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The image above of the enterage surround Ford shows a deliberate use of
body language. It's the poor victim pose with hands showing that she is
submissive. Its aim is to evoke sympathy of the "victim."

It's important to know that while there are indicators of deceit,
it's next to impossible to surmise that indeed the person is
deceitful based on a single microexpression or gesture. You need
to get at the heart of what the person is thinking.  It's never that
simple to make a determination ~ it could be shame, shock or an
outright lie.

It's better to look in context and to review the indications in sum.
If the preponderance of body language evidence indicates deceit
then you can logically conclude it is so.

Dr. Ford was inconsistent several times. In her opening statement
she said "Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from
screaming" and that terrified her most, but later she said
‘uproarious laughter’ from Kavanaugh and friend stood out most.
Her testimony was inconsistent and he body language reveals a
deceitful tone.

Happy endings...
Judge Brett Kavanaugh had a squeaky clean track record and had
already been fully vetted six times when along came Dr. Christine
Margaret Blasey Ford, a research psychologist, who laid out some
serious accusations. They've had the opportunity to speak. He's
been cleared and presented another clean FBI background check
and he's on his way to confirmation!

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Chrissy Margaret Blasey Ford
Above you can fast forward to 3:03 and look at her eyes after Ford says
"terrible handwriting." Note the microexpression: twitching eyebrows, which
was an involuntary response to a difficult question.

Microexpressions reveal what a person is really thinking and are an
important way to understand non-verbal behavior because they are
involuntary facial responses. They are relevant in detecting
deception, but you
can't draw an inference on microexpressions
alone. Certain micro expressions could trigger you to believe
someone is lying, but it's important to note that it could also be
something else: the person could be in discomfort or have another
insecurity unrelated to fibbing.

#5: Tight lips.
The top half of the face is more important than the lower in terms
of body language. That's because we have more control over the
lower half of the face ~ which means it's easier to control the
bottom half of the face and lie. Even so, there are some dead

Liars more likely than not will press lips tightly as an attempt to
withhold the truth, the whole truth.
Christine Blasey Ford on snowy
vacation with her family
When comparing pupils of both Ford and Kavanaugh in a similar
environment you can clearly see Ford's pupils are dilated much larger than
Kavanaugh's, which reveals her brain is working hard, possibly at lying.

Dilation is the widening of pupils, and it's normal that someone's
eyes would dilate in conditions of low light, as this dilation allows
more light to reach the retina, but dilated pupil can also be sign
that the brain is working hard. In other words, the brain is
working hard on telling a lie.

The eyes are windows of the soul:

  • Blinking rapidly could indicate that someone is troubled and
    under stress. It doesn't necessarily indicate lying, but in
    sworn testimony setting you'll find that the tougher the
    questions, the faster the blink rate of the person undergoing

  • Eye-blocking by shielding eyes, lowering them or delaying
    opening them reveals that the person is frustrated or
    concerned. Ford frequently did these things,.

  • Rubbing eyes in poker usually means the person has a weak

  • Prolonged staring can show dominance. Dog owners use this
    technique to control their pet.

  • Maintaining eye contact can show confidence, which is why
    you want to remember this in an interview.

"The Eyes, Chico. They never lie." ~

Ford looked away several times during testimony and this could
be an indication of lying. It also could be that she was
uncomfortable with the questioning and such anxiety is

  • Conclusion: Ford's eyes were dilated, but context is
    important. When eyes are dilated it divulges the person is
    emotionally stimulated positively or negatively. In a poker
    game it could indicate a winning hand (positive emotional
    stimulant), but in a court trial or testimony it contextually
    could mean she's lying (negative emotional stimulation).

Blink rate also spikes when someone is emotionally aroused,
which brings us next to twitching.

#4: Twitching.
The science of body language requires an interpretation based on
several gestures, signs and movements and you should add
twitching to the list. Twitching is another kind of involuntary non-
verbal communication. Ford, with her background in psychology,
should have a general, if not specific understanding of body
language and arguably could show body language consistent with
truth telling; however, there are some things any liar can not
control and one of them is twitching.

Twitching is a microgesture around the eye that indicates deceit.
An twitch happens sometimes in milliseconds, which is why it's
easier to spot them with the help of cameras. If you watch Ford's
testimony below, you'll notice she twitches:
Body language reveals a lot about what's going on inside someone's head.
Above, Ford is tight and Judge Kavanaugh is relaxed.

When a person is content and comfortable blood flows through
his or her hands making them pliable. Kavanaugh's stance while
giving testimony is relaxed, and open, indicating he is open to
telling the truth. Conversely, stress will make a person's hand
and arm more rigid. Ford is tight with her arm and fingers and
thumb leave no space in between.

Space between fingers matters! As fingers expand it makes the
hand more territorial ~ like a
fight or flight response, he is ready
and willing to do what is necessary to fight for his political life. It
also indicates eagerness to participate in the process. While
Kavanaugh is territorial, his hand is also comfortable and relaxed.
His open fingers and outstretched arm indicates he's eager to
have an opportunity to tell his truth. Think of the kid who knows
the answer and can't wait to tell the teacher! This is Kavanaugh.

Conversely, a person who feels insecure that same space
between fingers and body disappears. Fingers held tightly
together and tight to the body show someone who is
uncomfortable with revealing too much.

  • Conclusion: From the onset it appears that Kavanaugh is
    much more open to telling the truth; while Ford is guarded.
    Ford's body language is consistent with the deception of a
    good liar or at least a scholarly one.

#2: Hiding behind glasses.
Ford's team was extremely careful in crafting Ford's public
appearance before her testimony. The image, right, of a sporty
looking woman behind sunglasses was a deliberately enigmatic
image of Ford to leave a positive first impression. The photo as
much helped established anonymity as it did to allow the
perception of a relaxed attitude. In dreams, sunglasses represent

Throughout her testimony, Ford hid behind whisps of hair and
enormously thick and over-sized glasses. Prescription glasses can
also make a person appear more of an intellect and credible, but
glasses make it more difficult to read facial expressions. Specs
are a bit voyeuristic. Wearing them is essentially, "I can see you
but you can’t see me," which is why they've become a celebrity

Thankfully they also afford an opportunity for a body language
expert to assess use of them. It's significant that she moved her
glasses to the top of her head. There were key time's Ford
adjusted her glasses after she answered Mitchell's questions.

  • Conclusion. Ford is hiding her emotions and insecurities in
    burying her face behind hair and glasses. She's guarded.
    Eyes truly are the windows of the soul.
Body Language
How body language can reveal deceit.

What body language reveals about Ford's allegations.
You may have a gut feeling about whether Christine Blasey-Ford
was telling the truth or whether it was Judge Brett Kavanaugh
was more truthful. People will make such decisions on political
bias. Facts (or lack of them) can uncover who is telling the truth.

There's a scientific way to look at truth telling and it's not what
you may think. Ted Bundy passed a lie detector test.

The answer is body language. Gestures and lack of them reveal
what a person is thinking. The body gives away other clues
including voice pitch, dilation of eyes and more that a person is
not able to control. Body language can reveal deceit. Below is
what body language reveals about Christine Blasey-Ford and her
allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh...

How Body Language Reveals Deceit

#1: Sworn Testimony: the hands, and arms.
Starting from the beginning with sworn testimony we can observe
body language of both:
Real Lie Detector test
Handwriting of Dr. Ford
Above, Christine Blasey Ford hides behind her therapist notes during
testimony. Handwriting also is a window to the soul.

#3: Dialating eyes.
Eyes are conduits of information. They can reveal many things
about whether someone is comfortable and relaxed or processing
risk and possibly bluffing. Eyes really are the windows to the
soul! Eyes that dilate are most revealing because it's an
involuntary non-verbal communication. There's nothing you can do
to control dilation other than controlling the lighting.
How to use body language to see if someone is lying
Ford's handwriting analysis
reveals more about her
personality traits and lack of
#7: Stiff neck.
A stiff neck with the jaw pulled in reveals deceit. Above you see
her pull her jaw inward as a subconscious way to withhold the
truth. It's as though her body is pulling back on the lie so as not to
divulge the truth.

#8: Hands on the victim.
After the testimony was finished, her lawyers sealed the deal: they
coddled her by laying their hands on the poor victim child.
Above Ford presses lips together tightly and her hands are tightly forged
together and her arm presses tightly against her body ~ all signs that she is
guarded and possibly intent at withholding information.

#6: Cutesy voice.
The cutesy voice exhibited by Ford was something well documented.
This hilarious video explains things perfectly.
Handwriting analysis and what it reveals about Christine Ford
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