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How to buy cheap land for homesteading

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Buying land
How to get land for next to nothing

How to buy land for your homestead.
Wondering about bug out locations for sale? Preppers searching
for remote bug out locations for sale will want to read these tips
from homsteading experts on how to get land for next to nothing
from the people who did it.

Rural land is yours if you know how to find odd pieces of land, but
no one is going to be advertising "bug out locations for sale." You
can buy country property dirt cheap if you know where to look.

How to Get Land for Next to Nothing
Learn how to get land for next to nothing from the people who did
it. Rural land is yours if you know how to find odd pieces of land.
You can buy country property dirt cheap for your bugout location.

Here are five sources and legitimate ways  to get land for your
homestead for next to nothing:

#1: Learn to buy land using tips from Becky's
Want to know how to buy cheap land for homesteading? Want to
know how to buy land when you're living paycheck to paycheck?
It's totally possible. Get an earful from homesteading expert
Becky of to learn how.

Becky's Homestead videos, also available on Prime, right, provide
specific details on buying land dirt cheap. In every episode Becky
shows you how to go from a consumer lifestyle, into the
self-sufficient, community driven, and eco-friendly homesteading

Want to know how to get land for next to nothing? You will
discover one way to buy property when you have no money, and
you are poor and you have no credit when you watch Becky from If you feel like it's a hopeless situation,
then Becky will set you straight. She knows because this is
exactly what she did. Becky is mortgage free and a happy
homesteader. Get your inspiration now for buying land for next to
nothing in the video below.
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Happy endings...
Now you have some resources for how to buy cheap land for
homesteading. You can buy country property dirt cheap.

You can become mortgage free if you are creative. Owner
financing is just such a feasible way! It's not too good to be true.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Above, Becky shares affordable and creative methods for being mortgage
free and having a homestead.

After getting a glimpse of Becky's Guide To Buying Land, be sure
to visit her Web site to learn more about how to buy property
when you have no money, or you're poor and you don't have a
good credit history. Becky is mortgage free. Becky explains step-
by-step how to buy land if you're poor and have no money and no
credit or bad credit.

Becky shares her methods for how to find cheap land:
  • How to buy land even if you have no credit or bad credit.
  • What to look for in a good piece of land.
  • How to find out the zoning and flood zone information.
  • What are deed restrictions and bylaws and how can they
    effect you?
  • What are access rights and why are they important?
  • Why you need a title company and why it’s important.
  • Becky is also the author of How to Build A Log Cabin, right.

#2: Learn "How to Buy Country Property Dirt Cheap"
from Ralph C. Turner.
To buy land cheap, avoid brokers and get out in the sticks, so
advises John Mort in his editorial review of Ralph C. Turner's
Country Property Dirt Cheap ~ how I found my piece of
inexpensive rural land, plus my adventures with a $300 antique
junk tractor. Mort writes, "In southern Iowa, Turner studied plat
books, looking for odd pieces of land; he drove miles of gravel
roads; he ran ads in small-town papers; he went to farm
auctions; and he learned the difference between quitclaim and
warranty deeds, as well as how to deal with surveyors, at what
point to contact a lawyer, and how to determine the right amount
to offer."

Midwest Book review says, Truner "imparts eighteen methods of
locating potential sellers, as well as personal adventures
managing the land."

Both reviewers find Turner's book quirky, entertaining, practical
and revealing information applicable to any rural community. If
you're ready to do some sleuthing, then Country Property Dirt
Cheap is a good book to get you started.

#3: Rely on the Encylopeida of Country Living.
The Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery is a classic
homesteading guide in the 40th edition with more than 750,000
copies sold. Get out your magnifying glass because this books is
chock-full of great information in small type. It's the original
manual for living off the land and doing it yourself.

Among the starting topics include finding and buying your plot of
land and how to site and build a house or cabin. The author
heeds that "land is a spiritual responsiblity. The author shares
her secrets on how to pinch a penny and buy land at auction.
There's even a section on buying land from county, federal, state
and city governments with interesting tips, though admittedly not
guaranteed. In addition to such odd tips, the book suggests
drilling a well for water before you buy.

#4: Finding and buying your place in the Country.
Finding and buying your place in the Country is the trusted guide
that Backwoods Home magazine calls ""the bible"" of buying rural

City dwellers and suburbanites who dream of a simpler life in the
country will appreciate this guide from Les and Carol Scher.
Packed with straightforward explanations you'll learn the
particulars of evaluating land and negotiating price, and well
beyond into the contract of sale.

This book has more than 200,000 copies sold. You'll find
important topics such as water and easement rights, zoning, and
eminent domain. You'll also get sample legal forms and checklists
as well as resource listings point to sources of regional and local
information, including Internet sites.

As well a special chapter discusses Canada's real estate market.
Covering current property laws and financing options, this
comprehensive resource offers insiders' knowledge on how to
avoid common pitfalls and prevent costly mistakes.

#5: How to be a DIRT-SMART Buyer of Country
How To Be a DIRT-SMART Buyer of Country Property Volume 1 is a
comprehensive, how-to book for everyone interested in buying
rural real estate. Find, research and purchase these properties in
a way that strips out risk and protects both your heart and your
pocketbook. Nothing is worse than being surprised or
disappointed after a new purchase.

More titles for specific regions of the country:
Want more tips from homsteading experts on how to get land for
next to nothing from the people who did it? Rural land is yours if
you know how to find odd pieces of land. You can buy country
property dirt cheap whether you're in Texas, Idaho or

#6: Learn from others.
Learn how to buy land with no money by learning from others.
Below, Homesteading Off Grid shows you hohw to find and buy
cheap land with no money. They created the video because many
other preppers asked how to get started homesteading quickly
and cheaply.

Homesteading Off the Grid addresses that question by explaining
how to get cheap land, often, with little or no money:
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