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Lessons from the Great Depression
Prepper's Financial Guide
Venezuela crisis and what if it happens in the U.S.
Lessons from the great depression
America's chicken king is an inspiration to all. Above is the success story of
the 66-year old "Kentucky Colonel" who reinvented himself.

The economy is doing well! You can do this thing.
Use the Colonel's secret blend of perseverance to get your financial
house in order. The time to repair the roof is when the sun is
shining and the same is true of your personal financial health!

The economy is good. Get started now while the economy is in
great shape under President Trump. Remember also that no matter
your position in life, you can learn financial success. It doesn't
matter what others are doing. Get your advice from the Richest Man
in Babylon, not the poorest one.

Happy endings...
Are you a penny-pinching prepper? Live a little! Enjoy prepping as
your hobby and become more financially savvy at the same time.
The great thing about prepping is that when you save money on
food and supplies, you'll have even more money for food and

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with in a disaster:
Prepper's Financial Guide
Get your financial house in order before the banks close

When banks close for good will you be ready?
Bullets, beans and banks ~ sooner or later a prepper thinks
about financial matters. Things you do today as a prepper
could drastically improve your chances for financial survival
tomorrow. No matter your income level, you can thrive
financially as a prepper!

Be ready for the day when the banks close forever or for the
day when your financial situation takes an unexpected turn for
the worse. Hakuna Matata! Have no financial worries with this
prepper's financial guide. Below are ideas to get you thinking
and prospering...

Prepper's Financial Guide
Personal economic hardship is one of the best reasons to get
your prepper finances in order. You could lose your job at a late
age when re-employment may seem dismal, or have a
disability that prevents you from working. Divorce or death of a
partner is another downward spiraling economic situation.
What survival financial advice is for you then?

Think of Colonel Sanders. That man had perseverance! Legend
has it that when the entrepreneur realized he didn't have
enough money for a comfortable retirement, he set out at age
66 to sell his chicken recipe. He took his skills of cooking and
of showmanship to work. His "secret blend of 11 herbs and
spices" was determination. He created the recipe, franchized it
and earned world wide fame as he fattened his bank account.
Let him be your inspiration to keep reading.

This prepper's financial guide is not so much a magic formula,
but a way of thinking. It aligns with Jim Cobb's version of
Prepper's Financial Guide, though the happy preppers are not in
total agreement. For example, we don't agree with investing in
foreign and alternate currencies. There's no need for that!
Paper currencies will someday be worthless. Use paper currency
as tool for today, but don't rely on paper money tomorrow.
Open your mind to thinking about money differently. Be ready
for tomorrow by reading our guide to financial preparedness...

Here's a prepper's financial guide:

#1: Become the richest man in Babylon.
The Richest Man In Babylon, is a book pictured right. This is a
fun read to discover the universal laws of prosperity. It's not
your ordinary financial guide. George S. Clason's classic book of
parables on money, written in the 1920s, imparts secrets of
the ages with regards to finances. In just 145 pages, you will
learn the process for how to "fatten thy purse, control thy
expenditures and make thy gold multiply."

The financial advice is invaluable and straightforward. "Don't
trust a bricklayer to buy jewels" is a good example. What
Clason is really saying is don't get caught up in other people's
excitement, instead seek advice from the real experts.

This financial guide is not like the guide you'd find from typical
gurus who'll tell you to budget, save, dump debt and invest.
Yawn. Instead, this guide reads like novel. If you can afford it,
buy the book for your prepper's library. If you're low on funds,
head to the library. This classic will be there! If you have a
Kindle, it's just .99-cents for the Richest Man in Babylon and
it's worth every penny. The book also makes an excellent
graduation gift, so get two. Think of it as a GPS for your
financial future! Yes, it's that good.

#2: Clear the clutter.
One of the most important things you can do to improve your
financial prowess is to clear the clutter. When you organize,
you strategize and you free your mind to work better. It may
seem like an odd piece of financial advice, but consider this...

  • Rich people don't have clutter. Have you ever seen a
    celebrity home on television? Celebrities and other rich
    people don't have clutter. Their homes are well appointed
    with just the right proportion of things to available space.
    Everything looks like it belongs. Why is this? For starters,
    they don't attach themselves to "things," though they do
    have very nice things. Without the attachment to junk,
    they're free to add things they really value. Preppers value
    survival items. When you free your closets of junk you
    don't wear, rid the cupboards knick-knacks you don't use,
    you will build space for new preps that you value.

  • Clutter affects your brain. If your home is cluttered, so is
    your thinking and your mental state. If you're holding on
    to clothes from high school or shoes with the soles worn
    through, you're not allowing new things into your life. In a
    sense, you're telling yourself that you're not good enough
    for new things. Also, the more mess, the more stress!
    Psychology today gives you 5 reasons to clear the clutter.
    When you de-clutter the extra stuff laying around, you'll
    free your mind and make room for more money and things
    to come your way.

  • Hoarding is not the same thing as clutter. Preppers
    hoard useful items and this is not the same thing as
    clutter. Hoarding is preparedness. Happy Preppers part
    with the unnecessary stuff and stock up on supplies.

#3: Bartering.
Bartering is a typical prepper's idea of financial planning. While
your financial future as a prepper includes setting aside some
items for bartering, in all probability it's not going to be how
you'll make money for more preps. Barerting won't help you
thrive as a prepper; however, the out-of-the box thinking is
something for your financial mind to ponder.

You see, bartering is the process of thinking ahead. That's the
takeaway! For example, in his book,
Prepper's Financial Guide,
pictured at the top of the page, Jim Cobb suggests stockpiling
items to fill the void of bad habits, such as smoking and
drinking. These "vices" he discusses include alcohol and
cigarettes. Both have always been an excellent bartering
items. There's one person who planned ahead knowing the

Case in point is the famous Kennedy family who gambled on
alcohol during prohibition and made a fortune. It's not a myth!
When prohibition ended, the first alcohol to hit New York was
Dewar's Scotch supplied by the Kennedy family.
reports the Kennedy secret strategy of landing British
importation rights. Foresight is everything. Alcohol is a
particularly good money maker in hard times and any wine,
beer or hard liquor you stockpile will serve you well in a
financial collapse. It's a good preparation for a problem with
the government, too.

#4: Bargain hunting.
Another ordinary idea in prepper financial planning is bargain
hunting. Honestly, you can't save your way to making money as
a prepper, though bargain hunting is a mainstay of the prepper
lifestyle. Even so, bargain hunting is a good financial strategy
and can help you as a prepper gain more for your larder.
Another factor to consider is that rich people love bargains!

  • Amazon. Whether you're shopping Amazon for prepping
    gear or clothing, it's a big secret to know how to get stuff
    on Amazon for a bargain. Here's the deal: vendors want a
    review on their products and because of this they're often
    eager to sell their wares quickly so they can get a great
    review. All you need to do is to know this little trick: take
    a look at Amazon's "sort by" feature in the upper right
    hand of the search. Amazon uses the "featured" default
    because they have deals with vendors. The work around to
    looking for great deals is to search "Low to High" for any
    particular category. Doing this will help you find great
    deals! The listings begin with the lowest priced items. Get
    am $89 sweater for $11.97 with free shipping on Prime.
    The seller is obviously losing, but they are learning from
    your purchase. It's a win-win!

  • Costco Executive Membership. Buying from Costco is the
    ideal place to quickly stock up on food, but if you buy an
    Executive Costco membership and regularly buy you will
    get your money back. That means no membership fees
    and better deals. It costs $110 for such a membershp, but
    you'll get a 2% reward for all your purchases. Remember,
    you can share the membership with a friend or family
    member. They give you two membership cards for $100 so
    you may as well use them ~ that means if you're the
    primary shopper, don't share the card with a spouse.
    Instead, share it with a friend.

  • Garage sales are a good place to find camping preps.
    The problem with shopping garage sales is you may buy a
    tent that has missing or broken tent poles or a tear and a
    rip. It's not a great deal if you can't use it.

#5: Count the Currency!
If you read The Richest Man in Babylon, you'll know to "Fatten
thy purse" and make money.  What if there is no purse to
fatten and you're a low income prepper who is not quite making
ends meet? How will you improve your financial future? For
starters, gain financial literacy about currency. Here are some
prepper tips about currencies:

  • Bitcoin. In a word: no! Stay away from Bitcoin as this
    extremely volatile currency is unproven and will be useless
    during a financial collapse. There's no evidence that
    Bitcoin ever will be accepted next to cash or credit ~ and
    even if it were accepted, it would have no value without
    electricity. Preppers aren't looking for fast cash. A prepper
    is a tortoise and not the hare, an ant and not the
    grasshopper ~ in other words, preppers want something
    more tangible.

  • Cash on hand. Preppers generally have an emergency
    fund with cash on hand. The secret is in keeping the cashy
    and not using it like a revolving account. Put the money in
    a vault and leave it there for an emergency. Aim to have
    at least $500 in cash, and always on hand in small bills in
    your home. If you set aside $20 a paycheck, then you'll
    have $520 at the end of the year (26 x $20 = $520).
    That's pretty easy to do and here's another idea:

  • Collect coinage. Another way to save your money is
    to put aside 50-cent pieces or dollar coins. Every
    payday, head to the bank to withdraw $20 from the
    ATM and get yourself a stack. Because of the sheer
    weight, you won't be tempted to spend them and in a
    year you'll have. It also feels good to have a heavy
    stack of coinage! Seriously, think to when you were a

  • Foreign Currency. Jim Cobb, in his book, the Prepper's
    Financial Guide, suggests that you stockpile foreign money
    in case the dollar fails, but honestly this isn't cogent
    advice. Currency is only worth the paper its printed on no
    matter the country who prints it. Besides, if the dollar
    fails, so will the other currencies. The only exception is
    coinage with metal value: copper, silver and gold.

  • Copper coins. Copper pennies are something every
    prepper should stockpile. It costs nothing. You'd probably
    toss the extra coins.

  • Silver coins. Silver coins and bullion are well worth
    investing in as a currency of a financial collapse.
    Traditionally silver has always retained a value, whereas
    paper currency may become eventually worthless. Hoard
    coins for their melt value!

  • Gold coins. Considering gold coins? Gold is much more
    expensive and you won't be able to get much value of gold
    for bartering. If you can afford it, sure.

#6: Give credit where credit is due: credit cards!
Dave Ramsey may tell you that "Debt is not a tool," and he'd
be right, but credit cards aren't debt if you pay them off each
month. It may surprise you to know that credit cards actually
are useful in prepping for your financial future when used
responsibly. Don't shun them! Use credit cards wisely by taking
advantage of rewards, but pay as you go.

Here are some tips for using credit cards responsibly:

  • American Express: When you use your American card on
    Amazon to purchase prepping supplies, you can earn free
    gear. All you need to do connect the two. Set up
    automatic American Express Membership Rewards points
    today. Just link your American Express Card to your account. Redeem your available Membership
    Rewards Points every time you purchase at
    It's free money to buy prepping gear!

  • Bank of America Visa. Earn a $200 cash rewards bonus
    after making at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90
    days of your account opening — plus now choose how you
    earn rewards. Bank of America offers gift cards, including
    Amazon Gift cards. It's free money for more preps.

  • Dollar stores. One weird rule of using your credit card
    responsibly is to NOT use a credit card at a dollar store.
    Using a credit card at a dollar store will lower your credit
    rating. Why? Because the bank knows you don't even have
    a few bucks to spend!

#7: Food is insurance.
Food insurance doesn't really exist. It is a financial strategy
preppers have to store food. It may offer you peace to have a
large stockpile of food ~ this can sustain you for a personal
emergency, like a job loss or medical leave, or it can give you
an edge on a total financial meltdown. Food is currency! Food
is insurance.

  • Powdered milk: Some preppers plan on reconstituting
    powdered milk and selling it for when there is no milk
    available or in limited supply. That's an interesting idea.
    Powdered milk doesn't take up much space.

  • Be sure to guard your food storage. Safeguarding your
    food involves hiding it. You may be lucky enough to have
    a safe-room hidden in your house, but not everyone is so
    lucky. Perhaps you'll chose to bury your food in select
    locations. Another option is to create hiding space in your
    beds. A place that no one will look for food or valuables is
    your kids rooms.

#8: Free stuff.
A discussion on prepper financial matters wouldn't be complete
without discussing the free stuff. People give away free stuff
all the time ~ you just have to know where to look. One place
is rich neighborhoods.

Rest assured that if you're a prepper with a truck you have free
stuff to pick up. People don't want to lug old pianos to their
new home. Likewise, furniture is often free.  You might even
start to hold a garage sale with the furniture you pick up for
free. Offer to deliver furniture for another fee.

Here are some great places to find free stuff:

#9: Making money.
As a prepper you must look to multiple streams of income.
Prepping supplies add up and you can make extra money.
Below are some ideas to get you started.

  • eBay. eBay is an excellent place to make extra money for
    prepping. Before turning to Web sites for profit, the were eBay Platinum Powersellers. How
    did we do it? One book: "How to Buy, Sell & Profit on
    Ebay" by Adam Ginsberg. This book only gets a 4 out 5
    rating, but likely it's not from anyone who followed Adam's
    cogent advice. This books is hands-down the best ebay
    sales book money can buy! Buy it used for less than $1
    and shipping. You'll need to source products, store them,
    ship them and manage customer questions and handle
    returns, but you'll learn a lot about eCommerce.

  • Garage Sales. Make room in your home for new prepping
    gear. Preppers absolutely should hold a garage sale ~ do
    it this weekend if the weather is good. Get rid of the
    things you don't need and improve your prepping power
    with food and supplies.

  • Instagram. Are you an influencer? Make money on
    Instagram with a simple and actionable marketing plan.
    Robb Taroni's Instagram Influencer Marketing Secrets
    2019, pcitured right. With Instagram you'll need a theme
    and eventually businesses will pay you to promote their
    products in that theme. It's constant work, but good extra

#10: Passive income.
If you learn one thing about financial preparedness, let it be
this: you must look for passive income. What is passive
income? Passive income is something you set up once and
manage very minimally, but it continues to earn you income
month after month, year after year. Passive income is making
money in your sleep! How do you earn it? Below are some

  • Buy stocks for the dividends. Don't buy stocks low to
    make money selling them high. Instead buy stocks for the
    dividends they yield and then reinvest those dividends to
    buy even more stock. This will grow your wealth. More
    stocks will yield even more dividends. The tricky part is
    finding the right stocks. Follow a leader, like Warren

  • Write a book. Writing a book may take you a year, or if
    you're a prolific author just a month, but when you write a
    book once you will yield a lifetime of benefits from every
    sale. Self-publish with Amazon! With Amazon’s self
    publishing services you can reach millions of readers
    worldwide and keep control of your work. Selling ebooks is
    a great way to test your idea before you spend money
    printing a book. Incentivize others to review your book, so
    you get traction for sales. Without a good review your
    book is toast.

  • Rent your home. One of the most lucrative forms of
    passive income is rental income. Buy property to rent, not
    to flip it. If you own property and want a self-sufficient
    lifestyle you may have your eyes set on owning a
    homestead. Don't sell your current home: rent it! Renters
    can pay the rest of your mortgage, your property taxes
    and there might be enough leftover for passive income. As
    your home increases in value, so does the rent. Not sure if
    you want to give up your home for a year or more? Try
    renting a room in your home. Rent your home as a
    vacation home for a few days, a week or a month with! Will the dishwasher fail or the toilets
    overflow? Yes, but don't let this scare you. Rental income
    is solid passive income. You can make money with airbnb
    without owning property!

  • Become a Udemy instructor. If you can make a video,
    you can earn passive income with Right now
    there are only 18 preparedness videos on, so
    if you have some survival skills to share, then you can
    make money on They need your lectures!
    Information products are good passive income sources.

  • Make YouTube videos. If you're handy with a camera and
    have a personality you can make big bucks on YouTube!
    Even a seven year old can earn money opening up kids
    toys on Youtube. Share your passion with others. Create a
    channel and open up camping gear. The sky's the limit!
    The biggest tip for making YouTube videos: get a clear

#11: Self sufficiency.
Invest in self sufficiency. You'll learn to be self sufficient
financially when you invest in gardening, from scratch cooking,
and do-it-yourself projects. Here are some other ideas.

  • Buy land. Buying land is a wise financial move and will
    help bring self-sufficiency if you're a prepper. You may not
    think you can afford to buy land. Here are five sources and
    legitimate ways to get land for your homestead for next to
    nothing: buy land for very little money! Who thrived during
    the Great Depression? The people who had their own land
    to grow food and ranch meat and dairy.

  • Grow food. Even if you don't own land you can have a
    garden and grow your own food. Community gardens are
    your personal solution to grow food even if you have no
    money. If you have children, you might volunteer in their
    community gardens and sow the fruit of the land.

#12: Survival skills.
Skills are your survival currency in a financial collapse. Mind
you, these survival skills aren't necessarily what others would
pay for you to do, but ways to add to your bottom line so as
not to spare the money you have. Take an honest inventory of
the skills you have.

  • Candlemaking. Candlemaking his could earn you $1,000
    at a few craft fairs if you lose your job.

  • Collecting firewood and tinder. Money you don't spend
    for heat is money in your pocket. There are lots of ways to
    get free firewood without stealing it. Pallets from grocery
    stores are a great way to get firewood as long as you're
    willing to dismantel it. Start a tree service!

  • Fishing. Your time and gear could reduce your grocery list
    for dinner.

  • Hair cutting. In a world without rule of law, you don't
    need a license to cut hair. Think of how you could barter
    your hair styling skills with neighbors in exchange for
    veggies in their garden.

  • Sewing. You don't need to be a fashion designer to sew.
    Knowing how to sew can repair clothing and save you
    money. It's easy enough to sew placemats and napkins, or
    even reusable menstrual pads.
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