Chicken casserole and potatoes
Future Essentials
Freeze dried foods from Future Essentials

Most Preppers stock #10 sized cans in their larder for the long
term because it's the most popular size available. It's difficult to
find a #2.5 can of freeze dried food, and it's good to find Future
Essentials in this size. A #2.5 can is small, and ideal for
ingredients you don't use as often.

A top manufacturer of the convenient #2.5 size can, Future
Essentials has a variety of freeze dried meats, grains, cheeses
and other dairy products. The size is convenient as it enables
use of contents at a smaller size, so there isn't waste. Most
freeze dried foods must be consumed within 2-weeks of opening.
Boredom quickly sets in when you must eat the same food until
the ration is gone. That's what makes the #2.5 can such a
wonderful option for the Happy Prepper's pantry.

Wondering how a #2.5 can compares to a #10 can?
Well when it comes to eggs, a #10 can of powdered eggs / 10oz
Makes 2 dozen Extra Large Eggs; while a #10 can, such as one
from Honeyville Farms, is a 2.25 pound can, packed with enough
whole powdered eggs to make 85 large whole eggs.  Future
Essential's Dried Whole Eggs are produced exclusively from fresh
eggs harvested from chickens in the United States. A #2.5 can is
about the size of a classic baking powder can, roughly 1/4 the
size of a #10 can.

Future Essentials offers many fine products, our favorites include
the conveniently sized cheeses and bread crumbs; however,
when you buy online beware when you comparison shop that
Future Essentials packs #2.5 cans, which are much smaller than
the traditional Prepper size, which is a #10 can. These are
wonderful to have because they are smaller you won't find much
waste because you'll use up the contents; however, you may
expecting a #10 can. Look carefully at the product descriptions.

We recommend the following Future Essentials Products:

Future Essentials Green Coffee Beans from Costa Rica. Coffee
lovers will appreciate the whole bean coffee from Future
Essentials. Packed in cans with oxygen absorber desiccant packs
to ensure that these stay moisture and oxygen free for many
years to come, the case of 12 Future Essentials Emergency
Coffee Beans, pictured right includes a total of 14.25 lbs. of
coffee from Costa Rica.

Future Essentials Meats:
  • Freeze dried ground beef, above center
  • Freeze dried chicken and potatoes casserole, upper right.
    There's nothing in the freeze dried market quite like it! Most
    chicken dishes have rice or pasta.
  • Freeze dried chicken, immediate left
  • Sloppy Joes with meat, also left
  • Pork sausage crumbles (Yum! Your pastas and egg dishes
    will never be the same!)

Future Essentials Veggies:
  • Freeze dried chopped broccoli is a wonderful find from
    Future Essentials. Add it to potato soups, and pastas and
    rice dishes.
  • #10 can of potato flakes
  • Freeze dried sweet potatoes
  • Freeze dried bell peppers, bottom of the page
  • Freeze dried peas, right.

Exotic Freeze Dried Fruits from Future Essentials:
  • Freeze dried kiwis! Now that's a rare addition to your
    Prepper's Pantry. They are a Kosher Certified product to
  • Freeze dried pears, also left.
  • Freeze dried blueberries, lower left.
  • Canned tomato powder (remember, tomatoes are fruit not

Dairy products by Future Essentials:
  • Powdered Eggs, above left
  • Powdered cheddar, #2.5 can has a 10+ year shelf life! Ideal
    for a variety of dishes from casseroles and potatoes au
    gratin to simple mac and cheese dishes.
  • Shredded cheddar, what a fine enhancement to your
    Mexican food pantry items, not to mention how they'd help
    the Happy Prepper prepare casseroles, au gratin dishes and
    mac and cheese.
  • Shredded mozzarella, enhance freeze dried pastas with real
    freeze dried mozzarella!

Grains offered from Future Essentials:
  • Rice
  • Cornmeal
  • Canned rice and couscous combos, immediate right, will add
    a welcomed variety to an otherwise bland diet. This Combo
    12-Pack of Rice pilaf and Couscous contains: 3 (16oz.)cans
    of Couscous with Chives + Saffron, 3(16oz.)cans of Haitian
    Rice, 3(16oz.)cans of Lentil Rice Pilaf,3(16oz.)cans of
    Mexican Rice Pilaf all in #2.5 Cans.
  • Canned dried pastas with marinara powder
  • Farina Cream of wheat, bottom of the page
  • Whole Grain frosted wheat, bottom of the page
  • Raisin Bran cereal, , bottom of the page

Future Essential Soup Mixes in #10 cans:
  • Split Pea with Bacon Soup Mix
  • Cream of Potato Soup Mix
  • Chunky Potato Soup Mix

Other recommended items from Future Essentials:
  • Peanut butter, canned and ready to eat (no reconstitution
  • Pilot bread, an essential for your canned tuna and peanut
    butter, and great with soups.
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Canned sugar

Happy endings...
Future Essentials

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