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Books by Mykel Hawke
Prepping and survival guides by Mykel Hawke

Mykel Hawke Books:
When survival expert Mykel Hawke, a Green Beret combat veteran
and Retired Captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces, isn't on
television or teaching his survival secrets, he's busy writing and
collaborating on survival guides and magazines.

You'll frequently find him on the cover of survival magazines, such
as Recoil
OffGrid, or American Survival, bottom right. Below are
some of our favorites...

Survival Guides by Mykel Hawke
Mykel Hawke is a favorite survival expert who
you may recognize from television survival shows and survival
magazine covers. He's also the author of several books worthy of
your survival library

Survival guides by Mykel Hawke include:

#1: Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook.
The favorite guide by Mykel Hawke is his
beautifully crafted Hawke's
'Special Forces Survival Handbook' ~
the portable guide to getting out alive. This book could save your
life! Packed with practical and accessible survival skills and
information necessary to survive in the outdoors, this guide
comes packed with illustrations and is a succinct resource for
when you might need it most. Put one in your glove compartment
or bugout bag to have handy whether you get stranded in the
desert or something goes wrong while you're out enjoying the
great outdoors.

Geared to the untrained civilian, Hawke's Special Forces Survival
Handbook provides illustrated how-to info on shelter, water, fire,
food, first aid, tools, navigation, signaling, and survival

#2: Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual.
Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual is Mykel's premier guide on
essential strategies for: shelter and water, food and fire, tools
and medicine, navigation and signaling, survival psychology and
getting out alive! An excellent reference guide, it includes
illustrated instruction.'

This guide has more than 200 how-to illustrations and complete
survival-training information that an ordinary civilian can

  • Mykel Hawke Mini Survival Tool. The mini kit from Discovery
    Channel star Mykel Hawke, pictured right, includes his handy
    8-in-1 multi-tool featuring: a compass, whistle, signal mirror,
    waterproof match storage, magnifying glass, emergency
    light, thermometer, and lanyard ~ an invaluable commodity
    in survival situations when you need it the most. Also
    included is a mini survival guide that offers Hawke's best
    practices for staying safe in the wild and getting out alive. A
    must-have for any survival situation!

#3: Family Survival Guide.
Mykel Hawke along with his wife Ruth England Hawke have
Family Survival Guide, picturec right, which is a guide for
the best ways for families to prepare, train, pack and survive
everything, specifically:

  • How to find, purify, and store water
  • How to construct different types of shelter and the perfect
    places to build them
  • What to pack and what not to pack in a bugout bag
  • Essential first aid skills
  • How to navigate your way when lost
  • How to build a fire
  • Basic foraging, hunting and outdoor cooking skills
  • And so much more! Filled with expert advice and time-tested
    tips, Family Survival Guide is an essential handbook

#4: Foraging for Survival: Edible Wild Plants of North
Coming soon from Mykel Hawke and Douglas Boudreau, is a new
Foraging for Survival: Edible Wild Plants of North America.

Whether you’re a hiker taking a walk through your local
wilderness, or chef looking for new ingredients to incorporate in
your dishes, Foraging for Survival is the book for you! It's
available for preorder.

Foraging for Survival offers a comprehensive breakdown of
different plant species from bearded lichen to taro, and from all
over the United States. There are also tips for growing local
native plants in the backyard to facilitate learning and enhance
table fare at home. Other information you’ll find inside:

  • A list of different types of edible wild plants
  • Foraging techniques
  • Bugs and other grubs that can be consumed
  • Warning signs of poisonous plants

About Mykel Hawke
Survival expert and author Mykel Hawke is a Green Beret combat
veteran and Retired Captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces. His
web site reminds you the he he's a military
officer, combat veteran, survival teacher, adventure guide,
television and film star, best-selling author, product designer and
public speaker. Mykel has multiple educational degrees and black
belts, and medical certifications. He is also the founder of the
survival training company Spec Ops Inc.

Mykel Hawke also speaks numerous languages! Want to learn a
language quickly? Mykel has you covered in his best selling book,
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast.

He is perhaps most well known for his popular television shows
on the Discovery Channel, including Man, Woman, Wild and One
Man Army as well as many appearances on television such as the
History Channel and even MTV.

  • Man, Wild, Woman is a survival journey with Mykel Hawke
    and his wife  (Ruth England) to some of the most forbidding
    and remote locations around the world. Dropped into each
    location, from Mexico and Botswana, to The Dominican
    Republic and Alaska, the duo must survive four days and
    nights with only a knife and the clothes on their backs.
Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual
American Survival Magazine
Foraging for Survival
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Jim Cobb Prepping and Survival Guides
Mykel Hawke Survival Guides
Above is one of the Mykel Hawke Youtube videos.

Be sure to subscribe to SURVIVE ALL Channel By Hawke Brand on
YouTube so you can be among the first to get his videos. This
channel is about all things survival, as well Special Forces,
Medicine, Technology, television shows and more. It's a channel
that will interest amateur survival enthusiasts and advanced
preppers. You'll find television clips and more.

Happy endings...
We at are huge Mykel Hawke fans! Join us by
visiting his channel and hooking up with him on
Twitter or Facebook.

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