How to completely disappear

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Above, Michael discusses how people disappear.

  • Think about your digital footprint. Recognize that every
    text and e-mail you send can be captured and read by
    someone else. Neither Lisa Page nor Peter Stzrok imagined
    that the FBI would ever read their texts. These were two
    rogue FBI officials.  They not only violated the Hatch Act that
    prohibits employees from conducting political activities in
    their official roles, but they exposed their affair. Be smarter
    than them!

  • Be aware that your shopping habits are easily monitored.
    Your purchases leave a digital footprint to companies trying
    to win future sales from you. Some examples of the digital
    footprint you leave:
  • NetFlix knows if you have kids by the kinds of movies
    you watch.
  • Target may find you're a parent by the prenatal vitamins
    or diapers you buy.

  • Buy books online with an Amazon gift card. One way to
    buy on Amazon without a trace is to set up a mailbox at a
    store which has a physical address. You can't do this with
    the Post Office because they won't accept UPS or Federal
    Express, for example. Next, get an Amazon gift card. You can
    go to a Coinstar machine for an Amazon Gift card without
    any fee or you can use cash. With Coinstar, you put money
    (coins or dollars) into the machine and can get a receipt with
    a code to purchase on Amazon. Finally, find a community
    computer that does not require your identity to use.
    Remember that a library may require a library card to use
    their computers. Now you can set up a Amazon account and
    shop privately with gift certificates.

#3: Learn how to live on a cash-only basis.
If you want to disappear and be invisible, then you must
understand how to live a cash only life. If you can't live this way,
then maybe disappearing isn't for you. The only way to remove
yourself from the traces of the financial world is to live on a cash
only basis, but his presents a number of problems.

Here are some considerations for how to live on cash-only:

  • Ditch your credit cards. Pay them off and consider freezing
    them or closing them. Did you know that the credit cards
    which come with a microchip are capable of tracing your
    path? If someone wants to trace your steps, that little
    microchip can reveal much about your habits ~ including
    where you've been based on your purchase. Whenever you
    use your credit card, even without the chip, the bank knows
    your location.

  • Don't disappear to avoid paying debts. If you owe money
    on your car or plan to disappear to create an insurance claim
    for loved ones, you're placing yourself in legal jeopardy with
    possible jail time.

  • Know that cash is disappearing. Someday the government
    may decide to live entirely on a credit and debit system.
    They may stop printing cash entirely! If you're over fifty,
    likely you have nothing to worry about, but if you're younger
    and ever decide to return to society, then you'll have lost
    your digital foothold. You've disappeared without a trace and
    without a means to get back.

  • Realize you can't barter your way out of cash
    dependence. Even the Amish use cash and checks, and
    some use credit cards In reality, you won't be able to
    completely wipe away your digital footprint. Learn to
    minimize it instead. Most people will need to be plugged into
    the economy.

  • Be aware of identity theft. Your driver's license and social
    security number are vulnerable to identity theft even if
    you've abandoned them. While you're off disappearing
    someone could be gallivanting off with money in your name
    making you liable. Call the three major credit reporting
    agencies to freeze your credit, so you can prevent this from

#4: Purge your other worldly possessions.
If you want to disappear, you'll need to have fewer things.

  • Ditch your cell phone. Disappearing without a trace is not
    easy. One of the most difficult things you'll face is getting
    rid of your cell phone. Your mobile phone shows your
    location. Since the phone has a digital financial footprint, it's
    got to go if you want to disappear from society.

#5: Ditch your home, live from your car.
Now that you've mastered a cash-only lifestyle, you can take the
next step and live in your car. Living from a car is one way to
disappear from society, but living in a car requires insurance and
registration. Both of those are tied to a physical location. It's all
about baby steps.

  • Go car camping. Learn how to live from your car. It's all
    about baby steps. If you want to disappear, the first thing is
    to know how it feels to live in your car. Give it a go for three
    weeks to see what you learn. See if you "graduate" from this
    physical test.

  • Check with local laws on your Driver's License. Florida
    requires that you update your address information on your
    drivers license within 30 days of moving. Can you use a Post
    Office Box as the address on your driver's license? This also
    depends on your state.

  • Ditch your home. Once you're comfortable with living in your
    car you can ditch your home. Sell it or inform the landlord
    and move out. Eventually you can create a ghost address to
    solve problems.

  • Get a ghost address. A ghost address is in part a place to
    get mail. In a ghost address, you don't have a mortgage,
    you'll pay all cash for a house, which is possible if you live in
    your car or off-grid, pay cash to live in someone else's home,
    and have sufficient income. There are sacrifices in hiding
    your home address, and it's more difficult if you have kids. shows you how to keep private in a
    nonprivate world.

  • Get a Post Office Box or Rent a Mailbox. A P.O.Box or
    mailbox provides a measure of security that might help you
    with identity theft. A P.O. Box is much less expensive and  
    you can pay with cash, but to get a PO Box number and pick
    up your keys, you’ll need to show two valid IDs: one photo
    ID and non-photo ID. Your ID must be current, contain
    sufficient information to confirm that you are who you claim
    to be, and be traceable to you. This means, if you want to
    disappear without a trace you'll eventually need to give it up.

#6: Inform friends and family.
You have the right to go missing from a legal standpoint, but you
are still obligated to pay your debts and there are some caveats.
Before you do anything more, be sure to tell your friends and
family of your plans to disappear. It could otherwise cause you
legal troubles! If the people who love you notify authorities
because of your disappearance, you could be held liable for legal
costs incurred in a search for you.

  • Notify authorities. If you're escaping a gang, stalker or
    someone who's abusing you or blackmailing you, then you
    should seek help from law enforcement. They can help
    provide legal ways for you to stay safe.

  • Safety Alert from the National Domestic Violence
    Hotline: "Computer use can be monitored and is
    impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your
    Internet usage might be monitored, call the National
    Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-

  • Pay your taxes. You need to be a law-abiding citizen, but in
    so doing you will be making yourself visible to the
    government. You can make a minimal impact on this
    requirement if you have a business and get a mailing
    address in Nevada because Nevada has no income tax. Talk
    with a lawyer about this ahead of making plans. While
    Nevada doesn't have a corporate income tax, corporations in
    Nevada must pay federal corporate income tax.  The federal
    income tax is a pay-as-you-go tax. Federal tax rates on such
    corporate taxable income varies from 15% to 35%.

Unless you are a loner with no family and limited friends, this
should be one of the most difficult things about disappearing.

#7: Quit your job.
Having a job is both an alibi and an ankle chain ~ it's a physical
trail. Eventually you'll need to quit your job if you want to truly
disappear from the grid of society. Your job anchors you to a
specific time and place, even if you tele-commute from your car or
live on a boat. Working a cash-only job is presumed you're
evading taxes.

If you ask for cash-only payment, keep in mind:
While it's not illegal to pay employees or contractors in cash, as a
business practice that very few businesses will actually follow
through on such a request.

  • Cash requires a trip to the bank. It's impractical for the
    employer to get cash physically for you as it's an extra step
    for them. You may not be worth the trouble and they'll
    probably worry about your mental capacity or about your
    legitimacy or legal standing.
  • Employers want to avoid audits. A large cash outlay is
    trouble for the books. Businesses must file IRS Form 8300
    and Reporting Cash Payments of more than $10,000.
  • Paying you in cash impacts workers' compensation and
    unemployment. Your employer may worry what might
    happen if you file a worker's compensation claim. To avoid
    any problems, your employer must keep accurate records of
    the cash given to you.
  • Paying you in cash doesn't release you from tax liability.
    The employer is also still required to pay payroll taxes and
    you're required to pay taxes on them. In short, a business
    employer will likely say no. You'll have more luck with lower
    paying domestic jobs or manual labor in agriculture.

#8: Give up your right to vote.
It is a privilege and responsibility to vote, but if you vote then it
will place you at a specific time and location. Voting is probably
the least of your concerns about disappearing in the United
States. If you're concerned for your life, don't bother voting.

Do you really want to Disappear?
One of the most effective ways to disappear without a trace is to
disappear into the wilderness.

If you're the
Dick Proenneke type and want to disappear into the
wilderness without a trace, then think again. Watch the
documentary Alone in the Wilderness
~ a moving true tale of Dick
Proenneke, a self-sufficient craftsman, who left civilization to
forge a solitary life deep in the wilds of Alaska in the 1950s. He
had pre-arranged a constant stream of supplies delivered to him
by airplane drops.

Another good movie is
Into the Wild, pictured right. This is the
true story of Christopher McCandless who changed his name to
Alexander Supertramp as he walked into the wild in search of
adventure, leaving behind a privileged life. What happened to him
on the way transformed this young wanderer into an enduring
symbol for countless people~ a fearless risk-taker who wrestled
with the precarious balance between man and nature.

How to be invisible, but still be part of society.
To disappear without a trace isn't necessarily your goal. Self-
sufficiency is the goal. We hope you've discovered that it really is
so much more than ditching your identification. Your birth
certificate, school identification, driver's license social security
card, and bank statements are out there now unless you're an
undocumented immigrant. They're not going to disappear, but you
can minimize the footprint.

Be aware of your privacy rights. Learn how to protect your home
address by creating a ghost address. The insightful guide also
discloses how to hide ownership of vehicles and real estate,
switch to low-profile banking and invisible money transfers, use
alternate signatures, and more. You can secretly run a home-
based business with techniques found in the book.

How to be Invisible, the essential guide to preserving your
personal security by J.J. Luna, pictured right will give you the
skills to protect your home, your children, your assets and your
life as you stay connected to the grid, but invisible to
exploitation. If you have good reason to hide your address or the
ownership of some or all of your property assets, then this book
is for you.

Do you really want to disappear?
Every kid at one time or another has wanted to completely
disappear. Adults for nefarious purpose have also attempted to
disappear to evade the law. Victims of domestic abuse or of gang
members want to disappear without a trace for their personal
safety or to avoid being stalked or blackmailed. Whatever your
reason for wanting to disappear, be sure to check local laws and
stay ethical!

For preppers it means not looking like a prepper! (Wearing
tactical clothing will make you look like someone who has
valuables in an SHTF situation.) Obviously a
ghillie suit will help
you disappear into nature, but make you stand out in an urban

Enjoy the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle
In learning how to disappear in the United States, you probably
have come to the realization that it's possible but not a  
comfortable life ~ and it's a lonely one. It's good to have a basic
understanding about your digital footprint and how it affects you
in society.

Certainly you can minimize your digital dependency as you enjoy
a self-sufficient lifestyle, but realistically you need to have a
digital and financial footprint.

Get more ideas on how to disappear!
There are lots of books on  how to disappear. Read them:

Happy endings...
There's a level of fantasy on disappearing. Preppers in particular
have sometimes unrealistic dreams of disappearing into the
wilderness to survive off the land. The reality is that it's a tough
life, and a lonely one to disappear. A ghillie suit will only take
you so far..

Maybe you don't want to disappear afterall, but it's fun to think
about it in case you ever need to do it. Before you disappear, see
if you can resolve your problems, like resolving your debt, moving,
or getting into a witness protection program.

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Your Google searches are like bread crumbs for investigators to find you.

  • Learn how to send out misinformation. Start by destroying
    the data out there about you. suggests
    leaving digital clues that leave others to search for you in
    the wrong direction. Do extensive Internet research, for
    example, that leads investigators to Los Buzos, Panama,
    instead of where you're really headed.

  • Realize that all American's are spy victims! Google
    satellites track your home and the super secret National
    Security Agency by default tracks every single American. It
    collects communications data on Americans and stores the
    data in the interest of national security intelligence ~ it
    filters and measures the data and it stores them. This
    includes phone records,

  • Recognize the RFID. Every credit card in your wallet is a
    tracking device. You can get a wallet with RFID blocking
    protection. With a unique metal composite, these wallets
    are engineered to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals
    and protect the valuable information stored on RFID chips
    from unauthorized scans. Unfortunately, the minute you
    use your credit card you leave a digital footprint about
    where you've been. Even without spending money,
    someone can know where you are. That's why it's
    important for every prepper, even those who don't really
    want to disappear, to have one.

  • Minimize your digital footprint! Use pay-as-you-go mobile
    phones, debit cards, untraceable computers, and
    connections. You can also use alternate names for all your
    electronic devices. In this way you are creating
    disinformation. Create fake digital trails using real "fake"
    credit card numbers. These cards aren't for real purchases.
    The concept is to get things for free. They're seeds for such
    things as free trials. You can sign up for NetFlix free trial
    using real fake credit cards.

    Your spending habits speak volumes about you. Credit card
    companies, and chain stores who offer credit, use algorithms
    to track you. Listen below about how Target used algorithms
    to discover a family secret and you'll realize how important it
    is to minimize your digital footprint to help disappear.
How to Disappear
Practical guide for becoming a gray man and vanishing

Learn how to completely disappear for survival!
Want to vanish from society to start a new life? Do you have a
plan in case a gang member, abusive lover or stalker is on your
tail? Maybe you've come into some money and want to disappear
from family and friends? Just want to plug some loopholes in your
personal security plan? Learn how to completely disappear
without a trace to save your life or make you feel more secure.

Below is how to make it costly and time consuming for anyone to
find you. It's not going to be easy, but there are steps you can
take to erase your digital footprint and make it harder for the bad
guys to get your information and to find you. The knowledge
below will help you disappear for survival...

How to Disappear Legally!
Pull of a vanishing act. This is a starters guide on how to vanish.
not for nefarious purpose! We're not going to suggest you
fake your own death or buy, steal or create a new identity either.
Instead it's a list of thought provoking and radical considerations
about disappearing for your survival.

Want to disappear? You can live off the grid and go under the
radar with these techniques. Get started now!

Here's how to disappear for survival:

#1: Study the gray man concept.
At the heart of your disappearing act is the "gray man concept."
It's reducing awareness of your presence so that others may
dismiss you ~ it's a way to camouflage yourself in an urban
setting. In a way, it's survival by psychology.

  • Grayman is blending in with your surroundings. Every
    prepper understands the value of urban concealment in
    terms of possessions, but this concept also applies to the
    person. The gray man is not just invisible, but also an expert
    at looking less tactical or threatening. Blending in and
    assimilating is about being forgettable. Matthew Dermody's
    Grayman: Camouflage for crowds, cities and civil crisis, is a
    book to help you accomplish assimilation and give you a
    good foundation for vanishing in any urban environment in
    part by avoiding individual expression.

  • Grayman goes beyond clothing. Certainly someone wearing
    a gray sweatshirt is less noticeable than someone wearing
    neon orange, but the concept goes beyond just wearing
    muted colors and it's not just about dressing like the others
    either. It's about integrating and looking like you belong and
    that you're not out of place. This means knowing the social
    norms and following them, and using intuition.

  • It's about going undetected. The Grayman theory is about
    being boring and never making a first impression. This is an
    advantage to a homeless person who wants to undetected
    to get some free heat or use the bathroom. It's also about
    how you move and about avoiding conflict. Everything you
    want to know about gray man tactics - how to blend in,
    disappear, avoid harm, detect lies and much more is
    available in a new book called Gray Man Tactics, right. It's a
    highly detailed book on how to be use the gray man theory.

  • It's about maintaining a situational awareness. In tandem
    with the gray man concept is situational awareness. This is
    a proactive awareness of the world around you ~ an
    avoidance of threats. The Situational Survival Guide, right
    helps you know your threats and develop your personal
    action plan. The mindset is about managing our exposure to
    threats to help you avoid catastrophe, such as having a
    situational awareness on crime. For the military it's
    "Standard Operating Procedure" to control the outflow of
    sensitive information. In part it's done by a flow of
    information and body language. A civilian can use situational
    awareness to not be a victim.

  • It's a show of hands. Your hands provide visual clues about
    who you are. When you're not concealing your hands you're
    also not holding a weapon. When your hands are relaxed
    they're not it a position to strike at someone and from this
    others can have a level of trust in you, which is important in
    the gray man concept. Your goal is to look less threatening
    and tactical.

Anyone can be a gray man for a day and this is a good survival
skill to practice. In the book,
Anti-tracking, pictured right, the
goal is in maintaining a low profile and evading capture. It's an
intuitive and revealing resource that demystifies the art of
creating the illusion of invisibility.

#2: Recognize that you have a digital footprint.
The first step in disappearing is erasing the digital breadcrumbs.
In the book,
How to Disappear: author Frank M. Ahearn discusses
how to erase your digital footprint, leave false trails, and vanish
without a trace. Pictured right, this leaves you wondering whether
Frank M. Ahearn is his real name, but also is highly entertaining
of the fantasy of staging a disappearance.

Make your digital footprint disappear and here's how...

  • Gather your digital footprint. Think about where you've
    used your credit card online, gather up your identification
    (school ID, passport, driver's license, Costco ID everything).

  • Make it time consuming and costly for someone to find
    you. The digital breadcrumbs are your footprints and trail
    you leave behind whenever you're online, on the phone,
    using your credit card, drivers' license, passport, address or
    any personal information. Your goal is to disappear so that
    it's very costly for someone to find you.

  • Know your Google Searches are tracking tools. Websites
    store cookies on your computer. Web site owners collect this
    information about how you interact with their website in part
    to help them remember you, but also it helps them spy on
    you. These cookies, whether or not you delete them, are
    traceable and provide clues. Here's how to find someone
    online using private investigator's techniques.
Electrolytes in the prepper's pantry
gab social media profile for happypreppers
How to Diseappear
How to Disappear by Frank M.
How to disappear and never be found