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Happy endings...
It's the most basic firestarter: the humble match. It's also vitally
important to have several firestarters. Being able to reliably
make a fire is vital as in a survival situation for boiling water to
sterilize, as well as for cooking, generating warmth, and making
signal fires. Now you have the information you need to pick the
perfect match.

Now all you need is a survival candle!
Coghlan's survival candle
pictured right, has tree wicks that allow variable light and heat.
It has a burning time of 36 hours using one wick at a time or 12
hours using three at once. And guess what? The survival candle
includes a book of matches! We've seen this ships for as low as
$5.44 with free shipping for Prime members when you buy as an
add-on item.

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#2: Long-burn matches.
If you've ever lit a candle with an ordinary household match
(safety matches / strike on box matches), you will note that it
doesn't last very long. You'll burn your fingers if you have a lot of
candles to light with that match. Well, that's not the case with
long-burn matches. They

  • UCO Long-Burn matches. UCO Long-Burn matches will burn
    five times longer than most regular matches. With a
    carbonized match stick for safer fire starting, UCO long burn
    matches pictured right, are ideal for campfires, fireplaces,
    stoves, barbecues, lanterns, candles, and more. They are
    designed for starting fires that take just a bit longer than
    usual to get going.

What makes long-burn matches different is that they are n

#3: Safety matches (Strike on box).
Safety matches aren't really survival matches, but everyday
matches. With safety matches you can usually ignite them only
when you strike the lighting strip. In other words, they will not
self-ignite and you must strike them on box to ignite.

Safety matches are strike-on-box matches that ignite when the
match head containing potassium chlorate reacts with the
phosphorus on the box strike strip. The match head and lighting
strip work in tandem, they need only friction to work against the
two. The match lights in the mix of potassium chlorate and

Made of wood (usually pine or aspen), safety matches have two
components to make them ignite:
  1. Match head: On the match head of safety matches you'll
    findpotassium chlorate. This is one of the chemicals used in
    match heads.
  2. Lighting strip: The lighting strip on the box of matches is
    made of phosphate.

  • Greenlight matches (safety matches). Some say thee
    Diamond Greenlight safety matches don't work as good as
    the red tip kind. The term "greenlight" is really just a
    marketing ploy advertising that they are better for the
    environment. Diamond greenlight matches are the
    environmentally friendly wood stick matches with a green
    tip.  Wood to make these matches comes from responsibly
    managed forests. Greenlight matches burn clean with
    minimal smoke as well.

    Ideal for lighting candles, stoves, grills, fireplaces, campfires
    and more, Greenlight matches are strike-on-the box matches
    ideal for home use also because they light quickly and easily.
    They are also relatively inexpensive. Bulk up on your supply
    of these stick matches. Diamond's strike-on-box matches are
    made in the USA (see other prepping and survival gear made
    in America). They've been America’s favorite match company
    since 1881.

#4: Strike anywhere matches.
For a "strike anywhere" match you can, like the name implies,
strike anywhere! Well, almost. You can strike and ignite them on
most any rough surface.

The chemicals of a strike anywhere match are found in the match
head. This is not true with safety matches.
'm going to assume your question is about strike anywhere
matches. Personally, I'd choose a fine grit sandpaper (240?) if you
are going to make your own mason jar container where the
sandpaper is on the lid of the mason jar for your strike anywhere
matches. Really, any sandpaper will work.

  • Green strike anywhere matches. Don't expect the green
    strike anywhere matches to ignite the way the classic red
    ones did. They have less phosphorus in the tip. You will also
    need an abrasive surface.

  • Red Strike anywhere matches. Red strike anywhere
    matches are no longer being made, but you may still be able
    to purchase them. Think of them like collectibles. You'll pay
    a hefty price for them and for the shipping. Apparently
    they've been discontinued because of hazardous materials
    surcharges in distribution and shipment by FedEx, UPS and
    the like. In short, companies like Diamond reformulated their
    matches to avoid these surcharges. If you happen to find
    some at a garage sale, grab them!

#5: Waterproof matches (safety matches).
A "must have" in your bugout bag are waterproof matches, but be
warned that the quality of waterproof matches varies widely. The
term "waterproof" simply means the matches will light after
getting wet. This is much different from stormproof matches
which will continue to light even when submerged underwater.
The fact that it's waterproof is really just a feature.

  • UCO Titan Stormproof matches. If you're looking for a
    waterproof match that has more, look to UCO Titan
    Stormproof matches. UCO Titan Stormproof matches are
    waterproof, but they are also windproof (hurricane matches)
    and can burn up to 25 seconds in duration. Not only are they
    waterproof matches (because they will light after getting
    wet), but they are windproof and can light under water! They
    go beyond being just waterproof.

  • Coghlan's Waterproof safety matches. If you want an
    inexpensive box of matches that will light after getting wet
    then get the Coghlan's waterproof safety matches, pictured
    right. These are simply waterproof matches, meaning you can
    light them only on the box. This means they are not military

There are many kinds of waterproof matches and you can even
make some yourself by coating your matches with a layer of clear
nail polish.

Now all this is really much more than you need to know about
matches. The most important thing is to have them handy for an

Learn how to split a match:
Stretch your resources and learn how to split a match to make
two! When you split a match you can get two strikes out of one
Preppers can learn how things were done in World War II.
Survival Matches
Strike anywhere matches, stormproof matches and more

Finding the perfect match!
The relationship between a prepper and his or her firestarter is
significant. The two are inseparable, or at least hope to be! While
the defacto standard of firestarting is a
BIC lighter or ferrocerium
rod, the humble match has an important place in survival.

Survival matches come in several varieties. Know the difference
between a stormproof match, strike anywhere match, the green
tip kind and more. Plus garner a few match hacks and skills as
you find your perfect survival match with this guide...

All About Survival Matches
Survival matches come in many forms and they come with many
names, coatings, sizes and uses:

While there are many ways to describe them, there are a few that
are essential in prepping....

#1: Hurricane Matches (Stormproof matches).
Hurricane matches, sometimes also called stormproof matches,
are survival matches, but not the same as waterproof matches.
Hurricane matches are both windproof and waterproof, and as a
bonus, some will even light and hold the light under water!

Think of Stormproof matches as personal assurance that you'll be
able to light a fire under any condition. UCO Titan Stormproof
matches burn under water! It seems impossible, but the fire
continues to ignite even under water, which is what make this
survival match so unique.

  • UCO Stormproof match kit: The stormproof match kit,
    pictured in olive green, is a waterproof case that includes 25
    matches and 3 strikers. UCO Stormproof Matches are easy to
    light, and will stay lit for up to 15 seconds, even after being
    submerged in water! For refills, get the stormproof match
    box below.

  • UCO Titan Stormproof matches, pictured below, are
    windproof and burn up to 25 seconds in duration even in gale
    force winds. Titan matches are waterproof and will light after
    getting wet. What's even more amazing is that Titan
    matches stay lit under water!
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