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10 Steps to Basic Preparedness:
Prepping has become mainstream. Rest assured that you're not a
crazy prepper. There are
25 reasonable reasons to prepare! Below
are the steps to get started.

STEP ONE: Ensure you have basic pantry items.
Stock up on shelf-stable foods and pantry items such as canned
meats; boxed rice, pasta and potato flakes; oatmeal, boxed
cereals and breakfast bars, canned sauces, soups, chilis and
stews; pancake and baking mixes; crackers and nut butters; and
canned fruits and vegetables. Add powdered milk, coffee, tea and
drink mixes that your family already uses.

Make sure the food you stockpile is food already eat and enjoy,
but venture out to try new shelf stable foods. A good starting
point for a
prepper's pantry is to have at least two weeks of food.
You can build your food storage from there. One or two months
supply of food is what average prepper has, while more advanced
preppers aim for six months to a year of food.

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STEP TWO: Get water wise!
You can live only three days without water, so be sure to store
water and get a water filtration device. Learn to harvest, store
and treat your most vital resource: water! Daisy Luther's book,
The Prepper's Water Survival Guide, will get you started.

  • Water is precious to life, so remember that...
  1. Bottled water is only your first defense: store it.
  2. You'll need more water than you think! Ensure you have a
    three month supply of water for you and your family.
  3. Water purification is an essential prepper skill learn the
    various ways to make potable drinking water.
  4. Water is hiding for you in emergency situations if you know
    where to look. Learn more in our water survival guide.

  • A water filter is precious for survival. Pictured slightly top
    right, the Big Berkey Water filter, brings peace of mind for
    the water quality in your home and can save you money on
    bottled water. Another trusted water filter is by the U.S.
    Military. The only water filter with a lifetime guarantee is the
    Katadyn filter pictured right. Both are the best in class

  • How much water should you have for an emergency? A
    family of four needs 270 gallons of water for a three month
    supply, according to Utah State University. That's entirely
    too many bottles of water to have in storage, which is why
    you need to look at all your options for emergency water
    storage. How to buy large water tanks.

  • Water pouches for survival: are they worth it?
  • Live in hurricane country? Never be without a waterBOB! A
    waterBOB is a clean water storage solution to fill 100 gallons
    of fresh drinking water in any standard bathtub. It sells out
    quickly during hurricane season.

  • Securing potable water is a survival skill. A gravity-fed
    water filter is easy to own and operate. Learn more about a
    Big Berkey!

STEP THREE: Stockpile a deep larder of food.
You can live only three weeks without food so plan for your
family's survival. Go for a deeper larder of food than what's in
your everyday pantry to withstand a crisis. Food shortages, job
loss, or an economic crisis can happen without warning. It's a
comfort knowing you can feed your family in an emergency.

  • Learn the art of dry pack canning. Stock up on buckets of
    grains and dry goods such as rice, beans, peas, pasta, oats,
    and wheat. Dry-pack canning is selecting dried foods to store
    for the long term in mason jars too. You can put together
    delicious meals in a jar and dry can, pasta, beans and more
    to make easy, just-add-water meals.

  • Here are more ways to get a deep larder of food:

STEP FOUR:  Get your financial house in order.
The Prepper's Financial Guide, by Jim Cobb can help safeguard
your financial resources before, during and after cataclysmic
events. Become self-sufficient; purchase precious metals;
safeguard your valuable possessions; barter and trade for needed
supplies; build an off-grid marketplace; reduce debt so you can
save for the future and much more.

  • Articles on finances, precious metals and cryptocurrencies:

STEP FIVE: Put together a bugout bag and a get home bag.
One of the best ways to build the ultimate bugout bag is to put it
together yourself. Lay out all your gear before you pack to see
how you might add or subtract items. When you know what's
inside you'll be better able to access what you need in an

  • What goes in the bag? The best bugout bag is 25-lbs and
    under, and it should be no more than a third of your
    bodyweight. Consult our Bugout bag checklist.

  • A BIC is a big deal for many reasons. Is a BIC lighter part
    of your every day carry? It should be. Did you know that a
    BIC lighter is refillable? Refilling your BIC lighter is a hack
    worth knowing about if you're a prepper. Stock up on the bulk
    dea for the best deal on a BIC lighters in bulk and learn the
    ten reasons to bugout with a BIC lighter...

  • Pack the right foods! Your bugout bag should have food to
    get you through the first 72-hours of an emergency as well
    as snacks. Pack the right food bars in your bugout bag and
    keep some in the pantry. Consider freeze dried and
    dehydrated foods to lighten the load on your pack. The
    Harmony House Backpacking Kit, pictured right, has a
    healthy selection of foods to try.

  • How to select your bugout clothes. The clothes you wear
    bugging out are just as important as the gear you pack. The
    clothes you have could be among the last man-made items
    you ever own! They must be versatile and keep you warm.
    Here's how to select and pack your bugout clothes.

  • Build a get-home bag! What is a get home bag? Hint: a get
    home bag is not the same as a bugout bag. One bag gets
    you home, the other gets you out of Dodge.

STEP SIX: Assemble medical supplies, not just a first aid kit.
Prepper's go beyond a sample first aid kit. The prepper's medicine
cabinet is filled with natural antibiotics, fish antibiotics and
supplies that won't be available from the pharmacy when the
world goes dark such as compression bandages, tourniquets, EMT
scissors, a stethescope and more.

  • Remember, knowledge weighs nothing so study up:

  • Barf happens. An emesis bag will help you effectively trap
    the contagion to help minimize the risk to others. It's an
    item you'll find only at the hospital or online here. Get them
    before you need them.

  • Got electrolytes? Be well hydrated during an illness by
    ensuring you're stocked on electrolyte drinks.

  • Stock up on antiviral tissues. Stop germs where they start
    with tissues that kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. They are
    in short supply. If you have anti-viral facial tissues, use
    them for when you sneeze or to relieve nasal congestion,
    then use ordinary tissues for itches on your face so that you
    don't touch your face. Assign everyone in your family a
    ziplock plastic bag with their name on it to dispose of
    tissues and the contagion properly.

  • Pandemic Preparedness: 2020 brought Coronavirus, but
    before that was Ebola in 2014 and H1N1 in 2009.

STEP SEVEN: Learn to live without electricity.
Go off grid! Your long-term survival depends on your skills and
survival gear. Learn to live off grid or go without electricity in the
city. Prepare for a black or live like the Amish without electricity
in the country. Ensure you have heat, light and can cook.

  • Power outages happen. Stay warm without electricity, even
    if you don't have a wood stove or a fireplace with these
    emergency heat sources. When electricity goes out, these
    alternative heat sources will give you the heat you need.

  • Cook indoors in an emergency! When it's wet and rainy, or
    cold and snowy, how will you cook when the grid goes down?
    Can you take your off-grid cooking inside? Yes. Here are
    eleven ways to cook indoors in an emergency.

  • Power up with a portable power station. Hurricanes, flood,
    mountain fire, Tornadoes may result in power outage.
    Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station, pictured
    immediate right, can be your reliable emergency power
    supply for lighting, phones, laptop, radio, reuters etc. to
    keep daily goingTake the lightweight generator Explorer 240
    with you on camping, travel, cottage trips, off-road,
    excursions, or anywhere you might need power. A generator
    is a lifesaving piece of equipment! Here are Ten reasons to
    own a generator.

  • How to prepare for a total blackout:

  • Prepper Toilets. If your #1 place to go #2 isn't available
    because the toilets won't flush, you must have an alternative
    sanitation plan. Read about your Prepper Toilet Options.

  • Keep your kitchen well sanitized! Steramine, pictured right,
    is an economical sanitizer that you can use to clean your
    home. One tablet makes a gallon of sanitizer that effectively
    kills microorganisms and infectious bacteria found on non-
    porous surfaces to help keep you and your family from falling
    ill in your kitchen.

  • Preppers are going wild over wild lettuce. This natural
    pain reliever that's used in teas and tinctures is easy to grow
    and harvest. How to use wild lettuce prepping.

  • How to turn loose coins into survival gear:

STEP EIGHT: Have a communications plan.
You rely on your phone for navigation, weather information,
survival apps, news, and communications with family and friends.
What will you do if cell phones are useless? When transmission
towers are destroyed and networks become overloaded, you'll
have a means to communicate if you're an advanced prepper.

  • Survival radio. Get cranking on getting a reliable emergency
    radio for survival! The American Red Cross recommends you
    have an emergency weather radio in preparation for a
    disaster. They say, "no emergency kit is complete without
    one," yet many preppers overlook this basic survival item.

  • Crash Course in Morse Code! Preppers love Morse code
    because you can express communication on paper, through
    sound, visual clues, body language, flashlights and much
    more. Get started in Morse code now.

  • Ten Free Survival Apps! The best survival apps are free!
    The survival apps in your cellphone are waiting to be
    unleashed! One of many ways your cellphone can help you
    survive is a survival app. The downside of any survival app is
    that they're electronic. They'll help you get through a crisis
    as long as the battery life of your Kindle Fire.

  • Build a Faraday cage to protect your equipment. Shield
    your electronics with a Faraday cage and the electronic
    components of your car with Faraday protection. You can
    build a small Faraday cage in five minutes using three items

STEP NINE: Gear up with gas masks and respirators.
Preppers in the advance stages feel the need for equipment
needs arising from concerns of civil unrest, Martial law,
pandemics, nuclear catastrophes, biological warfare and more.
There's much to know

  • Gear up with a gas mask. While a gas mask is the iconic
    prepper survival item, it's actually much lower on the priority
    list than you'd expect. Don't buy a gas mask until you
    understand fully how to put one on and when to use a gas
    mask. Educate yourself on gas masks and filters because
    there are eight things to know before you buy a gas mask.

STEP TEN: Remember Knowledge Weighs Nothing.
Preppers have street smarts and they know how to defend the
homestead! It's not just about defense, it's about having the
skills to survive and to never give up.

  • Do you know the five basic survival skills? Gain a survival
    mindset with this starter's list of the five basic survival skills
    a prepper needs to master to survive.

  • Improvised weapons. You're never unarmed when you're a
    prepper, but that doesn't mean you always have a firearm
    handy. There may come a time when you must defend
    yourself with salad tongs, a hairbrush, and even a dirty
    diaper! Improvised weapons could save your life.

  • Fight or flight. It's a basic instinct for both man and animal:
    the instant a being realizes that danger is imminent, there is
    a "flight or fight" decision to make. The fight or flight instinct
    is an acute stress response. In the world of prepping,
    fighting is "bugging in" and fleeing is "bugging out."

  • Homeless survival lessons. Could you survive the streets?
    The nights? The hunger? The cold? The fights? Being
    homeless is about staying out of trouble and also preparing
    for a fight. Here's a prepper's guide to homelessness.

  • Be sure to shop Amazon for groceries using the Subscribe &
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    groceries using the Subscribe & Save link below, which
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