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AAA Road Assistance kit
Vehicle Prepping
Prepping your cars for crisis

Is your vehicle ready for crisis?

Being prepared is about having the essentials on hand to avoid
a breakdown. Here is a list of the top five things to consider so
you won't have to deal with roadside emergencies caused by a

  1. Airfilter - Be sure to check your car's air filter ever 12,000
    miles. A clean air filter helps keep damaging particles from
    entering your engine and causing increased engine wear.
  2. cardboard or cat litter - for icy and snow conditions to get
  3. car manual
  4. flare and reflective triangle
  5. first aid kit
  6. flashlight or a headlamp
  7. fluids - Oil change, transmission fluid, and radiator coolant.
  8. ice scraper
  9. jumper cables
  10. paper towels or sham  to clean windshield visibility
  11. proof of insurance
  12. registration - yeah, you only need this one for the
  13. spare tire
  14. shovel*
  15. tire jack
  16. tire pressure gauge
  17. tire chains
  18. WD-40
  19. wiper blades (replace them every winter)

  • Air pressure. Maintaining proper air pressure will help
    keep your tires in top shape. A good tire gauge can help
    you keep track of the air pressure. Keeping the air pressure
    on your vehicle is free at the service station, but there are
    also While you're at it, check the spare.

  • Coolant: If you don't take proper care of your vehicle's
    factory installed coolant, you'll spend almost $2000 on
    fixing it with a new radiator, heater core and water pump.
    Worse yet, you void the extended warranty by not regularly
    maintaining your vehicles coolant system. Ensure fluids are
    always between the maximum and the minimum line.

  • Oil and Oil filter.  It almost goes without saying to keep
    clean oil lubricating your vehicle, but an often overlooked
    component of car care is the oil filter. The oil filter provides
    the necessary layer between debris and critical parts of
    your car. Don't wait for your oil filter to disintegrate and
    cost you hundreds in repair bills.

  • Spark plugs. A spark plug doesn't cost much, but if you
    don't maintain them for your vehicles, you'll spend around
    $500 in ignition-related repairs. Prevent misfires, which
    damage spark plug wires, along with the ignition coils by
    taking necessary maintenance precautions.

  • Timing Belt (Luxury item). One sure fire way to get
    yourself stranded is to have a broken timing belt. It's never
    convenient, but as Murphy's law will have, it will probably
    happen when the temperatures are dangerously high, or
    when you're escaping a storm. More about timing belts
    versus chains... On replacing timing belts you must take
    care to ensure that the valve and piston movements
    synchronize correctly. Get the parts you need on Amazon.

  • Transmission fluid. The cost of rebuilding a transmission
    is a few thousand dollars, but far more expensive to the
    prepper is being stuck when the transmission goes out and
    there's no way to get a repair.

Tow Strap.
Get yourself unstuck with a tow strap! The Neiko tow strap,
pictured left in yellow can help you tow 10,000 lbs, which is
more than strong enough to extract any vehicl from a ditch or
rough spot. With two safety hooks on both ends, this tow strap
allows for easy and fast hook ups and releases.

Gas Siphon.
Worry not that a gas siphon is an item for petty criminals. A
siphon pump is a good idea to carry with you on your travels in
good times and in bad. Good Samaritans exist and will allow
you to pump a bit of their gas into your car should you need it.
You can worry later about the unethical dilemmas you may face
in uncertain times when gas is hard to secure (and you have a
means to secure some). Carry also a gas can! It is otherwise
unwise and unsafe to carry gasoline in an open container.

  • Gas Siphon: Safety experts caution against the unsafe
    practice of siphoning petroleum by mouth, warning
    specifically, that it can result in loss of life. Beckson's
    answer is the patented Siphon-Mate® pump; a
    combination displacement lift pump and siphon pump with
    valves suitable for transferring fuel. Pictured left, the
    Beckson Transfer Pump for fuel Pump half strokes to start
    flow. Once flow begins, fully extending the handle will
    allow siphoning provided that the source is higher in
    elevation than the receptacle.

  • Multi-Use Pump Siphon: Liquid transfer of gasoline, water
    or air with the multi-use Siphon Inflation Pump with Hose,
    pictured righgt. Ideal for transferring gas from the truck's
    tank or other large containers into engine tanks while in
    the field. Dual-action pump. The intake tube is placed at
    the bottom of the liquid to be moved and the outgoing
    tube is fed into the receptacle receiving the liquid. Pump
    the handle a couple times to prime the pump and then pull
    the handle fully out. To stop the flow at any time, simply
    depress the handle.  U.S. made, it also helps inflate toys!

Gas Can.
The No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can, pictured right is CARB
and EPA Compliant. Most spills happen when tipping a normal
can to get the spout into the tank opening before the liquid
comes out, or removing the spout from the target vessel before
overflowing. The No-Spill spout is fully in your control, so you
tip the can vertical, insert the spout into the vessel opening,
then press the button to begin and control pouring. To stop
pouring just release the button. It practically eliminates spills
and overflows!

Car Essential #18: Car repair kit.
A car repair kit is an essential. Look for one that contains bit
driver, slip joint plier, drive ratchet handle, driver extension bar,
drive spark plug socket, adapter,  cable ties, SAE Hex keys,
drive sockets, and bits.

Road Assistance Kit
Having the tools to get you back on the road takes only the
foresight of buying a kit. The compact 70-piece road assistance
kit by AAA, top center of page, includes:
  • 1 heavy duty booster jumper cable
  • 1 hand-charged dual LED flashlight
  • 1 pair of dimpled work gloves
  • 1 emergency poncho
  • 1 emergency whistle
  • 1 flat head screwdriver
  • 1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • 1 utility knife
  • 1 bungee cord
  • 2 shop cloths
  • 10 cable ties, and
  • 45 piece first-aid kit

Happy endings...
The road less travelled is never as interesting. Pack your
vehicles and enjoy when the rubber meets the road. You can
handle anything that comes your way, because you're a prepper!

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