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Mace Pepper Spray
A prepper's guide to Mace and prepper Spray

Prepper's Guide to Mace and things to know about pepper spray:
Mace isn't something often talked about in prepper forums, as
preppers often prefer firearms over other self-defense tools, and
yet Mace has a place in a prepper's security system.

Mace is the leading brand name of the most popular and powerful
pepper spray gun on the market. Before we get into the reasons
why you should get Mace pepper spray, you should take note of
one important thing:

  • Mace Brand pepper gun is refillable! You can replace the
    OC pepper spray cartridge when empty; other brands of
    pepper spray may be disposable after a few uses.

Prepper's guide to Mace (and pepper spray)
If you're thinking of arming yourself with Mace, or another kind of
pepper spray, then read on! The Mace Pepper Spray Gun, right, is
a level of safety and security that preppers shouldn't overlook. It
comes in pink, but also in grey and black.

Mace isn't for everybody, but there are many compelling reasons
to make a small investment in getting a Mace gun into your
preps, and below are some of the top reasons to get a pepper
spray gun...

#1: Reason for getting Mace: It's non-lethal defense.
Technically a Mace pepper spray gun is "less than lethal," which
may be the legal way to say that it is not intended to provide
lethal force. Mace uses oleoresin capsicum (OC) an inflammatory
agent that causes extreme pain, and temporary blindness with
the aim of incapacitating a person in a non-lethal way.

The OC in Mace, or another prepper spray will:
  • invoke an involuntary response to close eyes
  • cause facial burning and extreme pain
  • immobilize through temporary blindness; and
  • incapacitate breathing level

The combined effect of Mace sprayed on an assailant will allow
you enough time to escape and evade harm, as well as to call for
help or physically detain your attacker. The effect of Mace can last
20-30 minutes and the pain is excruciating.

A Mace gun allows you to spray a constant stream at any angle.
You can maintain this stream up to 25-feet from the attacker to
give you a safe distance, and an LED light can help you better
aim in low light situations.

#2: Reason for getting Mace: You're uncomfortable
with firearms.
It's understandable that a gun is not for everybody. Preppers who
don't feel comfortable with a firearm are mostly concerned about
the lethal effects that handguns, revolvers, rifles and the like can
have and aren't confident in their ability to defend with a gun
because of this. That's the beauty of Mace. It's very hard to kill
someone with Mace, but it's very easy to use it to inflict pain.
Mace can increase your confidence in your own ability to defend

In using Mace, you should have no problem inflicting pain on
someone who would do the same to you, and you also won't have
to pause and think about the ethical implications, because the
harm is only temporary.

Best of all, there is a safety switch that's clearly marked so you
can be sure that you won't accidentally fire off at someone. This
is also extremely helpful because you can use the LED light
without firing. Finally, you can use a holster for the Mace, to help
you gain confidence.

#3 Reason for getting Mace: You don't know how to
use a firearm.
Maybe you're comfortable with the idea of a firearm for self
defense, but your spouse is the one with all the knowledge and
you haven't yet taken an
NRA training course let alone fired
anything. Maybe you don't yet own a handgun. Mace will get you
on your way as a logical progression. You'll want to protect
yourself with Mace because it requires no special training. You
can feel quickly confident in your self-defense options when you
use the test

You can find this pepper spray in the form of a compact handgun
and in police strength, pictured right.

#4 Reason for getting Mace: strict gun laws.
Mace is one of the best devices for personal protection for many
reasons ~ strict gun laws is one of them. If you live in an area
with the strictest gun laws, you can rest assured that Mace is an
effective option for keeping an attacker away. Proper use causes
no permanent damage.

While Mace is an alternative means of self defense worth
considering, it's also important to remember that owning and
using Mace or other pepper sprays may be regulated or prohibited
by law in some jurisdictions. Check with your local police
department. Laws also change. For example, in Massachusetts
law enacted in 2014 gives citizens increased opportunity to
protect themselves with Mace. The law eased certain restrictions
allowing people to use pepper spray.

  • Use of pepper spray is not without legal jeopardy.
    Because pepper spray may result in bodily harm, use of it
    could cause you legal troubles even if it is legal to use
    pepper spray in your area. Consult your attorney about your
    rights to use pepper spray and any restrictions that may
    apply. In some cases you could be charged with aggravated
    assault for inflicting bodily harm! Know your rights and

#5 Reason for getting Mace" Shopping is easy.
Mace pepper spray is easy to buy and to use with little
restriction*. On the other hand, users of tasers and stun guns are
subject to
stun gun laws and permit requirements. Interestingly,
Taser (the most known brand of stun guns) sees its product as
part of a natural evolution of firearms.

    *Note: Certain locales such as DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY and
    WI, may have some restrictions for mailing Mace.

#6 Reason for getting Mace: It's easy to use.
It's relatively easy to get Mace and it's legal to use Mace as of
this writing with just a few regulations. Mace is legal in to ship in
the 48 contiguous states, though some manufacturers limit sales
based on requirements for mailing. Conversely, preppers must
check with local ordinances as not every state allows use of stun

You need very little training with Mace and it doesn't take much
effort to use even for someone with small hands. With a keychain
mace, you just need to remember to depress with your thumb.
The forefinger won't be able to give adequate pressure. Mace is
easy to carry and conceal as well.

#7 Reason for getting Mace: You're not a street
Mace is great of street fighting isn't your thing. For those who
aren't Krav Maga gurus, and the rare prepper without a gun, Mace
provides a comfortable option in self defense. You can use it to
defend against multiple attackers from a distance, and it doesn't
require size or strength to ward them off. All you need is to push
the trigger and aim between the ears.

Mace Pepper Gun is one of the most accurate defense sprays
available. The trigger-activated LED light disorients an attackers
vision and helps to accurately aim the Mace Pepper Gun in low-
light situations. The cartridge lets you spray a constant stream,
reaching up to 20 feet, from any angle.

#8 Reason for getting Mace: You have a college kid.
Another reason to consider pepper spray is if you're sending a kid
off to college. You'll want him or her to have a defense tool to
ward off attackers. Campus police aren't always there to protect
and defend your kid! Whether your college kid is heading to the
library late at night or heading out for some evening fun to let off
the steam, you'll feel better knowing you've provided instruction
and use of Mace for non-lethal defense.

Mace is an excellent self-defense option for areas where carrying
a firearm is impractical (college residence halls forbid firearms).
Your kiddo can have Mace handy on a keychain and "be ready" for
a night on the town or even for dating.

#9 Reason for getting Mace: You bike, jog, walk.
Another reason to use pepper spray is if you're an athlete. For the
athlete who hikes, bikes, jogs or walks Mace can be as effective
on humans as it is on bears, bobcats, cougars, coyotes and dogs
and mountain lions. It's one of the most popular reasons to get

#10: You work at a night time convenience store.
If you work a risky evening shift, ask your employer whether you
can protect yourself with pepper spray, and review company
procedures. For example,, Home Depot does not allow certain
employees to engage with allaged robbers ~ instead only Home
trained security personnel can pursue shoplifters.

Below, watch the pharmacist handle a robber:
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Ten things to know about MACE and pepper

#1: Aim ear-to-ear, across the eyes.
When pulling the trigger of your Mace gun, the main objective is
to aim ear-to-ear, across the eyes. Mace can work as far as 25-
feet from your assailant. (A Mace keychain works up to 10-feet,
while the Mace pepper spray gun works up to 25 feet.)

#2: Know the remedy (pepper spray removal).
First aid is a consideration as pepper spray is an inflammatory
agent that will cause an extreme burning sensation. Water alone
will not ease the pain of someone suffering from pepper spray to
the eyes. Also, rubbing will only make things worse.

Here are some remedies ideas for pepper spray injuries:
  • Neutralize the OC effects with milk.
  • Wash the skin with Dawn dishwashing soap to get rid of the
    oil. This is the best method for pepper spray removal

#3: Talk with your attorney, research the law.
Currently pepper spray is legal in all 50 states; however, there
are regulations in a few states.

  • If you live in Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New
    Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island or Wisconsin,
    it's illegal to buy pepper spray online or by mail.

  • In some states Mace may not contain tear gas and in some
    states there are regulations you must abide. For example,
    there are regulations in New York, but the restrictions just
    make it a bit more difficult to purchase pepper spray. For
    example, you can buy defense spray in New York pharmacies
    and you may also purchase them from licensed firearms
    dealers in the State New York; however, you are not allowed
    to order them online.

  • For most states you can buy pepper spray online, but the
    product may not be available a 1 or 2 day delivery because
    federal regulations require Mace / pepper spray to ship
    through ground ship methods only.

Consult your attorney about your legal rights to use Mace pepper
spray in your locale. In some cases you could be charged with
aggravated assault for inflicting bodily harm.

Is Mace illegal in your region? Here's what to do...
If you can't get Mace in your state, you may have some legal
options. Preppers are a creative bunch. Some creative alternatives
to pepper spray, include bear spray or
dog repellents! (Some
states are looking into this legal loop and are tightening their
interpretation of what is pepper spray.)

#4: Using pepper spray is not without legal jeopardy.
Even though it's legal to use pepper spray, use of pepper spray
may result in bodily harm. Inflicting bodily harm on others could
cause you legal jeopardy. Consult your attorney about your rights
to use Mace pepper spray. In some cases, you could be charged
with aggravated assault for inflicting bodily harm.

  • Asthma suffers are the most susceptible to harm from
    pepper spray.
  • People who wear contact lenses may suffer from eye injury
    if, as an example, they try to remove their contact lenses
    with pepper spray on their fingers.

#5: Know about flight regulations.
Before you transport your pepper spray, understand flight
regulations and if transporting out of the country, understand the
laws in the countries you're visiting.

Under current FAA regulations, pepper spray is permitted in
checked baggage only. Don't carry pepper spray on your person
and also don't stow Mace in your carry-on baggage. It's a federal
crime punishable with a $25,000 fine. Visit for more

#6: To use pepper spray you must be 18.
Mace is designed for defensive purposes only and may not be
possessed or used by a person under the age of 18.

Mace and other pepper sprays are for use by responsible adults
only. You really do need to have some sensibilities when using
pepper spray. For example, you need to consider the wind
direction. On a gusty day you may wind up spraying yourself.

#7: Pepper spray can cause chemical burns.
Pepper spray has the potential for serious skin irritation. In
extreme cases a first and second degree burns is possible. That's
why it's important to keep pepper spray well out of the reach of
kids. Also, you should know some basic first aid to deal with
chemical burns.

#8: Don't store pepper spray in a hot car!
It's good to have a pepper spray gun in the car, but not on a hot
summer day. Pepper spray may leak when it's hot. Don't store
pepper spray in an environment where the temperature may
exceed 120°F as the unit may leak from over pressurization and
fail to function properly.

Below are more DOs and DON'Ts about Mace:
Taser Pulse stun gun with two
live cartridges
Taser Pulse with 2 live cartridges
HALT dog spray
Best Mace Gun.
Mace is a brand name. The best "Mace" pepper spray gun is
actually from Sabre, pictured right and below. SABRE’s home
security and personal safety solution gives you the maximum
strength protection you expect from SABRE with an even safer
distance to increase you and your family’s chances to escape a
dangerous situation.

The SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit is effective
and easy to use, providing you confidence in your home security
plan. It delivers a series of deterrents to ward off the threat of an
intruder from a safer distance.
#9: Mace isn't effective everywhere.
Remember that attackers love the element of surprise. Women
are sometimes attacked in their own bedroom or in the shower.
Your guard may be off and you may not have Mace handy.
Sometimes also, there are malfunctions with the canister.

On the flip side, don't let Mace give you a false sense of security.
Having Mace in hand doesn't mean you should go looking for
trouble in a bad part of town.

#10: Mace has an expiration date.
Pepper spray does eventually expire. This means that the potency
or strength of the OC will diminish over time.

Cartridges are only guaranteed to provide the debilitating blast
for up to 4-5 years. Check the fine print on the cartridges and be
sure to get refills if your Mace gun has been in your purse, man
bag, backpack or bugout bag too long.

Mace is different from pepper spray and Tasers.
What's the difference between stun guns, Tasers, pepper spray
and Mace? The difference between a stun gun (Taser) and pepper
spray (Mace) is that a stun gun or Taser diffuses an attacker with
a debilitating electrical charge; while Mace or pepper spray is a
defense mechanism that relies on a very painful blast of
chemicals (such as tear gas) to the eyes and nose of an attacker.
The aerosolized irritants in Mace or pepper spray temporarily blind
and incapacitate.

  • Stun gun. Stun guns, also known as Tasers, immobilize an
    attacker by infliction of an electrical charge. Taser is a brand
    name of the most powerful stun gun. The price range of stun
    guns vary, which has much to do with their effective amp
    range. Rest assured that your would-be attacker gets a
    debilitating amp of electricity and you won't feel anything
    with the Taser Pulse, right. In case you're wondering, you
    won't get hurt by touching your attacker and you won't be
    electrocuted either by standing in water. Stun guns are made
    with low amps: you are not electrocuting him or her. A stun
    gun can help you in two ways:
  1. Direct contact defense: For a stun gun to be most
    effective, you'll need to touch your attacker with the
    stun gun prongs for as many seconds as you can
    muster. The longer you can manage to touch him or her,
    the more you will hurt your opponent. From a tactical
    perspective, you may store stun guns in a small place
    where you might hide as a defense strategy.
  2. Intimidation: You may not ever need to use your stun
    gun. If your aim is to intimidate, then choose a stun
    gun. You can bet that the crackling sound of the stun
    gun will keep most people at bay!

  • Taser. Aside from the fact that Taser is a brand name there
    is an important tactical difference between a stun gun and a
    Taser, namely the effective range! That's an important
    distinction. Unlike stun guns, Tasers will provide you with a
    safe distance from your attacker: around 7-10 feet. In other
    words, you don't need to provide direct contact.

  • Pepper spray. A gas that causes tears, temporary blindness
    and breathing problems, along with panic and pain. The gas
    is capsaicin, derived from the fruit of plants in the same
    family as chili, hence the name. Pepper spray has in rare
    cases caused death. Some states may allow sale only
    through licensed firearms dealers as a criminal background
    check may be necessary, where those who have been
    convicted of a felony and minors would not be eligible to
    purchase. In other states, pepper spray regulations include
    the concentration of active ingredient, which may be no more
    than 10%.

  • Mace. It's important to note that Mace, a brand name, is the
    strongest form of pepper spray used by law enforcement
    personnel with a highly effective stream pattern and range.
    This is tear gas! With regards to effectiveness, the damaging
    effects of Mace can last 30 minutes or upwards of 2 hours.
    Invented by a 29-year old, and Smith & Wesson purchased
    the rights to it for $100,000 and began selling Chemical
    Mace, according to an article by the Smithsonian in an article
    on the history of Mace. A Mace Pepper Gun is one of the
    most accurate defense sprays available because it lets you
    spray a constant stream, reaching up to 25 feet, from any
    angle (many others, like Sabre have a distance limited to
    around 10 feet).What's more, the trigger-activated LED light
    available with the pink Mace aims to disorient attackers
    vision and helps to accurately aim in low-light situations. If
    pink isn't your color, then no worries: it comes in black and
    grey, too.

What if prepper spray becomes illegal?
If pepper spray should ever become illegal in your locale, then
you should have no problem obtaining bear spray or wasp spray,
which each have a more powerful range. Ordinarily, you wouldn't
carry these items in your person, but they are good alternate
items to own. In an SHTF survival situation, law becomes invalid:
it's do or die. If that doesn't bode well with you, try Halt Dog

In short, Mace will put the hurt on an attacker to keep him or her
occupied with pain for a half an hour (or up to a couple of hours).
That's enough time to get away, but the pain doesn't happen
right away. An assailant can continue to attack if he or she is
aggressive enough until the pain finally takes hold. Each cartridge
is good for shooting up to seven times

Just how so you use Mace?
Aim between the ears in a back and forth motion. Make sure to
account for wind direction, as you don't want Mace in your face!

Just like the "Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range
model air rifle" that Ralphie drooled over in "A Christmas Story," a
Mace pepper spray gun will shoot your eye out kid. Okay, it's not
quite like a Red Ryder, but it does shoot some powerful red stuff
instead of a pellet, and your goal is to aim for the eyes.
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