Best Survival Knives

Best Survival Knives
Guide to the best prepper survival and tactical knives

Keep your knife blades sharp, but your survival instincts sharper!
Today you can't enter a court room, a school room, or a plane
with a knife, but back in the day a gentleman, an outdoorsman,
or a scout was never without a pocket knife. Preppers today need
survival skills and maybe a bowie knife, a stiletto knife, or a
switchblade. Below are some of our favorite prepper knives...

Best Survival and Prepping Knives
Preppers love tactical knives. Why? Blades don't need reloading!
Just like firearms; however, it's good to have several tactical and
survival knives on hand. Each has its purpose.

Make America Great Again!
Buy an
American-made knife,
like the Esee, right.

Preppers know a knife is more of a tool than a weapon. According
to Mykel Hawke in his "must own" outdoor preparedness book,

Hawke's 'Special Forces Survival Handbook' - The Portable Guide
to Getting Out Alive
, a knife is the "number-one tool in survival."

Hawke advises not only to carry a knife always (or have it
accessible), but to have several kinds, and to learn how to
improvise a knife. The Captain, U.S. Army Special Forces and star
of Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel, Hawke also
warns that "for every pro, there is a con" to the knife you have.
We came up with a few examples to illustrate what Hawke is

  • Small knives won't help you build shelter.
  • A hunting knife that's good for elk isn't going to be as
    effective for rabbits.
  • Very few full tang knives are good for everyday carry.
  • A Swiss Army knife is good enough for MacGyver, but it's not
    the best for carving wood.

The best tactical or survival knife will help you with a multitude
tasks, but securing potable water is not really one of them; and
unless there is a device attached, a knife won't help you with
navigation either. Find the right knife for every purpose.
  • A survival knife is an outdoor knife for shelter and fire
  • A tactical knife is an military survival knife that has a
    component of urban self defense.

Best fixed blade and folding knives for
Knives for survival fall into two categories (fixed blade and
folding) and both varieties have several options within. Fixed-
blade knives are more sturdy than the folding kind, but folding
knives are more compact and more convenient. Ideally, preppers
should have both. Left is an incredible deal on a popular and
highly rated fixed blade knife.

Here are some favorite prepper knives to own:

#1 BECKER BK2 (fixed blade): KA-BAR Becker BK2
Companion Fixed Blade Knife.
Designed by outdoorsman Ethan Becker, the KA-BAR Becker BK2
is a popular survival, bushcraft knife because it has a wide, thick
blade. (He is also a co-author of the "Joy of Cooking," but that's
another story.) With a solid 4.7 out of 5 star-rating, it's hard to
deny that the
KA-BAR Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife
pictured right in black is among the best survival knives to own.
It's full tang, meaning the knife is one solid piece and the two
handle pieces are pinned on to the blade. It's a prepper
bushcrafting favorite for many reasons. This video by ultimate
survival tips does a great job of explaining the unique features of
this ultimate survival knife...
Becker BK2
Ka-bar knife
Razor tooth pruning saw
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Gerber machete
Pocket knife by Tac Force
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MTech USA MT-086 Combat Knife (fixed blade)
Tanto Blackhawk tactical knife
Rothco Survival Knife
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SOG PUP Elite Knife
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gear and food storage.

Above, the SOG SEAL Pup Elite straight edge knife with nylon
sheath. It carries on the tradition of supplying the world's elite
military forces. The U.S. government performed a SEAL knife
evaluation program: tip breaking stress, blade breaking limit,
sharpness, edge retention, handle twist off force, two week salt
water immersion tests, gasoline and acetylene torch resistance,
chopping, hammering, prying, penetration tests, cutting six
different types of rope and line, plus an intense hands-on
competition in the field. The SOG SEAL Knife triumphed!

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Be the sharpest tool in the shed!
Be the sharpest tool in the shed and learn how to use a knife for
survival and teach your kids how to use a knife, too. Remember,
you are only as sharp as your knife and the other survival tools:
  • Ammunition
  • Compound Bow and extra arrows
  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Sling Shot
  • Snare Wire

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  • Anatomy of a knife. Want to know what a tanto point is?
    This awesome resource illustrates it all:
  • bowie
  • dagger
  • drop point
  • gut hook
  • trailing point
  • sheepfoot (wharncliff or beak)
  • spear point
  • swage (hallow ground swage, spear point swage, double
    edge swage)
  • tanto and more!

You also may be happy to read these articles..
What makes a tactical knife?
You may get many answers to the question of what makes a
tactical knife "tactical." The advanced prepper knows that a true
tactical knife is something you can take to "war" with you in an
urban environment when the stuff hits the fan. Usually it's a full-
tang knife that's sturdy and dependable. Likely it has a tanto
point typically found in fighting and rescue style knives.

In every sense of the word, a true tactical knife is a prepper's
knife that supports military style operations to achieve a
particular goal, such as fighting or rescuing. A tactical knife
defends the same way a fire arm does, and it doesn't need

It's true that manufacturers misuse the word "tactical" - and much
of what's on the market is really just marketing ploy. In other
words, just because it's black, has a large serrated edge or it has
teeth on it, doesn't make it tactical.

While it's a misused word, tactical can apply even to a flashlight.
A tactical flashlight is one used for combat zones. What makes a
flashlight tactical is it's ability to do two things:
  1. It can deliver a smackdown. The edge is scalloped and can
    deliver a hammer-like blow.
  2. It has a blinding light. Police officers often wield a tactical
    flashlight to aim directly at a suspect or assailant to
    temporarily blind the person.

Again, the reason something is tactical is because it's effective in
urban combat survival.

Happy endings..
It doesn't take much convincing that a survival knife is important
to a prepper. A quality knife can help a prepper or survivalist with
building shelter,
making a fire, getting food, dealing with medical
self defense and so much more.

The best survival knife will help you with a multitude tasks. The
knives you pick today will help your survival tomorrow. Keep your
knife blades sharp and your instincts sharper. After you get a
knife, you'll need to look for an axe and a saw!

  • Blade shape. There are so many kinds of knife blades,
    including a clip-point blad, a drop-point blade, a sheepsoft
    blade, a spear-point blade, a trailing point blade. Then there
    is the grind: a convex grind, a compound bevel, a flat grind,
    a hollow grind, and a saber grind. Other distinguishing
    features of knives include a serrated or un-serrated edge.

    There are useful features in knives to look for:
  • Boning knife is for trimming meat and will have thumb
  • Drop point knife is ideal for all purpose knife for hunting
    ~ it allows the spine of the blade to continue to the tip
    of the blade, which gives the tip of the knife more
  • Full tang knife will be the strong and is the most
    dependable high quality "tactical" knife.
  • Skinning knife will have a slight curve to it, and a slight
    trailing point and it will usually have a spear point is
    effective for piercing or slicing.
A final word on survival knives...
Pick the best survival knife for your money as it may be the last,
but never be without a survival knife. Your budget may require
that you spend more time to pick a good survival knife. Watch
videos and read reviews.

Here are a few more things to consider when choosing a survival

  • Sheath: When picking a survival knife, don't make your
    decision hinge on the sheath that comes with it. While it is
    important to draw your knife quickly if a situation calls for it,
    ultimately the sheath itself is something you can buy if
    you're not happy with the one included.

  • Extra doo-dads: Don't pick a survival knife just because it
    has extra doo-dads, included. An LED and a whistle might be
    useful, but you can ensure to have those things in your
    everyday carry. It doesn't need to be part of the knife itself.

    An exception to the rule of extra doo-dads is the Morakniv
    Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and
    Sheath, pictured below. This fixed blade knife includes a fire
    starter that yields 7,000 strikes and produces 3,000 Degree
    sparks and even works when wet. It is an indispensable tool
    for a variety of outdoor, hunting, emergency, or tactical
#12: Kershaw Ken Onion Folding Knife (folding knife).
The Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife, pictured in silver, is a pocket
knife that almost works like a switch blade!  With rapid one-
handed opening, ideal for hunting and fishing, the Kershaw Leek
pocket knife, pictured directly above, has excellent ratings on
Amazon. This makes it ideal for sporting and work situations in
which one-handed opening is easier and safer, such as when
hunting, fishing, or working with your hands on the job site. This
knife combines sharpness and strength with a good balance of
weight and functionality. Made in the U.S.A., this knife features a
reversable pocket clip. Click the link above to see the video. This
knife is amazing!

#13: Machete (fixed blade) Gerber 31-002289 Bear
Grylls Parang Machete with Nylon Sheath.
The Bear Grylls Parang Machete is a modern version of the
traditional jungle tribesman's machete. Its heavy blade makes
short work of branches and vines. An individual tool of the jungle.
This Parang features an angled blade, ideal for clearing brush or
limbs. Robust high carbon steel blade, enhances strength,
corrosion resistance and easy to sharpen. Full tang construction,
boosts durability. Ergonomic textured rubber grip, maximizes
comfort and reduces slippage. Lanyard cord, acts as guard,
enhancing grip security. Nylon sheath, lightweight, military grade,
mildew resistant. Includes land to air rescue and SOS
instructions. Priorities of survival, pocket guide contains Bear's
survival essentials.

#14: Butchering knives (fixed blade set).
Every prepper needs a butchering set. The Game Processor,
pictured at the top of the page, is the most complete portable
butchering set for preparing big game, waterfowl, wild turkey,
small game and fish. This set also doubles as great set of cutting
tools for outdoor cooking. The Game-Processor includes the four
most practical blade designs for butchering; a 3” Capping knife, 4”
Skinner, 5-1/2” Boning-Fillet knife and an 8” Butcher knife for
carving turkeys, steaks and roasts. Each knife incorporates full-
tang construction for superior strength and is taper ground to a
razor’s edge from high carbon 420 stainless steel. Ergonomic
Kraton handles are designed for comfort during long use and the
rubberized texture pattern enables a secure lock-on grip even
when wet. The Game-Processor comes complete with a Tungsten-
Carbide V-sharpener, Carving Fork, wood-bone saw, heavy duty
game shears, cutting board, rib cage spreader and a set of latex
game cleaning gloves. All twelve pieces store in a hard side carry

How to make your own knife
Now that you know a little more about how to pick a survival
knife, learn how to make one! You may find a survival situation
where you somehow don't have a knife with you. In such a case,
you can improvise a knife from any of the following:

  • bamboo
  • bones
  • glass
  • metal
  • shells
  • stones
  • wood
#6: Leatherman (multi-tool folding knife).
The Leatherman Skeletool is one knife with a thousand uses. An
upgrade to the classic Leatherman, now you're ready to lighten
your load and boost your survival skills with this beauty. At just 5
ounces the new, full-sized multitool keeps weight and volume to
a minimum without sacrificing quality and true functionality, and
that's what the Skeletool is all about. Many multitools have
multiple options, but they’re often heavier -- and they're loaded
with more features than most people actually need on a regular
basis. Other pocket knives are light and streamlined, but they
render themselves useless when the task calls for a more
versatile tool. Enter the new Skeletool platform, offering minimal
weight, compact size and endless capabilities. And with the
Skeletool's integrated, removable pocket clip, you can easily clip
this tool onto a belt, a pack, or a vest -- with no sheath or tote

#7: Swiss Army Knife (multi-tool folding knife).
Swiss Army as it has a rich tradition with some models costing
hundreds of dollars, but the Victronox Swiss Army classic knife is
around $15.

#8: TAC FORCE TF-723 Series (folding knife).
TAC force is inexpensive and highly respected little knife. Pictured
right with orange highlights and Medics emblem, the  TAC Force
TF-723 series assisted opening tactical folding knife offers easy
one-handed deployment. For around $10 this spring-assisted,
open folding knife, locks securely into place with the use of its
liner lock. It has an aluminum handle with EMS medallion, seat
belt cutter, and glass breaker on the end! A great inexpensive
folding knife. TAC Force designs spring assist folding knives that
offer the rapid deployment desired by EMTs, Fire/Rescue, and first
responders. They're available in a wide range of styles -- from
hunting to tactical and collectibles to fantasy. The price point
makes this brand popular. You can afford several!

Tac Force Linerlock it is 4 3/4" closed and has a 3 3/8" high
carbon stainless assisted opening partially serrated drop point
blade with thumb slot and extended tang with lashing hole. This
knife has block style grooved aluminum handles with drilled hole
design and integrated bottle opener and glass breaker and a dual
lanyard slot on the spine. The stainless pocket clip has a slot
cutout design. With a black blade and red handles it has a "Fire
Fighter" stamp. It's a great buy for under $10! Now that's
prepping on the cheap!

#9: TAC-FORCE speedster model TF-705 (folding
Pictured right in black half-serrated stainless steel blade, the Tac
Force TF-705 is a best seller in tactical knives with a 4.5 rating
from more than 4959 customer reviews. This spring assist folding
knife offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into
place with liner lock. And Tac Force comes complete with a pocket
clip for easy and safe carry for an unbelievable price. What's
more, it can ship for free. It just proves that you can pick a good
survival knife without breaking the bank.

#10: Corona Clipper Folding Razor Tooth Saw.
(folding knife)
Pictured immediate right in red, the Corona Clipper 7-inch folding
razor tooth saw cuts easily through small to medium sized
branches and it folds for safe transportation and easy storage.
The unit's razor-toothed curved-blade design cuts faster and
cleaner than conventional saws for increased plant health and
less pruning effort. The self-cleaning chrome blade is both
corrosion-resistant and replaceable for longer life. Additionally,
the razor teeth are three-sided for increased efficiency and
impulse-hardened for exceptional durability and strength. The co-
molded ergonomic handle gives you added comfort and easy all-
day use.  #9: Kershaw Pocket Knife (folding knife). The Kershaw
Leek Pocket Knife, pictured in silver at the top of the page, is a
pocket knife that almost works like a switch blade!  With rapid
one-handed opening, ideal for hunting and fishing, the Kershaw
Leek pocket knife, pictured directly above, has excellent ratings
on Amazon. This makes it ideal for sporting and work situations
in which one-handed opening is easier and safer, such as when
hunting, fishing, or working with your hands on the job site. This
knife combines sharpness and strength with a good balance of
weight and functionality. Made in the U.S.A., this knife features a
reversible pocket clip. Click the link above to see the video. This
knife is amazing!  

#11: Smith & Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife
(folding knife).
A multi-function tool with a honed cutting edge, an integrated
seat-belt cutter, and glass breaker, the Smith & Wesson Border
Guard 2 is a perfect first responder knife. This quality rescue knife
features a 40% serrated ComboEdge Tanto blade at 4.4 inches,
along with a black carry system. This one is  more than most
could want or need for
Every Day Carry (EDC).
#5: BlackHawk Gideon Tanto Point Knife with
sheath(fixed blade).
Tanto's Gideon by Blackhawk, pictured immediate left is as sturdy
as it is sharp. Because it has a heavy fixed blade, it's durable,
solid for your belt or duty gear.

Blackhawk's impressive knife has a five-inch stainless steel blade
that's coated in black titanium nitride. A good grip on a knife is
as though it were an extension of your hand. This excellent has a
thin, contoured handle  with a machined texture to provide a
strong grip. This solid knife can work as  a pry bar and cutting
tool. If you're a hunter, then you can rely on this knife to skin

This knife has a sheath with a retention lock. Ordinarily a sheath
isn't a knife's best selling point, but in this case, it's pretty
impressive because it offers a quick release. All around, it's a
great survival knife for the price:
#4: MTech USA MT-086 Combat Knife, Straight Edge
Blade (fixed blade).
The MTech USA MT-086 Combat knife is a straight edged blade,
quality knife at a very inexpensive price point. I'ts under $20.
This knife handles basic survival chores and then some! The ABS
handle has wing walk inserts for a superior grip even in wet

With a 7-inch stainless steel fixed blade, the MTech is a hunting
knife, but also the perfect length and shape for combat.
Ontario Blackbird

The Black Bird comes with a silver finish, pictured above, or with
a special operations capable (SOC) powder coating for added

#3: KA-Bar USMC fighting knife with sheath (fixed
One of the best prepper survival knives is a military one. The
famous KA -Bar, pictured right, was designed to serve U.S.
tTroops during WW II and is still doing its job, with honors, more
than 70 Years later. It's the original fighting survival knife, so it's
old school, but can still hold it's own. Made in the U.S.A, this one
has a leather handle, which is great for traction, and it comes
with a 100% leather sheath to boot. The USMC Fightning Knife
has 7" Straight Edge Blade made of 1095 Cro-van steel. It is the
most famous fixed blade knife design in the world.

This is a quality fighting knife to own, jack of all trades and full
tang construction, capable of batoning to process wood for your
fire, or cutting through heavy duty nylon cord easily with our
without the serrated edge. It has an ergonomic handle and
fighting edge guard for stabbing. In all, you can't go wrong with
this blade.
The best survival knife will help you with a multitude tasks and
this one does the job.  The KA-BAR Becker BK2 splits wood
beautifully. The durable blade is perfect for splitting kindling,
prying apart joints, skinning game, or even chopping onions for
the campfire grill. This knife has a very strong drop point. This
tough tip is perfect for pushing, piercing and drilling. For all those
who camp, hunt or spend time afield, a fixed blade knife is a
must have. There's no such thing as the perfect survival knife, but
this one comes pretty close. Bring the KA-BAR Becker Companion
Knife along on your next hunting or camping trip and you'll soon
discover why this is one of the best survival knives.

#2: Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife with Sheath (Fixed
The Blackbird SK-5 Survival Knife, pictured right, gets a 4.8 out of
5-star review from more than 178 customers. It's a simple and
effective knife for just about any task -- from carving, batoning,
skinning game, or opening a can, the Ontario Black Bird. It comes
with a nylon sheath that's MOLLE compatible. Don't let the name
fool you, the Ontario Black Bird really is made in the United
States. Go ahead and chop, whittle or spark a stick with this
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