alternative water sources - pool water reserves

Pool Water Reserves
Alternative water sources - pool water reserves

Considering a pool as a water reserve?
Using an above-ground pool as a reserve of water in preparation
for a catastrophic event is an option many preppers employ.

Collecting rainwater is illegal in many states, but having an
above ground pool is not. That's why preppers in many states
across America are choosing to install an above ground pool
strictly for water reserves. The above ground pools on this page
are available year-round on Amazon.

  • In what states is it illegal to collect rainwater? Colorado,
    Oregon, Utah and Washington State currently have all had
    laws for collecting rainwater. Some may have changed the
    laws. Other states may require a permit, and still other
    states have restrictions by county. It's up to you to check
    with local laws. Start by contacting your county health
    department to see if collecting rainwater is legal in your city.
    Read more about harvesting rainwater for survival.

How to Safely Store Water in a Pool
While there are other methods for more safely storing water in
preparaton for an off grid scenario, having an above ground pool
as a water supply is an inexpensive way to store massive
quantities of water.

Do not ever filter your water with Pool Shock!  Pool Shock will
SHOCK your system! Please don't filter water that way. Get
yourself AquaPail 1000 to help filter larger quantities of water (up
to 1000 gallons)!

How to store your water in a pool reserve
If you choose to have a pool reserve, then make sure to keep the
following things in mind:

  • Fill the pool using a drinking water hose: Fill your pool with
    a drinking water hose. Ordinary garden hoses contain lead.
    Look for a hose intended for RV hookups that is NSF
    certified. AquaFRESH is a high pressure drinking water hose,
    pictured left, is an ideal solution to help ensure lead doesn't
    get into your water reserves.

  • Use a water preserver: You'll need to stock lot of water
    preserver. Water Preserver, pictured left, kills the pathogenic
    organisms responsible for typhoid, dysentery and other
    serious diseases, and also kills and prevents growth of
    yeast, mold, fungi and algae which also make water
    undrinkable. Generally doses are available in the 55 gallon
    size. Auqamira Water treatment drops, right are also very
    popular on Amazon.

  • Use a pool cover. Keep your water reserve away from
    mosquitoes, bird droppings, pollution and other debris.

  • Don't swim in your water. Unfortunately, many preppers
    can't help themselves and want to use their investment for
    pleasure and they add chlorine to their water. That's a
    dangerous practice! Pool chemicals should not be consumed
    according to FEMA.While it's true that water from a
    chemically treated pool is the same chlorine that you'll find
    in your tapwater, there is an important difference:
    proportional safety. There's just enough chlorine in your
    faucet to constantly kill the germs. Whereas chemicals in the
    pool are 15-95% chlorine before they are diluted into the
    pool at levels intended to disinfect, kill bacteria and control
    algae to make water safe for swimming. Pool chlorine
    contains antimicrobial pesticides! It's a calcium and sodium
    hypochlorite at higher levels than drinking water so that it
    can keep the pool free from contaminents coming from the
    air and bodies touching the water.

  • Test your water before drinking. First Alert Water tester,
    lower right hand of the page, is an excellent kit.

Read Natural News, "
Collecting rainwater now illegal in many
states as Big Government claims ownership over our water," to
learn more about laws restricting property owners.

Should you use pool chlorine to disinfect your drinking water in
an emergency?
No! The chlorine used in swimming pool
chemicals are calcium or sodium hypochlorite, which are
"antimicrobial pesticides." In other words, the chemicals are a
"disinfectant"  and indeed it does disinfect the water; however, it
boils down to having an appropriate dosing strategy, and theirein
lies the danger! Disease-causing organisms may lurk at the wrong
dosage. It's important to note that neither sodium hypochlorite
nor chlorine will deactivate Giardia Lambia and Cryptosporidium.
What's more, it is a corrosive substance. Too much sodium
hypochlorite will burn body tissue and cause damage to air tracts,
stomach and intestines. Perhaps you'll reconsider this misguided
strategy of using pool products for your drinking water.

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Dangers of bleach
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