How to Survive a Blackout

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Prepper Movie: The Trigger Effect
The Trigger Effect is a powerful tale of a mysterious power failure that leads
to a complete breakdown of a town where ordinary rules no longer apply.

When the lights of the city black out and the lines of
communication break down, a pharmacist won't give a father the
medication he desperately needs for his child and this triggers a
personal apocalypse that will surprise you. The movie will have
you thinking about your options at every turn.

How will you see at night during a blackout?
There are many lighting options for a blackout

What will you eat? How will you cook during a
There are many reasons a blackout can happen. It's always wise
to prepare for a hurricane season, which can mean a multi-day
power outage and it pays to be prepared with foods in the pantry.
For a small emergency, you can cook your canned food or boil
water for dehydrated or freeze dried food simply with a Sterno

  • Sterno Camping Stove. The Sterno Portable Butane Stove,
    pictured right in red, is ideal for off-premises catering,
    cooking demonstrations, camping and outdoor events or
    anywhere electricity is not readily available. A caveat is that
    you must have adequate ventilation. The portable stove has
    an 8,000-BTU heat output and Piezo electric ignition for
    easy, matchless startup. Features a rapid release safety
    mechanism for automatically stopping the flow of gas while
    not operating. The burner is wind resistant and the entire
    case comes with a durable carrying case for easy

How will you heat your home in a blackout?
A generator will last you only so long. Not everyone has a wood
stove to fire up or a fireplace when the winter chill sets in, but
everyone can prepare for a frosty night. When the power goes out
be ready with emergency heat.

Read up on the
best emergency heat sources (no electricity
Prepper movie: American Blackout
Wholesale lot of Bic lighters
Big Berkey Water filtration System
Above, is the not-so-far-fetched possibility of a life without electricity as
portrayed in the television show, The Revolution.

Could life go on if the lights go out permanently?
In the made for television drama, The Revolution, a teacher
explains to his village students that "We used electricity for
everything ~ even to grow food and pump water, but after the
blackout nothing worked. Not cars or even jet turbines, not
batteries ~ all of it gone forever. Governments fell, Militia and
warlords rose up..." The blackout portrayed was very much like an
EMP, but more of a cyber attack. Life was never the same.

What to do when the power fails.
When it comes to an ordinary power failure, a booklet comes to
mind from Storey Guides,
What to do when the power fails. In it
you'll find information on what to do before the power fails, such
as knowing your plumbing and electrical preparedness, gathering
food, cooking alternatives, keeping warm, water safety and
storage as well as fire precautions and more. It also outlines
steps to take during a blackout to protect your heating system,
water concerns, sanitation, appliances, safety tips and more
These things are all good preparedness activities, but not all of
them can help you if the power goes out for good.

North Korea survives with most of its population in the dark, but
the same scenario might be more deadly than the
black plague
for the United States. The only difference is that one country
does not rely on the power grid for its critical infrastructure.

There are many causes of power failures...

Some blackout causes include:

Northeast Blackout of 2003.
You may not have heard about the Northeast blackout of 2003. It
was among the most widespread of blackouts in history that
came about as a result of equipment failures, human error and
software glitches. Just as people were getting ready to end their
day, the power went out Aug. 14, 2003 at around 4:10 p.m. EDT
in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States. Power wasn't
restored until two days later with some regions suffering more
than a week or two without power.

What started off as a high voltage powerline brushing up against
brush, triggered a barrage of failures that ended with a severe
software bug in the control-room alarm system of FirstEnergy
Corporation in Akron, Ohio. The alarm didn't go off and instead
the power did as more power lines sagged. It was an American
blackout that also affected Canada!

Carrington Event of 1859
Long forgotten is the Carrington Event of 1859, which was a
powerful geomagnetic solar storm that caused telegraph lines in
Europe and North America to melt. An event of this magnitude
today would most certainly cause widespread disruptions and
damage to our technology-dependent society that millions would
Survive the final blackout
Can you survive the final electrical power grid shutdown

How will you survive the final blackout?
It's important to realize that a permanent power outage wouldn't
necessarily be carried out by an adversary, but it could be carried
out by the sun! That's terrifying but the truly scary thing is that
it's not a question of "if" but "when."

That's right ~ a blackout is imminent, and the implications are
far worse than a nuclear catastrophe in an singular city because
it could paralyze an entire country. Some preppers speculate that
as much as
90% of the population will die! To survive the final
blackout, keep on prepping and read on...

How to Survive the Final Blackout
When the electricity goes out forever, the water goes out, gas
stations can't pump and in turn the trucks can't deliver food and
medicines to people. How long could you survive without the
supermarket or pharmacy?

Preppers will survive much longer than most, but the starving
masses of people aren't going to just sit back and starve. There
will be an uprising of gangs and cannibalistic events could follow
if you can
take a prepper lesson from the movies. That's how it
goes in The Road.

In the docudrama
American Blackout, pictured right, National
Geographic looks into what would happen if a
cyber attack were
to cripple America's electronic infrastructure. Find out just how
well the nation would hold up without lights and refrigeration,
among other modern conveniences. Even television can provide a
clue about when everything turns off:
Prepper television series: Revolution
What to do when the power fails
How to survive the Final Blackout
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Above, a young expecting couple, four rebellious teenagers and a lone
survival expert are confronted by a worldwide blackout that forces them to
survive as society breaks apart around them. "The Blackout" is a riveting
ensemble thriller that illustrates the strength of human endurance and the
worst of human nature.

Watch this survival movie for free! It's included with your Amazon
Prime membership.

Happy endings...
You can be among the 10% who survive. Keep on prepping.

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