how to get rid of fluoride in the water

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Best fluoride-free water filter: Big Berkey
Best fluoride-free water filter: Big Berkey
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how to get fluoride out of the water
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  • iodine
  • magnesium
  • tamarind
  • exercise

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Keep your family or group healthy and hydrated with the Big
Berkey fluoride filters. Get fluoride out of your water.

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How to get fluoride out of the water
This Big Berkey water filtration system gets out the fluoride

How do you get rid of fluoride in the water?
"Why get fluoride out of the water?" That's the first question and
the answer is because fluoride is a neurotoxin and a cause of
cancer, tooth decay and many more illnesses. Getting fluoride out
of your water is paramount to your health, since that's how the
fluoride gets into your body.

  • You can't boil the fluoride out of the water. Boiling water
    only makes fluoride more concentrated.

  • You can't use a Brita water filter. Ordinary filters do not
    get rid of fluoride.

  • The only solution is to filter water properly. There are four
    types of filters that can remove fluoride are:
  1. activated alumina
  2. activated charcoal (bone char carbon) ~ removes some
  3. deionizers (which uses ion-exchange resins), and
  4. reverse osmosis (which takes valuable minerals from
    the water)

How to get fluoride out of the water
How to prevent fluoride from entering into your body in the first
place is easy: get a water filter! Fluoride penetrates your body
through the skin and by mouth. You can get a fluoride filter also
for your showers. For the water you drink get a Big Berkey fluoride
filter, which uses a combination of activated alumina and char

Not every filter gets rid of fluoride, and even if you already have a
Big Berkey water filter, it doesn't mean yours will get out the
fluoride. The only way to get out the fluoride is with a PF-2 or P-4
filter (depending on your model) in addition to your other Black
Berkey water filter. These filters get rid of:
  • Sodium Fluoride
  • Sodium Fluorosilicate
  • Fluorosilicic Acid (aka Hydrofluorosilic Acid)

Big Berkey: It's how to filter fluoride from your water
Did you know that a Big Berkey standard water filter is not
enough to get rid of fluoride? To get rid of fluoride using the Big
Berkey system, you'll need the black fluoride filter. Black Berkey
Elements and remove 95% of the fluoride from your water!  It has
a lead and fluoride filter that protects you from contaminants that
other filters miss!

Where to install the fluoride filters:
Install the white PF-2 arsenic and fluoride water fitlers in the
lower chamber of the Berkey Water Filter. These filters work in
conjunction with the Black Berkey water purification elements only
to a
dsorb the following unwanted elements found in drinking

The Black Berkey purification element removes or reduces:
  • 99.999% of viruses pathogenic cysts, and parasites,
  • 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, volatile organic
  • herbicides and pesticides
  • detergents, organic solvents, trihalomethanes,
  • cloudiness, silt, sediment,
  • nitrates, nitrites,
  • 95% of most heavy metals.
  • foul tastes and odors

The white PF-2 fluoride/arsenic filters removes or reduces:
  • 95% of fluoride, including Sodium Fluoride, Sodium
    Fluorosilicate, Fluorosilicic Acid (aka Hydrofluorosilic Acid)
  • Arsenic V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III
  • Other residual heavy metal ions

NOTE:  The PF-2 shell is made from safe, non-leaching
Polypropylene #5, that is BPA-Free (it's the same stuff used for
food items such as ketchup bottles and yogurt containers).

These filters work in tandem to leave in the healthful and
beneficial minerals that your body needs.

That's good news because lead continues to be a problem for the
people of Fllint Michigan. A
Big Berkey with this special filter gets
rid of the lead along with the fluoride.

Big Berkey Water Filter:
  • Combo Pack contains two Black Berkey Purification Elements
    and two Berkey Fluoride Filters
  • Black Berkey Elements remove pesticides and herbicides
  • Lifespan for Black Berkey Elements - 6,000 gallons for set of
  • Fluoride filters remove 95% of fluoride. Also reduces levels of
    Arsenic III and V, MTBEs, and other heavy metal ions
  • Lifespan for Fluoride Filters: 1,000 gallons or 1 year

So now you know that avoiding fluoride from tap water is easy
enough to do with the purchase of a water filtration system;
however, not any water filtration system will remove the fluoride.
To remove fluoride you'll need a special filter, reverse osmosis or

How Dangerous is Fluoride?
The chemical spill that broke out in Moline, Illinois on March 24,
2011 at the Rock Island water treatment plant turned out to be
hydrofluorosilicic acid is used to add fluoride to the plant's water.

It's a corrosive agent that the water treatment plant uses to put
fluoride in the water. It poses a risk to skin.

Haz Mat teams geared up to handle the fluoride that was burning
through the concrete. Spillage came from tank truck headed for
the water treatment center.
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