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Pine gum rosin, also called colophony, has many
other uses:
  • tackifiers for adhesives
  • grip enhancers for use by athletes
  • incense
  • for use on stringed instruments
  • soldering fluxes
  • home remedies and salves
  • paints and varnishes (You can use pine pitch to paint
    wooden fences, and it's biodegradable)

Happy endings...
Immediately useful, pine pitch is a firestaters. Pine pitch is great
for making medicine, soap, glue and more that you'll never look
at a pine tree in the same way again. Pine is beautiful and
useful. Nature is perfect in every way!

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Pine resin
How to use pine pitch for survival
How to use a pine tree to survive
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Pine pitch
Using pine pitch

How to use a pine sap in a survival situation.
Pine pitch is made from the thick amber deposits that ooze out of
a pine tree. This sap is the pine's natural defense against cuts
and it helps the pine fend against animals, insects and the
elements. Think of it as the tree's own antibiotic!

Cuts happen to the pine from animals scratching, man cutting
into it or when branches fall off and injure the tree. One of the
best places to find the sap to make the pine pitch is to look for
knots in the tree. This pine sap hardens over time and becomes a
resin in a beautiful amber hue. When you collect enough of these
jewels you can make a pine pitch. If you're in a survival situation,
you'll want to harvest pine pitch ~ the jewel of the forest!

Pine pitch is a firestarter and it's also a natural ingredient for
making medicine, soap, glue and more. Learn how to harvest pine
pitch and use pine pitch for survival. It just may save your life.

How to use Pine Pitch for Survival
Finding pine pitch in a survival situation is a godsend because it
can help you start a fire, but you can also buy pine pitch in gum
resin form and make a pine pitch, which is like a tar. Pine pitch
has many surivival uses and preppers should take note.

If you
read our article on how to use a pine tree for survival,
you'll know the value of a pine tree to preppers. Pine cones, pine
needs, and pine resin are all useful items nature provides to help
you survive.

Pine pitch or pine resin, has many survival uses:

#1: Pine resin is an accelerant.
One of the most important parts of the pine is the pine resin that
the tree secretes ~ this is gold in terms of survival if you're lost
in the wilderness and need to survive the night ~ and one of the
primary ways to use pine pitch for survival is to apply the sticky
substance in your firestarting routine.

Pine pitch is not a fire starter per se. It's actually an accelerant.
An accelerant is anything used to aid the spread of fire. In short,
it will help get your fire going. As with all resins, exercise caution
when heating this product. Resin is very volitile.

  • Here's how to make the pine pitch:
#4: Pine pitch medicine.
Pine is truly the tree of life. For medicinal purposes pine pitch is
valuable as an natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic.
Pinon Pine provides the base for Native American medicine to
heal, balance, clear energies, for fertility, compassion and mental

These properties enhance your skin's ability to repair itself!

  • Skin salve. You can restore the suppleness you want from
    your skin with pine pitch as a skin salve. Pine offers
    antiseptic qualities when made into a salve that's naturally
    antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and an antifungal The
    beneficial oils hydrate and repair damaged skin cells when
    you combine a salve with bees wax and olive oil, each of
    which has its own healing benefits. Pine pitch can also treat
    skin rashes and eczema.

  • Antiseptic salve. With pine pitch you can treat wounds and
    because of its viscosity it can also help stop minor bleeding.

The resin properties may contribute to treating the following
conditions: dermatitis, psoriasis, bug bites, diaper rash, fungal
conditions, aids in treatment of burns, cuts, draws out slivers,
strengthens finger nails & cuticles, promotes elasticity in the nail.
The salve also can be applied topically for massaging sore
muscles as the resin promotes circulation under the skin, great
for bruises. Used in the treatment of horse & cattle hoof cracks &
fungal problems. It has a smooth Southwestern aroma & does not
smell like other pine resins.

#5: Pine pitch glue.
Pine pitch glue is the glue of your ancestors and you can make a
strong pine sap glue the way your ancestors did with help from This glue was used for hafting knife
blades to handles, for securing stone points to the tips of arrows
and much more.  Primitive Pathways says its performance is
comparable to the strongest modern epoxy!

Want their pine pitch glue recipe?
Here's how to make a pine pitch glue:
Above, Survival Lilly shows you how to make a candle with pine resin and
birch oil.

Because pine pitch can be turned into wax, it's also used for
making fabric wax, such as

#3: Pine pitch soap.
Whereas sap is the naturally produced sticky or hard stuff, pine
tar comes from high temperature carbonization of pine. It's a
distillation of pinewood. Produced by slowly burning pine roots
and branches, you can create pine tar for survival purposes, the
way manufacturers use it for creating soaps and shampoos,
including skin conditions (dandruff).

Get clean with pine pitch soap and help clear up your eczema and
psorisis! In soapmaking, pine pitch will give your soap a familar
pine-fresh scent and this pine pitch soap recipe will help heal
your skin:
Above, pine pitch.

#2: Pine pitch candles.
Naturally, because pine pitch is an accelerant, you can make pine
pitch candles for illumination. Pine pitch candles will calm your
spirits. Birch oil alone is not very flammable, but in concert with
pine pitch is very flammable.
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