naturally

Look to essential oils and natural alternatives to survive lung cancer!
Having cancer is no walk in the park, but you can walk with nature
to survive lung cancer. Both spiritually and figuratively, nature
can help you survive lung cancer, and there's support from the
scientific community that indeed it's all possible.

Remember, you have the right to choose natural and alternative
treatments. The field of oncology has three major areas of
medicine ~ chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. You can refuse
them all!

You can avoid chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery; and you can
forgo any man-made drugs that an oncologist might prescribe.
You owe it to yourself to at least the consider natural treatments
for lung cancer below...

How to Survive Lung Cancer Naturally
Can you beat lung cancer? Well, you really can live longer ~
naturally! Essential oils can help you
survive cancer naturally*
and there is scientific support of this, though the American Cancer
Society doesn't want you to know about these natural options.

Below we list the essential oils, herbs and natural remedies for
lung cancer patients to consider among their treatment options,
along with the links from expert scientists and physicians.

Here are some essential oils and other natural alternatives to
survive lung cancer naturally:

#1 Lung cancer alternative: May Chang Oil.
Patients who have non-small cell lung carcinoma may benefit from
diffusion of
May Chang Oil (Litsea cubeba seed) according to a
recent abstract published in the U.S. Library of Medicine, National
Institutes of Health.

May Chang, which has a lemony aroma, can be directly delivered
to lung cancer tissue through inhalation, according to the study.
Add a few drops in a diffuser with water. The aroma is most often
compared to lemongrass essential oil, but is considered to be
lighter and sweeter.

May Chang Oil has the power to stop lung cancer in its tracks! In
the 2012 abstract below, scientists found May change oil has a
two pronged effect on lung cancer cells ~ it induces apoptosis
(cancer cell death) and blocks cancer cells from proliferation
(continued growth). That's happy news for lung cancer patients
who are interested in trying alternative therapies.

Another benefit of May Chang oil is that it uplifts your mood and
calms the mind to promote mental clarity and optimism. That's a
two-pronged benefit to a lung cancer patient.

#2 Lung cancer alternative: Buchu Essential oil
(Agathosma betulina).
A lesser known essential oil in general is buchu essential oil,
pictured right. The Buchu herb is unique to the Western Cape
region of South Africa, and it has a minty-camphoraceous odor.
This unusual oil can help you beat lung cancer naturally.
Betulinic acid has potent anti-tumor activity,
according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National
Institutes of Health (NIH).

As a dietary supplement you may find
Buchu tea or in capsule
form (
Buchu Leaf dietary supplement, right), the pungent buchu
leaves affect the bladder, stomach, and lungs ~ and are
particularly useful for dealing with symptoms of cystitis and
urinary infections. Buchu is a diuretic, stimulant, aromatic,
carminative, and diaphoretic. It just might be the best essential
oil you've never heard of until now.

Betulinic acid is a viable treatment for metastatic lung cancer,
according to another study published by the NIH.

#3 Lung cancer alternative:  Frankincense.
Another lung-cancer natural treatment option is frankincense.
Frankincense is among the top essential oils for lung cancer
survival and it's also available in resin form. Preppers have been
among the first users of frankincense essential oil, recognizing its
phenomenal healing powers to combat everything from
cancer and
inflammation, to indigestion and hemorrhoids; brain function; skin
and hair health; respiratory conditions, and much more!

Frankincense essential oil for lung cancer is a good therapy to
start with and it can help with survival of cancer of many forms,
most notably for
brain cancer. For dealing with cancer you should
choose only organic products, including organic essential oils.

Frankincense seems to allow the damaged cells to regenerate!
Among the rare documentations of Frankincense with
monoterpenes, which
prevent the carcinogenesis process of
cancer is from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, such as the
monoterpenes in Frankincense Bosweillia Frerena Essential Oil.  
According to this document, "Monoterpenes such as limonene and
perillyl alcohol have been shown to prevent mammary, liver, lung,
and 'other cancers."

For the skeptics, here's the scientific proof that Frankincense can
help you heal from brain cancer:

Frankincense will fight the cancerous cells and leave you with the
healthy cells, but you need to fuel your body to keep strong and
overcome the bad cells.

#4 Lung cancer alternative: Lavender Essential oil
Lavender essential oil is beneficial in reducing the distress in
cancer patients. Cancer is a survival topic worthy of every prepper
and yet it somehow gets overlooked in prepper circles. If
someone you love has cancer, please share our article on the new
healing options and
Alternative Treatments for Curing Cancer
Naturally. Survive cancer naturally instead of with the traditional
toxic chemotherapy and radiation protocols.

#5 Lung cancer alternative: Thyme oil.
Thyme oil is has a strong cytotoxicity towards three human cancer
cells, including human lung carcinoma. Of ten essential oils
thyme oil showed effectiveness on human lung
carcinoma, as well as for breast cancer and prostate cancer.

#6 Lung cancer alternative: Peppermint oil.
Peppermint essential oil and cornmint both help clear the skin of
acne and other conditions, as theu improve circulation, soothe
sore muscles, benefit respiration, tone digestion, and help the
immune system fight off colds.

Peppermint essential oil has anticancer potential against different
kinds of cancers, including lung cancer.

#7 Lung cancer alternative: Noni Leaf (Morinda
If lung cancer has metastisized noni-leaf offers real hope.,
according to a study published by the U.S. National Library of
Medicine, National Institutes of Health. Morinda citrfolia, also
known as noni leaf. As a natural lung cancer alternative, noni-leaf
suppressed inflammation and oedema to quash the cancer.

Noni Concentrate, pictured right, is a whole-food supplement
containing pure non-GMO Noni fruit powder (Morinda citrifolia).
Recognized as a valuable food by the U.S. government for over 60
years, Noni fruit contains vitamin C, enzymes and other beneficial
antioxidants. Noni fruit has a long history of traditional use in
South Pacific island societies as a versatile folk remedy.*

You'll also find organic
Noni leaf extracted into Kukui nut oil right
as an essential oil for topical use

#8 Lung cancer alternative: Bromelain in Pineapple,
and as a supplement.
One way to survive lung cancer naturally is with pineapples ~
specifically bromelain, a protein extract derived from the stems of
pineapples. Patients with Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by
asbestos exposure, should take note of bromelain because a
study uncovered that bromelain kills cancer cells. According to Dr.
Joseph Mercola, bromelain was "
superior to the chemotherapy
drug 5-fluorauracil in treating cancer."

Although bromelain exists in all parts of the fresh plant and fruit,
the stem is particularly potent. The extract has a history of folk
medicine use. Pineapple stem is rather hard and unpalatable for
some, so try juicing the pineapple with the stem. Another option
is to take bromelian dietary supplement.

Bromelain relieves pain, so you can take it as an aspirin
alternative. Another benefit of bromelain is that it aids in
digestive health. The enzymes help your digestive system break
down and absorb proteins from the foods you eat. This helps
relieve diarrhea, heart burn and other digestion related issues
such as
parasites. Digestive health is absolutely the forerunner to
surviving lung cancer, so the benefits are quite significant.

As a therapeutic agent in treating malignant cancer, give
bromelain a go! Not only do pineapples have bromelain, but they
contain hefty amounts of vitamin C, Vitamin B1, as well as
potassium and manganese. Another benefit of bromelain is that it
can relieve pain, such as Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. In
other words, it's an
aspirin alternative. It kills pain and cancer!

  • Warnings about bromelian and pineapple juice: The anti-
    inflammatory enzyme, bromelain, is not for everyone. Do not
    take pineapple during pregnancy as it may lead to
    contractions of the uterus, which could cause miscarriage.
    Another concern is that bromelain is not for anyone who
    takes blood clotting or blood thinning drugs as it could
    interfere with the medications.

#9 Lung cancer alternative: Kaqun water.
Most people think of oxygen as being delivered to the body by
breathing air into the lungs, but oxygen also exists in liquid form.
And it’s liquid oxygen which gives
Kaqun water its unique
qualities. Oxygen is essential to life and yet most of our bodies
are depleted of oxygen, especially as we age. Without sufficient
oxygen, regeneration of tissues and cells becomes inhibited. This
paves the way for chronic illness, weakened immune function, and
decreased energy.

The oxygen in Kaqun water penetrates the mucous membranes of
the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and then penetrates the
tissues. This process occurs quickly, reducing mental and physical
tiredness within a short period of time.

Regular consumption of the oxygen in Kaqun water facilitates the
ongoing repair and regeneration of cells. It also helps with the
detoxification process while refreshing and re-energizing the
body. Kaqun water can help to reduce inflammation and allergic
symptoms, prevent hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the body), and
provide alkalizing qualities to the body.

There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the production
of Kaqun water, and the oxygen is already in liquid form and not
made from an outside source. It has a low level of minerals and
has undergone a purification process.

As a reminder, these statements have not been evaluated by the
Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

#10: Canabis oil.
Another of the home remedies for lung cancer is canabis, but it's
not without caution because canabis can both help resolve lung
cancer and cause it. Anyone who has lung cancer should avoid
smoking as
canabis carries a risk of lung cancer. On the other
hand, cannabis oil, which is a concentrated extract made from the
potent herb
marijuana may fight lung cancer according to a
Harvard University study. Specifically
Cannabis sativa inhibits
tumor growth in cancer, the study found. Cannabis sativa is an
annual flowering plant. It has been cultivated worldwide
throughout history as food, as a source of fiber, for its medicinal
and spiritual properties, as well as for recreational use and now
as a lung cancer remedy worth considering.

#11 Lung cancer alternative: Foods for Lung Cancer
In addition to choosing frankincense essential oils for lung cancer
survival, it's important to feed the body with nutrients from a
plant-based diet.

Eating the right foods can do two important things for the lung
cancer patient. It can provide the nutritional answer for the past
deficiencies that in part caused the lung cancer, and it can
detoxify the body to enable the body to begin the healing process.
Foods to improve lung cancer survival:

  • Apricot Kernels ~ While the Vitamin B17 in apricot kernels
    is potentially toxic, and while use of apricot kernels to cure
    cancer is not without controversy, there is scientific evidence
    supporting its efficacy against lung cancer and other types of
    cancers. The anti-tumor effect of Japanese apricot extract
    was noted in an abstract published by the U.S. National
    Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.
    Specifically, Japanese extract has a therapeutic value in
    treating human cancers through a reactive oxygen species-
    dependent mechanism. Laetrile is another name for the
    natural product amygdalin, found in apricot kernals, and it's
    not approved for use in the United States. Further, because
    of the risk it poses for cyanide poisoning, it's not likely to
    gain approval anytime soon.

  • Kale ~ Juicing with kale is almost a given if you have cancer
    because it is a rich source of organosulfur compounds. The
    University of Maryland suggests eating kale for it's patients
    who have lung cancer. Kale is also a rich source of Vitamin B
    and iron.

  • Pomegranites ~ A University of Wisconsin study suggests
    that pomegranate juice may help fight lung cancer! It's so
    easy to squeeze the goodness using a classic citrus juice.
    According to the study pomegranite shows promise for
    reducing both the growth and the spread of lung cancer cells.
    As well, the study also suggests pomegranites may prevent
    lung cancer from developing in the first place.

#12: Lung Cancer alternative: Vitamins.
It's always best to get your vitamins directly from foods, but for
those who can't or who want to make sure they get the proper
intake vitamins can help. The University of Maryland suggests
low concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E have been
associated with development of lung cancer, so addingthese
vitamins to the diet are crucial for lung cancer patients.

  • Vitamin A.

  • Vitamin D. Get Vitamin D from the sun!

  • Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E induces cancer
    cell death (aptosis). Plus it's great for the largest organ in
    your body ~ your skin!

  • Selinium 200 mg. Taking selinium daily is a powerful
    protocol and regimen for just about any cancer. Selinium
    inhibits brain tumor growth in particular, inducing cell-cancer
    aptosis (cell death).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to consult your physician regarding
dietary supplements as some vitamins and minerals may interact
with medications.

#11 Lung cancer alternative: Detoxification.
When you have any kind of cancer, there are two things you must
do ~ uncover any deficiencies, and detoxify the body.
Nutrients play a vital role in recovery. Results from studies
suggest a significantly "
increased survival for patients who
received large doses of pancreatic enzymes, vitamins and
minerals followed by the detoxification of the intestines."

  • Deficiencies: A cancerous body has deficiencies and there
    are powerful, antioxidant rich foods you can get into your
    diet through juicing and eating fruits and vegetables without
    cooking them. Choose organic, which are a higher quality of
    vegetables and fruits (they have more nutrients than
    conventional produce).

  • Detoxification: A cancerous body needs to detoxify. Certain
    foods and herbs can detoxify. For example, Dandelions can
    help cancer patients build their immune system and reduce
    inflammation. Drinking dandelion root tea is an excellent
    detoxification method. Apples, broccoli, brussel sprouts,
    collard greens, garlic, kale, onions and squash all help
    detoxify your liver as well. Detoxification helps you on the
    road to recovery! Most cancers (around 95%) result from
    damaged DNA. This cell change comes from free radicals,
    toxicity and poor nutrition.

People are awakening to the concept that nature is more powerful
than man's medicines. There is power and potency in vegetation,
essential oils, clean water and a world without man-made toxins.

Stop fighting lung cancer, go with nature.
How can you prepare to survive an apocalypse if you're busy
fighting cancer with a loved one? The answer is you can't. Instead
of fighting, take a walk with nature ~ both literally and
figuratively. Look outside the hospital for a cure to lung cancer.

Surviving lung cancer naturally is your right! An oncologist has
three options and you have the right torefuse chemotherapy,
radiation and surgery and to seek natural cures. You owe it to
yourself to at least the consider natural treatments for lung

While the mainstream pushes toxic chemotherapy, invasive
surgery and deadly radiation options, you can look to natural
cures if only you will succumb to what your intuition is telling you.
Remember this: after the storm comes the rainbow. Nature is
powerful healing. You can trust what you know from within to cure

You have a choice!
There is no need to take these conventional treatments and
suffer. Here is more reason why you should consider natural
options, instead of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy:

  • Surgery: There are some naturopathic doctors who suggest
    that surgery may release cancerous cells throughout the
    body, worsening the problem. Just one biopsy needle
    potentially could be enough to release cancer throughout the
    body making this option a horrific consequence of getting
    more information about the condition. When surgery is not
    enough, oncologists often turn to radiation.

  • Radiation: Why would anyone undergo radiation for a
    problem likely caused by radiation? It doesn't seem to make
    sense,and yet doctors dangle an artificial hope by offering
    radiation.Remember, even a CT-scan is radiation that you
    should avoid. If you've had one CT-scan, then stop now that
    you know. Even an X-ray is consequential and you should
    avoid them.

  • Chemotherapy: Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
    are prone to various side effects, including nausea and
    vomiting. Worse, you will lose hair! For anyone
    contemplating chemotherapy, please read this information on
    refusing treatment published by Moshe Frenkel, an
    oncologist. In the example of a breast cancer patient
    (Suzanna Marcus ~ 6 months to live, 10 years later), the
    survival rate for doing chemotherapy was 32%, while the
    survival rate of doing nothing was 26%. That left only a 6%
    advantage for chemotherapy bundled with the unpleasantries
    of losing hair, vomiting and nausea, and side effects two
    pages long, the patient's choice was clear: no chemotherapy!
    A side effect no one talks about is that your toenails my fall
    off. It's really not a treatment if it causes your body so much

Essential oils have volitile compounds.
There were six compounds found in essential oils that exhibited
promising inhibitory results against lung cancer cells:
  1. 3-methyl-Cyclohexanone ~ buchu oil, cornmint essential oil,
    pennyroyal oil* and peppermint oil.
  2. 4-carene  
  3. cis-carveol (L-carveol)
  4. Methyl nonanoate,
  5. R)-citronellol,
  6. thujopsen

Pennyroyal Essential Oil Warning!
Similar to peppermint, pennyroyal is sweet and herbaceous ~ it's
used as a food flavoring. Ancients used pennyroyal as an herbal
remedy to deal with digestive and menstrual problems, even
feverish colds. Today, preppers and homesteaders use pennyroyal
as a natural bug repellent for plants, but it's not without a strong
measure of caution.

With a fresh mint-like aroma,
Pennyroyal Essential Oil (Mentha
pulegium), has a stimulating quality. This underscores its potency
and you should use pennyroyal only with extreme caution as it is
unpredictable and some warn even dangerous!

Pennyroyal has a long history of use for colds, pneumonia, and
other breathing problems, but it curiously is also problematic for
the lungs. Inhalation, even in small quantities can seriously
damage the lungs, respiratory tract, and liver. Even so,
Pennyroyal has a capacity to help lung cancer patients as a
decongestant because of the compound, 3-methyl-Cyclohexanon.
Pennyroyal can remove secretion in lungs- colds and bronchitis.

Other names for pennyroyal include squaw balm, squaw mint,
mosquito plant or tickweed.

  • Warning about Pennyroyal essential oil. Do not attempt to
    use Pennyroyal to treat lung cancer as the consequences of
    misuse are deadly. Pennyroyal also isn't for women who are
    pregnant as it may cause miscarriage. Also, it's curiously
    small quantities can even cause acute liver and lung
    damage. Seek help from a Naturapathic Doctor and inquire
    about use of pennyroyal to treat lung cancer naturally.

Happy endings...
You can breath a sigh of relief when you rely on nature and allow
ancient healers to share their wisdom. No man-made drug can
ever match the healing power of belief and faith in nature.

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