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earns her the first slot in "side hustle painting furniture with chalk paint."

How To Make Money Flipping Furniture on YouTube.
Are you a do-it-yourself expert? Become flea market fabulous with
shabby chic creations. Check out these DIY YouTubers!

  • DIY Deanna has only 29.8K subscribers at the time of this
    article first posting, but she's well on her way to  earning
    residual income from Youtube while have fun.

  • Christina Muscari of Pretty Distressed shares how you can turn
    trash into furniture. In about three days she got 21,000 views
    from that video. In those three days she made $105 from this
    video alone. That's about $1,050 a month for that one video
    and she has several videos that are about furniture makeovers
    so she likely earns thousands a month. Perhaps furniture
    makeover isn't your thing, but you have another speciality to
    share upcycling.

Here are some great places to find free stuff to paint upcycle:

Read: Become the richest man in Babylon.
The Richest Man In Babylon, is a book pictured right. This is a fun
read to discover the universal laws of prosperity. It's not your
ordinary financial guide. George S. Clason's classic book of parables
on money, written in the 1920s, imparts secrets of the ages with
regards to finances. In just 145 pages, you will learn the process
for how to "fatten thy purse, control thy expenditures and make thy
gold multiply."

The financial advice is invaluable and straightforward. "Don't trust a
bricklayer to buy jewels" is a good example. What Clason is really
saying is don't get caught up in other people's excitement, instead
seek advice from the real experts.

This financial guide is not like the guide you'd find from typical
gurus who'll tell you to budget, save, dump debt and invest. Yawn.
Instead, this guide reads like novel. If you can afford it, buy the
book for your prepper's library. If you're low on funds,head to the
library. This classic will be there! If you have a Kindle, it's just .99-
cents for the Richest Man in Babylon and it's worth every penny.
The book also makes an excellent graduation gift, so get two. Think
of it as a GPS for your financial future! Yes, it's that good.

Happy endings...
Passive income is your personal wealth building plan. It's dividents,
rent, interest, royalty checks, capital gains Residual income will
cushion you from job loss, but you may eventually even quit your
job. One thing's for sure: you'll save for retirement much faster.

If you had 1,000 customers lined up, would you rather sell a book
1,000 times online or make 1,000 haircuts in person? This
fundamental question will help you grasp the value of passive
income. It might take you 1,000 hours to write the perfect book,
but you can sell it for the rest of your life and your family can
inherit the copyright to that book to earn royalties long after you've

There are many more ways to earn passive residual income:

  • Putting advertising on your vehicle. If you put a lot of miles
    on your vehicle, you may qualify for revenue from painting your
    car as an advertisement. This is truly passive, but requires you
    to drive. If you regularly travel as part of your business or job,
    this is a great way to go.

  • Drop shipping. Earn passive income with a dropshipping
    company to increase your online empire by getting your
    financial freedom. Shopify, pictured right, by Peter Grand
    shows how. Starting an online business needs an efficient
    ecommerce software. When you choose an ideal software, it
    can make it easier to build your website and manage it. You
    can efficiently automate all the operations and focus on
    increasing your customers and sales. Shopify is a perfect
    ecommerce software, which offers all requirements of
    managing a store online including web design, hosting,
    payment processing, merchant tools and various other

Things that are NOT passive income:

  • Flipping retail products. Auction arbitrage is the art of buying
    something low and selling it high. For example, you can buy
    low on Amazon or ETSY and sell it correctly for a higher profit
    it's great because you're making money, but this is not passive
    income. Buying used items and working on them is not
    recurring income. Do-it-yourself projects become passive
    income only when you make a video and show others how to
    do it.

  • Renting equipment. Rental income isn't limited to property.
    You could rent a canoe or kayak, a tandem bike, a trailer, a
    golf cart or a tractor. Beware that in so doing, you're not really
    working passively because you'll need to be there to arrange
    the rental and the return.

  • Annuities. While annuities technically are a passive income
    source, they are also a bit of a gamble. An annuity is an
    insurance product you buy that can provide passive income for
    life. If you die, the annuity generally isn't transferred to your
    heirs. It's good only for your lifetime.

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Earn money in your pajamas! Residual income ideas

How to earn passive income.
Passive income, also known as residual income, is the way rich
people make money. If you learn one thing about financial
preparedness, let it be this: you must look for passive income
opportunities, recognize the opportunities and then act on your
ideas. Anyone who is creative can earn money in their sleep.

What is passive income? Passive income is something you set
up once and manage very minimally, but it continues to earn
you income month after month, year after year. Passive income
is making money in your sleep! How do you earn it? Want to
learn what rich people do and copy it? Then read on!

How to Earn Passive Income
Rich people set up something that earns money and then, for
the most part, they walk away from the project and reap the
income stream benefits. This residual income project buys
freedom for next project because it runs itself. One income
stream is a window to making even more money to other
opportunities. The key to freedom is multiple streams of income.

Earn residual income by setting up a passive income project!

Passive Income Aggressive Retirement
is the secret to freedom,
flexibility and financial independence.  Get started today on a
project you create and don't get lured by traps of earning
passive income from others who set it up. They will only make
money on you and you get a very tiny portion of the pie. Here's
how to get that side hustle...

#1: Buy stocks for the dividends.
Once of the most basic ways to earn passive income is to buy
the right kind of stocks. When you're looking to earn residual
income, don't buy stocks at a low price hoping to make money
selling them high. Do this instead: buy stocks for the dividends
they yield!  You can "supercharge your investment returns with
dividend stocks." According to CFA Nathan Winklepleck you can
build a worry-free retirement with dividend stocks.

When you buy stocks for the dividends they yield, you still own
the stocks and the company gives you a reward called a
dividend. These dividends come out usually quarterly, but some
yield a dividend every month. When you get this dividend, then
reinvest those dividends into the same company to buy even
more stock. This will grow your wealth. More stocks will yield
even more dividends.

The tricky part of dividend investing is that this kind of residual
income requires lots of research. Finding the right stocks
requires work, but one way to cut down on the time is be a
copycat. Follow a leader, like Warren Buffett. It's also not
without risks. If the stock market crashes, so do your dividends.

Buying stocks is a good way to earn residual income, but it
requires you have money to invest the right way. Remember
that most people buy stocks in the wrong way, but now you
know the wealth building secret is about the dividends. You
might buy just one or two stocks and fund your retirement if
you do it right. Think of dividend stocks as "dream stocks." They
allow you to dream about other kinds of passive and residual

Don't have money to buy dividends? Read on! Many ideas below
require little or no money.

#2: Design T-shirts and other printable projects.
Do you have an original idea for a T-shirt that could fit on mug
or a phone case? Then you have the makings of passive income.
Set up a T-shirt project and make money over and over again.

  • If you're an artist or designer you can create a design and
    upload your art, find a product that works for your design
    and then get paid when people buy your work.

  • If you're not a designer, you can hire a designer at places
    like These people can create designs
    based on your ideas. After you pay them for the work, you
    can take this art to CafePress, RedBubble or Zazzle and
    you get the unlimited royalties since you paid for the art
    and it's your idea. With DesignCrowd you launch your
    project, get custom designs then choose the best shirt.

How to Succeed in passive income designs:
Before you design anything, do some research on a good niche
(computer nerds, band nerds are a good start). Find an audience
who will be sure to buy something from you again. Audience is
the most important factor of success. Be sure you think first in
terms of your audience and create a series of T-shirts with your
audience in mind.  

Be specific be it unicorn lovers, High School seniors, Trump
supporters, band nerds, or mothers of newborns. Pick an
audience, see if it's successful and then exhaust the category
before you move on. If your audience is mothers of twins, you
could double your order. If your audience is music, then
concentrate on one instrument: as guitars or violins have two
distinct audiences. Kids in the high school band however might
have dual interest in classical composers. Funny T-shirts sell.

Where to earn passive money on T-shirt designs:
You may be tempted to sell your designs on Amazon, ETSY or
eBay, but these are not residual income sources. The exception
being Amazon if they take your merchandise into their
warehouse and ship for you (costs associated). Below are truly
residual income sources that require only your time and no
upfront costs...

  • CafePress works with designers to bring the world millions
    of designs on hundreds of different products, including T-
    shirts. Designers pick the money making option that fits
    best for them and there are never any upfront costs. They
    create and upload a design and Cafe Press sells your
    design on products and you make the money.

  • RedBubble. Creative? Like money? Open a shop in minutes.
    For free. Just upload your art and designs and leave the
    rest to RedBubble. They arrange for all the printing and
    shipping to almost anywhere on earth. You can make
    clothing, stickers, masks, phone cases, wall art and more

  • Zazzle. Monetize your content on Zazzle and become a
    designer. Create tumblers, yoga mats, stationery, décor,
    favors and more. You can get $25 to spend each time you
    refer a friend. Each friend gets the fabulous deal of 60%
    Off Cards + 20% Off All Other Products on their first order
    of $25 or more. You get a $25 off coupon code to use on
    Zazzle once your friend’s order ships.

#3: Rent your home whether you own it or not.
One of the most lucrative forms of passive income is from rental
properties. Buy property to rent — not to flip it — for an almost
guaranteed steady monthly income from your tenants. You can
rent the whole house, the garage or just a room or two. Rental
can be for the short term or the long term. You're the owner and
you decide. Renting to others in your home is very lucrative if
you want others to share your living room and kitchen. It can
provide stimulation and company for an otherwise lonely
widower or divorcée. Know, however, that a bed and breakfast
is not passive income because it requires you to host and
provide breakfast for your guests.

If you're in the military, then you've got to give this a try!
House hacking as you move from duty station to duty station is
the perfect way to get your foot in the door with real estate
investing. Read
Military House Hacking.

You don't need as much money as you may think to purchase a
revenue-generating home. If you have good credit you can put
as little as $15,000 down on a $200,000 property. If you create
a tiny home, then even less! Leverage this revenue generating
property through the power of financing on your terms.

Will the dishwasher fail or the toilets overflow at 3 a.m.? Yes,
of course they will, but don't let this scare you. Rental income
is a great source of passive income and there are tax breaks
and can fund your retirement.

The rental property formula is simple:
  • Find a property (in a desirable neighborhood).
  • Get good tenants (and keep them).
  • Collect the rent (regularly).
  • Pay the mortgage (property tax, insurance, and upkeep).
  • Save for your next property. (Lather, rinse, repeat.)

  • Worried about tenant problems? Sure the tenants will
    clog the sinks and may flood the bathroom. Things may
    happen, but property management company can ease your
    mind. They can be the ones to call the plumber on your
    behalf, find a new renter, evict a tenant, or arrange the
    landscaping and pool cleaning.

  • How can you find a good deal? Ensure you have cashflow.
    Start by analyzing the potential mortgage and the
    potential rent so that the rent is more than the mortgage
    and other expenses combined. Try by
    inserting your data including the home address, bedrooms
    and baths. Aim for a reasonable rent range. Your renters
    essentially are paying you mortgage, and your property
    taxes if you've done your math properly to make a profit.
    Even if you make only $250 a month in profits after
    expense, your home will likely increase in value and your
    profit becomes the equity in the home, which you can
    borrow to eventually buy more properties. What's more, as
    your home increases in value, so does the rent.

  • Not sure if you want to give up your whole house? Try
    renting a room in your home. Build a tiny home outside.
    Rent your home as a vacation home for a few days, a week
    or a month with! Rent to students for the
    summer months or only during the school year. Creativity is
    key to your happiness and income stream.

  • Thinking of buying a home with help? There are
    companies like that help you acquire,
    manage and sell properties. Don't be tempted. Beware of
    companies like this as they will take a cut of your
    investment. Like your mama always warned you: if it's too
    good to be true it probably is. They're brokers or
    middlemen. Sellers pay 2.5% fee (minimum of $500)and
    buyers get charged around $500 per $100,000. Along the
    same lines are REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts
    where a company manages the real estate and then passes
    along dividends to their investors. This is a more
    legitimate way to make passive income. Unfortunately,
    when times are tough you can lose lots of money. If you
    really want to make money (residual profits) then do the
    work yourself.

  • Don't own a home? No worries. If you're clever you can
    make money with airbnb without owning property! The
    formula is to find the property, assume responsibility for
    the rent, and to check local laws. Inform the landlord of
    your plans so there are no surprise. You'll have to find the
    sweet spot of rental profit. Not everyone can rent the room
    or house for the full month on airbnb, so count on four
    weekends per month as the mainstay of your income. Of
    course it's not truly passive income unless you hire
    someone to clean the house or room and this doesn't eat
    at your profits.

#4: Write books and digital products.
Sell information products! Write a non-fiction book or booklet to
earn residual income. Why is non-fiction a better option than
fiction? To publish a fiction novel will take the marketing help of
a professional publisher, but a good HOW-TO book virtually will
sell itself.

  • Self-publish with Amazon! With Amazon’s self publishing
    services you can reach millions of readers worldwide and
    keep control of your work. Selling a digital product is a
    great way to test your idea before you spend money
    printing a book.  

Your HOW-TO books or booklet can sell in an electronic version
and a hard copy version. The electronic version is a good way to
get immediately started and can generate residual income for
you year after year on Amazon. Many people still prefer hard
copy and you can make more money this way. Through a
publisher you'll generally make about $5 a book, but you can
make more if you self-publish. A short digital guide could earn
you $9.95, $14.95 or $19.95 per sale if you market the guide on
your Web site as a download. Printing can take a big chunk of
your profits as can Amazon's fee for selling. Be sure to
incentivize others to review your book, so you get traction for
sales. Without a good review your book is toast.

Writing a book may take you a year, or if you're a prolific author
it could be a month or less, but when you write a book once you
will yield a lifetime of benefits from every sale.

In case you're thinking of writing a book on prepping or survival
know that there are endless opportunities; however, there are
also endless authors on the subject. Some are successful and
others not so much. Timing is everything, so if you had a book
on pandemics you may have earned a few bucks in March of
2020, and hardly a pretty penny by 2021.

#5: Become an Udemy instructor.
If you're scrolling down the list and wondering what is an
"Udemy instructor" then you're in for a surprise. has
the world's largest selection of online courses. It's amazing!
Udemy has course offerings on a variety of topics and with their
platform you can share your expertise and make money teaching

Make a video once, and earn a lifetime of commissions as an instructor.
Earn passive income with In
a sense it's like, but more focused and without
advertising. You get paid for the courses when people sign up
and you get a channel so you can market for repeat customers.

Top courses at start at $12.99, but can go for
hundreds of dollars. Your cut is around half the sale, but these
commissions are an excellent source of passive income if you
generate a series of courses on a subject. You post and they do
all the marketing.

How to become a successful Udemy instructor.
Learn the strategies that will set you apart as an instructor, and
position yourself for that kind of success by studying the most
successful instructors. Never copy their material. See if there's a
book on the topic on Amazon and how the sale are. Chances are
you can bring the contents of your favorite books to life in your
own new format and be a success on

  • Thinking of writing a course on prepping? Right now
    there are only 18 preparedness videos on, so if
    you have some survival skills to share, then you can make
    money on They need your lectures!
    Information products are good passive income sources.

#6: Develop an app.
Creating a simple, but useful or fun app is a legitimate way to
make residual income that costs mostly your time. The key to
making good passive income this way is to build and test early
prototypes before starting programming. You must also research
users and understand what value your app will have for them.  
The best thing is that you don't even need to be a programmer
to develop an app.

Sell your app on Amazon. The key to getting sales on Amazon is
good user ratings. Get started when you at first give your app
away for free.
Check out the free survival apps on Amazon. The
good thing about giving away the app for free for a limited time
is that users will give you ideas for improvement and you can
remarket the product later with their input. It's like getting free
user experience advice.

The beauty about developing an app for residual income is that
as your app gains popularity you can add incremental features
and charge more down the road. Adding new and improved
features will also help your product stay relevant. Keep the
income residual and remember that it's only  truly passive
income if you can walk away from your app for a year and still
make money without lifting a finger except to cash checks or
manage your automatic deposits.

  • Do you have a great app idea but no coding skills? No
    worries!  How to Make an App Business contains no get-
    rich-quick talk, but just exactly what you need to go from
    idea to app business. The book will boost you to profit by
    helpignyou select the right marketing mix. It's based on
    the university textbook From idea to app.

#7: Invest in a High-Yield CD or savings account.
Banks don't offer much incentive these days towards saving
your money. The exception is a High Yield Certificate of Deposit.
If you inherited money and need to park it somewhere while you
think about how to invest it properly, then you can invest in a
high-yield CD. The longer you park your money, the higher the
ladder of money goes. You might earn 2.5% for keeping your
money there for one year but 3.15% for keeping it there for five

Like any bank that is FDIC-insured, you will have a guaranteed
return of principal up to $250,000. So if the stock market
collapses, you'll have your money. The problem comes when you
invest more than $250,000 or if your account grows beyond
$250,000. You're only guaranteed up to $250,000. Another
problem is that if you want to take your money out early there
will be penalties. Penalty-free CDs have very low income

#8: Become a business partner (revenue sharing).
Become a silent partner in someone else's business through
crowdfunding. Beware that the opportunities are not FDIC-
insured and your investment may lose value.

  • Microventures. Get started with venture capital investing
    with, which was one of the first firms to
    build an investment platform for the general public. Private
    market investment opportunities start for as little as $100.
    You can buy or sell shares of airbnb, 23andMe and other
    companies you know through Microventures.

  • offers investment opportunities in small
    businesses through revenue sharing notes. These revenue
    sharing notes are between an investor and a business
    where the business agrees to share a percentage of their
    future revenue to give investors a return on the
    investment. It's a win-win scenario. Setting up an account
    requires to give personal information including your e-mail
    address, name, address and birth date. Invest in real brick
    and mortar businesses for as little as $100. Breweries,
    bakeries, food trucks and restaurants. There are many
    businesses out there who need a little capital and you can
    help them as you help yourself.

#9: Sell stock photos, videos and music.
Designers need royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, videos,
templates and music and you can provide it to them as an artist
at places like Thematic photos sell best.
Upload your art whether it's a digital photo, illustration, video
or digital soundtrack.

  • Are you a musician? If you're a composer, then be sure to
    read the five steps to music licensing success. On you can list genres of music including
    alternative & punk, ambient, kids, cinematic, opera and
    classical, country & folk, dance & electronic, hip-hop & rap,
    holiday, jazz & blues, pop, R&B & Soul, Reggae, Rock,
    Latin, metal, acoustic and more.

#10: Create a Web site for affiliate income.
Web sites can generate passive income through affiliate links
and pay per click. Content creators, publishers and bloggers
monetize their traffic using the link building tools from other
companies provided they have a profitable niche. The best Web
sites educate, solve problems and answers specific questions.
Tools like Google Analytics or can help you monitor
your Web site's effectivenss and compare your Web site to

  • Google Adsense. Millions of Web site owners choose
    Google Adsense to earn a passive income stream. Get paid
    for targeted advertisments you place on your Web site with
    a special code from Google. To get started, you add one
    piece of code to your site and Google then shows ads
    tailored to your site's layout. It's pretty easy, but Google is
    highly selective and also highly suspect of fraud. So
    remember, when your Web site visitors click Google Ads
    you make money, but you could lose this income stream
    and your Web site's reputation if there's any monkey
    business. If you choose his method, do NOT click on your
    own links or have anyone you know click on your links to
    "help" you. Google will punish you and even de-list your

  • Commission Junction. Another of the most common ways
    to earn passive income from your Web site or blog is
    through Commission Junction, shortened to Earn
    commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely
    recognized brands and successfully promoting their
    products/services. Who's on their list? Yahoo is just one!

  • Yahoo  Yahoo's affiliate program is not direct. It comes
    through Commission Junction and there are publisher
    requirements. This program enables you to earn 20%
    commissions on the following products:
  • Web Hosting starting at $2.59/month
  • Start a Website for Free with Website Builder
  • Ecommerce helps customers scale and grow their
    business with a customizable store
  • Localworks helps find errors and manage your
    business info online
  • Business Mail starting at $1.19/month
  • Domains as low as $3.99/year

  • Monetize your Web site content using the
    Yahoo! Bing network. Here's how: take advantage of
    contextural ads from! Once you sign up for Media.
    net, you choose a size of ad (like a 300x250 medium
    rectangle), then generates the ad code, and you
    deploy the ad unit. You'll get approved in about two
    business days.

  • Walmart. Did you know Walmart has an affiliate program?
    Earn by referring customers to Walmart and earn a
    commission on what they buy. Other companies also offer
    an affiliate program, including Amazon.

Thinking of starting a Web site?
In case you're thinking of creating a prepping Web site, consider
that there are hundreds out there. Our prepping Web site was a
top prepping Website at the height of the 2014 Ebola scare and
the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Our success didn't come
overnight, but yes, we're a lucrative site and this is not our only
Web site.

#11: Make YouTube videos.
If you're handy with a camera and have a personality you can
make big bucks on YouTube if you build a community in a
subject that interests you. Tutorials are big money makers.

Become an influencer.
As a brand champion you can get sponsors who will send you
free product and compensation to talk about the product. Your
Youtube channel becomes a marketing venue for the company.
This can be very lucrative depending on your popularity.

Build an audience with your videos.
The main way to make money is straight from
They share the advertising profit that views from your content
generate. You can make around $5 or more from 1,000 views on
YouTube from advertising revenue, but you'll need 200,000 view
per month from your channel.

To make money on YouTube you must build or find a
profitable community:

  • Preppers are a big community and make money on Youtube
    in a variety of subjects. Some show you bushcraft to build
    a fire or shelter or to fish, trap or hunt. Others share tips
    on new survival gear. Food Storage is another big area on
    YouTube and there's a huge community. Self defense is
    another valuable topic.

  • Crafting is a huge community. Paint thrift shop furniture for
    your side hustle and share your tips with viewers on where
    to get supplies and clients for your wares. You can go to
    Craigslist and get free furniture and paint them for profit
    and make videos of your projects. What you sell is not
    passive income, but the videos you create are!

Active income is the opposite of passive income!
Your salary or wage is active income. Even if you have a
business you may have active income. For example, a stylist
earns active income from his or her clients.
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Ten free preps ~ absolutely free survival gear
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turn loose change into Amazon Gift Cards
Dividend Growth Machine by David Winklepleck
Prepper's Financial Guide
Six cans Bega cheese deal
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