year supply of food

Freeze Dried Foods
One year of food for a family of four or five

Ever wonder the supply list for a year's worth of food?
Preppers have so many options when it comes to food storage.
The easiest food storage option to consider is buying #10 cans
of freeze dried food or
buckets of emergency food, but you
should first stock up your prepper's pantry with foods you eat
every day... Check out our
popular list of the 37 foods to hoard.

one year supply of food is more affordable than you may
think. Take, for example, the one-year supply of food pictured
right by Valley Food Storage:

Above, Valley Food has a one-year supply of food for around $1000.

Provision List for the Pantry
To build the proper prepper's pantry you'll need the following
provisions per person in your group:
  • 400 lbs. of grain (corn, oats, rice, wheat)
  • 20 lbs of meat protein
  • 20 lbs. of fats and oils
  • 75 lbs of milk
  • 90 lbs of fruits and vegetables
  • 90 lbs. of beans and legumes
  • 60 lbs. of sugar

Freeze Dried Food for One Year
Here is the suggested menu for a one-year supply of food that
feeds 2 adults and 3 Kids for two meals per day. Mind you, the
food supply list is for just two meals a day! That's just enough
so you won't starve to death. It's not enough to live well. You'll
want to stock much more.

Breakfasts (108 Cans/ 1092 Servings)
18 Cans Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Peppers
18 Cans Mountain House Breakfast Skillet
18 Cans Mountain House Granola with Blueberries & Milk
18 Cans Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

6 Cans Alpine Aire Sweet Rice Pudding
6 Cans Alpine Aire Blueberry Honey Granola w/Milk
24 Cans Alpine Aire 5-Grain Instant Hot Cereal

Lunch & Dinner Entrees (138 Cans/ 2646 Servings)
6 Cans Chicken Ala King
6 Cans Vegetable Stew with Beef
6 Cans Mountain HouseBeef Stew
6 Cans Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef
6 Cans Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki
6 Cans Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce
6 Cans Mountain House Noodles & Chicken
6 Cans Mountain House Long Grain & Wild Rice Pilaf
6 Cans Mountain House Pasta Primavera
6 Cans Mountain House Chicken Stew
6 Cans Mountain House Macaroni & Cheese
12 Cans Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
12 Cans Mountain House Beef Stroganoff
12 Cans Mountain House Rice & Chicken
12 Cans Mountain House New Orleans Rice w/ Shrimp & ham
(new!) low sodium

2 Cans Alpine Aire Texas BBQ Chickens w/ beans - gluten free
2 Cans Alpine Aire Chicken Rotelle
2 Cans Alpine Aire Sierra Chicken
2 Cans Alpine Aire Wild Tyme Turkey
2 Cans Alpine Aire Chicken Gumbo
2 Cans Alpine Aire Beef Rotini
3 Cans Alpine Aire Leonardo da Fettuccine
3 Cans Alpine Aire Mountain Chili
3 Cans Alpine Aire Mushroom Pilaf w/ Vegetables
3 Cans Alpine Aire Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice Total Servings:

Legacy Foods (one year supply for two people)
The 2160 Serving Package from Legacy Premium provides 3
hearty meals per day for 1 year months for two people and is a
wonderful addition anyone's existing food supply. With 24
months' worth of food for one person stored in nine stackable
buckets this package fits comfortably into most closets.

Breakfasts -  
Multi-Grain Cereal - 168 Servings
Oatmeal with Brown Sugar - 192 Servings
Strawberry Creamy Wheat - 168 Servings
Old Fashioned Pancake Mix - 192 Servings

Entrees: -  
Italian Pasta with Marinara- 96 Servings
Pasta Alfredo - 96 Servings
Pasta Primavera - 96 Servings
Enchilada, Beans, and Rice - 96 Servings
Stroganoff - 96 Servings
Loaded Baked Potato - 96 Servings
Hawaiian Style Sweet 'n Sour - 48 Servings
Chicken A La King - 96 Servings
Vegetable Rotini Pasta - 48 Servings
Chili Mac - 48 Servings
Macaroni and Cheese - 96 Servings
Many More!

  • Package Features -
  • Average of 370 calories per serving
  • 3 servings per day for two people for twelve months
  • 3 meals per day includes a hearty meal for breakfast,
    lunch, and dinner
  • 4 breakfast and 19 lunch/dinner entrees included
  • GMO Free
  • 25 year shelf life
  • Made in the USA
  • Lowest Cost per Serving and Calorie in the Food Storage
  • Meals come packaged in 4-serving Mylar pouches with
    Oxygen Absorber & Nitrogen Flush

Simple to prepare - Just add water!

Storage Info -
Weight - 554 lbs
Total Buckets - 18 (16.25"x13.25"x12.75")

Why store a year's worth of food?
The top answer is famine. With famine comes malnutrition,
epidemics and disease, as well a gradual lack of medical
services. All contribute to significant mortality! Famine is among
the top reasons to stockpile food and yet it is rarely mentioned
among preppers.

What are the causes of famine?

  • Poor growing conditions. Crop failure could result from
    drought and dust storms, freezing conditions, flooding, crop
    blight (infection by a pathogenic organism).

  • Political reasons. Political culling where food surplus never
    reaches those who need it; war where resources of
    manpower are spent towards the war effort bringing on

  • Natural or man-made catastrophes (e.g. a solar flare or
    EMP). As result of man's dependency on power to farm the
    food supply and inability to access it (as with an
    ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP).

Happy endings...
How will you stock your pantry for a year supply of food? If you
want to make things easy, you could live happily ever after on a
year's supply of freeze dried food:

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