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Passionate Preppers
Three rules for passionate Preppers + cool products

Faith in yourself is the ultimate survival tool.
You've always known in your heart the right thing to do and the
inner voice inside will guide you to preparing in the right way. In
times of extreme need, it is your passion that is an assurance for
the future. Unfortunately, sometimes, the people in your life
don't see things the same way in the beginning of your prepping

At first spouses and significant others will argue about lack of
storage space, or the amount of finances you devote to the
passion of prepping to inhibit your progress. Don't worry, be a
Happy Prepper! Here are some tips to help you keep your passion
for prepping (and keep your sanity, too). Eventually those who
know about your prepping will give way. Until that time, here are
some good rules to follow when you're passionate about prepping
and others in your life aren't...

Three rules about prepping:

    1. Don't talk about prepping. First rule of Prep Club is don't
    talk about Prep Club! Go about your passion quietly. As you
    clear space and buy products to store, just reiterate the "Be
    Prepared" scouting motto if anyone asks. It's reasonable to
    be prepared for hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes. No
    one will fault you for that. Just don't talk about an end of
    the world scenario.

    2. Involve others in prepping covertly. Ask covert prepping
    questions, such as who might take the kids in the event the
    unthinkable should occur. Arrange a camping trip to hone
    basic skills for building a fire, pitching a tent, fishing and
    hiking long distances. Kids will love camping in the back
    yard, making food in a solar oven, or trying freeze dried
    foods too. They won't even know they're prepping. They'll
    just think they're having fun.

    3 Give everyone time. When the first news of an
    earthquake, tsunami, tornado, hurricane or other disaster
    hits the news elsewhere, count your blessings. Discuss the
    relief efforts underway and see how you might help. See
    what transforms in the people around you. Finally, know that
    prepping isn't for everyone, though everyone should prep
    just a little. When the time is right, arrange a morale

Cool Products for Passionate Preppers
No matter what stage of prepping your at, these products should
either be on your wish list or your buy now list, if you're a Happy

1. Solar Shower: Imagine enjoying a refreshing warm shower
even when you're off the grid. The portable shower, pictured
immediate right does just that. Fill it and allow it to soak in the
sun and you'll feel fresh again in no time.

2. WonderWash. The WonderWash, pictured right, uses far less
water than even hand washing, and it uses no electricity either.
You turn
laundry by hand and therefore economically sound, and
great for environment.

3. Canned bacon. Yoder's canned meats are produced in the
Amish tradition. Grass fed hamburger in a can and even real beef
taco filling are delicious, but the highlight for passionate
preppers is the
canned bacon. You'll be in hog heaven during a
zombie apocalypse with tactical bacon.

4. Seed Sprouter. The Victorio VKP1014 4-Tray Kitchen Seed
Sprouter, pictured below is an easy way to produce fresh, high-
quality organic sprouts year round.

5. Gas Mask. You can buy an Israeli gas mask with NATO filters
for just $25.90 (and this includes the shipping). Israeli gas mask
with NATO filters, pictured right, has 366+ POSITIVE feedback

6 Essential Prepper cooking equipment:

  • Dutch oven: A Dutch oven, pictured right, is a cauldron of
    sorts. It's a seasoned cooking pot made from cast iron. This
    healthy style cooking allows you to cook in a variety of
    ways, including directly on the fire, over a fire or on a stove
    with flames, such as the Volcano oven. It's ideal for survival
    prepping because it's so versatile, but you'll also enjoy the
    pot as part of your everyday kitchen.

  • Volcano oven:  Pictured right, a Volcano oven isn't really an
    oven, it's a stove, but it works with a dutch oven that isn't
    an oven either. Pair it with a dutch oven without feet.

  • Camp Chef oven: Pictured immediate left, the camp chef
    oven will help you bake muffins, cakes, breads and

7. Manual Kitchen tools. See the list of the survival kitchen
tools to buy now while they are still available.

Happy Endings...
Being prepared brings its own set of rewards.

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