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Above, learn to make a bola in under two minutes. It really is the easiest
survival weapon you can make at home with simple materials.

Crafting Improvised Weapons
Now that you know how to make your own self-defense weapons,
learn how to
craft improvised weapons to defend yourself.

  • Practically Prepping says, "The best weapon you have is
    yourself. Knee to the groin. Fingers to the eyes. Palm to the
    nose. Legs to run away."

  • Prepping My Way says, "Never underestimate the power of a
    good throat punch."

Make your own weapons, and learn to improvise them, but be
responsible. It's good to know how to create a weapon from ordinary
materials for self defense; however your mind is a weapon far more

  • NOTE: ideas on this page are not for nefarious purpose. They
    are cool weapons to make for self-defense in a world without
    rule of law.

Happy endings...
In a world without rule of law you can prepare to defend yourself.
Start with your mind. It's the greatest weapon you have. Below are
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Above is an easy tutorial for how to carve a wood slingshot.

#2: Molotov Cocktail.
Molotov Cocktail anyone? You can make this crude incendiary
device as a weapon if you have a glass bottle, some vodka,
turpentine, rubbing alcohol, diesel, gasoline or other flammable
liquid, a piece of cloth and a means of ignition. Sometimes
thickening agents are added to create a cloud of thick smoke.
Thickening agents might include baking soda, detergent, motor
oil or dish soap.

This weapon is easy to make. Just fill a glass bottle with your
flammable liquid, stuff it with a wick, light the wick and quickly
toss at your target. The fire will start upon impact. It's a wickedly
cruel low-cost weapon.

A favorite of rioters and street thugs, this poor man's grenade is
a low cost incendiary weapon that's been used in war. The name
comes from Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov, who
introduced the weapon in 1939. The weapon developed over the
years and this makeshift weapon got a few enhancements. The
chemical weapon evolved from this basic concept and chloricne
bleach, pesticides and other toxic substances were added. All is
fair in love and war? Kids, don't try this at home.

#3: Chain whip.
Have a bicycle chain? Another homemade weapon you can build
very easily is a chain whip. Parts for a chain whip come from a
broken bicycle chain. You might find that a chain whip is banned
in your state ~ California, Maryland and New York are a few such
states. Here's the tutorial so you can
build a chain whip for the

#4: Paper Tonfa with Hidden Knife.
Defend yourself with this do-it-yourself weapon ~ a Paper Tonfa
with a hidden knife. The easy tutorial is included with your Prime
Membership. A tonfa is a melee weapon of Martial Arts. It's an
Asian fighting stick and possibly the forerunner of a police baton.
It may have been inspired from rice-grinding equipment. The
Tonfa is tremendously powerful.

#5: Club.
Another very easy survival weapon you can make is a club. All you
need is a baseball bat and some nails. Adding the nails will
create a formidable weapon. If anything, an unarmed marauder
will head away from you at the sight of the thing!

#6: Throwing sticks.
In the most simple form, a primitive throwing stick can be a bulky
arm-length branch with a natural bend you find on the ground.
It's sometimes also called a Rabbit Stick. It might be a primitive
stick, but you'll need an act to craft one.

Throwing sticks should be shaped like the letters "J" or  "L" or
even an "S" or the number "7"  ~ this shape is important in the
next phase of crafting your throwing stick. You'll create a handle
and head to shape it. It's fairly easy to make a throwing stick if
you're handy with an axe. Paleo Tracks Survival shows you how to
make a throwing stick.

#7: Pepper spray
Pepper spray is something you can make at home, but get out
your goggles. Below is a recipe for the brave:
Weapons you can make
Ten do-it-yourself weapons for survival

Make your own weapons.
Have you considered homemade weapons? They might take away
your guns, but you can still make weapons for your survival with
simple materials like wood. Below are weapons you can make to
defend your life and property when the stuff hits the fan...

Ten Easy Weapons You Can Make
Be bold. Be brave. Be creative and make your own weapons!
Below are ten relatively easy weapons you can make for
self-defense if they take away your guns.

#1: Slingshot.
One do-it-yourself weapon is a slingshot. Don't underestimate a
slingshot as a self defense weapon ~ a slingshot is like a
mini-catapult. It can injure or it can kill. Use it for hunting small
game. Below is the video to make a slingshot.
Above, Tod's Workshop shows you how to make a simple medieval style
sling from cord and leather.

#10: Bola.
One of the easiest weapons you can make is a bola and it's one
step up from a sling. The Inca used the bola in batt.e  The bola is
an ancient weapon made up of weights with an interconnected

  • Use a bola to catch animals by entangling their legs.
  • Globber small prey with a bola.
  • Catch birds using a bola.
In under four minutes you can make a mini-taser with TheDailyScience.

#9: Sling.
The sling is a primitive weapon that's been used for hunting
game, but it's equally useful in combat with practice.
You can make this weapon from natural materials, or you can
make a sling from paracord.

The weapon of David and Golaith, the sling is a weapon that
offers you leverage. A sling enables you to throw stones at a
longer distance and with more force than you could with your bare
hands. Think of it as an extension of your arm! It requires skill to
use a sling because you must swing it at an arch and then know
the targeted method of release, which must be precise.

Make a sling of a few basic materials including a cord, maybe
some leather and stones using the tips in the video below.
Remember that practice makes perfect. It will take you a while to
master use of the sling as a weapon, but it's a good bushcrafting
skill to know and practice.
Your kitchen likely has what you need to make pepper spray.

#8: Mini Taser.
Make a mini taser from a barbecue lighter. It is extremely simple
and fast to make. How much of a shock will you get? Find out:
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