self-defense for preppers

Self Defense
Alternative ideas to defending family and property

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear
the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." ~ Bruce Lee

Simple ideas in self defense
The best self defense is in mentally preparing for the positive
outcome of an attack: if you can first create a win-win option to
evade a struggle altogether. Women in particular, should
envision themselves not as victims, but as knowledgeable and
able women who can avoid or defend against an attack.

In the event of confrontation, preppers have a basic knowledge
of self defense tactics to employ, including Martial Arts, gun
safety and marksmanship, even archery. And then there's
always Mace pepper spray, a stun gun or a taser! These things
all create confidence, and yet there are more effective means to
self defense to consider....

Simple self defense ideas that anyone can follow:
Here are prepper self defense tactics that anyone can follow...

Self defense idea #1: Don't wear a pony tail.  
Having a pony tail gives an assailant something to grab. This is
among the first things a rapist will look for in attacking. Wear a
hat instead as that can fall off and you can escape.

Self defense idea #2: Wear layers of clothing.
Rapists want easy access to a  woman, favoring scantily clad
women over those who are wear layers. Cover yourself like an
onion in layers! Certainly you can dress the way you like, but
you must take responsibility and keep yourself from being a
target.  This means if you're wearing a skirt, add a layer
underneath of leggings. Instead of carrying a coat or sweater,
put it on until you get to the car or safety, or wrap it around
your waist. Don't just wear leggings, add a skirt or a longer top
to add more coverage and hide your curves.

Self defense idea #3: Know how to use your
self-defense weapon
With mace for example, hold the spray at arms length, spray
and take a step back. Don't spray and then walk forward and
into the spray to hurt yourself. Also, to an extent, you'll need to
pay attention to wind direction for the same reason.

Self defense idea #4: When confronted toss the
If you find yourself in a situation where an assailant wants
something from you, like a purse, a wallet or your bugout bag
don't just hand it to them. Take the toss and run approach.
Toss it in their direction, then move backwards. From that point
you can either run away or get out your gun and handle the
situation. Your aim is to increase the distance between you and
the other person to gain the upper hand.

Self defense idea #5: Engage a conversation.
There is a psychological point where someone is assessing the
situation of whether or not to attack you. If you engage a
question, you put the other person to the task of answering
your question. Engaging is distracting them and you can make
your move. For example:

Watch the video below and you will understand the technique of
asking a question, such as, "Excuse me, do I know you?"
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Self defense Ideas anyone can fallow
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Self defense idea #6. Lock and leave.
Sometimes an attacker will scope out potential victims in a
shopping mall parking lot.  Looking for an easy score of the
recent purchases, the attacker will prey upon those who sit idle
in the car, doors unlocked, who are checking their cell phones.
Remedy the situation with the "lock and leave" approach. Lock
doors promptly, then buckle up and leave. You can pull over and
check e-mail once you get out of the parking lot.

Self defense idea #7: Understand basic situational
Is a big van parked next to you on the driver's side? Be alert to
your surroundings (situational awareness). Kidnappers and
rapists aim to nab you from the driver's side and pull you into
the van. You can avert the danger by entering the vehicle from
the passenger side. Then locking and leaving.

Self-defense idea #8: Use your name (and don't act
like a victim).
Try to bond with the individual. It may seem odd, but if you find
yourself in a captive situation, you can gain favor first by using
your name and bonding with the individual. Introducing yourself
makes you an acquaintance and no longer a stranger. It is much
easier to hurt a stranger and more difficult to hurt "Candace" or
"Cliff." You can gain valuable time in creating such a hesitation
and this may benefit in your negotiations. To bond with the
individual, you can be sympathetic. For example,  "I'm sorry that
you're short on cash," but this isn't really going to solve your
problem in the long run, or "I know you're hurting inside, but we
can get help for you."

Conversely, if you play the role of victim, then you're making
the job much easier for your assailant. When you say, "Don't
hurt me," the person doesn't hear the "don't" they only focus on
the other part of the sentence and they begin to hurt you. When
you're sympathetic, you're doing something unexpected and
filling a need the person may have. You're refocusing their

9: Don't be a Girl Scout.
Have you ever fully considered the Girl Scout motto which is "to
help others at all times"?  This is an idea that was not thought
through by the Girl Scouts. It's not safe to "help others at all
times" especially when you're alone. Beware that if someone is
limping, struggling with bags, or is wearing a sling or bandage,
it could be part of a ploy to lure in sympathetic women. This is
the method employed by the Ted Bundy's of the criminal world.

Consider these (mostly) peaceful self defense options:

  • Avoid. Happy Preppers keep a low profile. Like the first rule
    of fight club, which is "don't talk about fight club," the
    same holds true of Prep Club: don't talk about your
    preparedness. Don't brag to anyone about having guns and
    ammunition or about having a two year supply of food on
    hand. You're the first one the locals will loot in desperate
    times! Obviously avoiding the threat is best, but aversion
    isn't always possible.

  • Hide and Disguise. Along the same lines of keeping a low
    profile, Happy Preppers hide and disguise their supplies,
    and are prepared to hide disguise themselves as well.
    Advanced Preppers may build a clandestine bunker or have
    a bunker in plain view that's defensible. Looking like a
    homeless person might be a technique of camouflage in
    uncertain times and could be part of a Happy Prepper's bug
    out strategy to escape potential threats in trying to blend
    in a chaotic society.

  • Diffuse. While in America, you have the right to bear arms,
    you also have the right to bear hugs.  Talking is the first
    line of a peaceable defense. Granted, bridging words is an
    art, but diffusing a dangerous situation is possible. In a
    stressful situation, there may be an opportunity to extend
    a charitable contribution of food, warmth or medical aid to
    the person in need who is threatening you. Mind you that
    attackers won't follow the same honor code, but handling
    the situation in this regard may buy yourself some time to
    get to the gun you need or to get your family out of harm's
    way. Happy Preppers always look for the best possible
    outcome, that's why they aim to diffuse through
    communication. Happy Preppers may be able to engage the
    attacker in a dialog to diffuse the fight. The big secret to
    winning a fight is to never get hit in the first place.

  • Surprise. The element of surprise is also a defense tactic.  
    Get a load of the leather slap gloves pictured left. These
    gloves may look harmless but they can be used as a
    powerful blunt force defense weapon. Each glove features a
    secret knuckle pocket of unique material that is 110% the
    density of lead and will not rust. The dense powder acts
    like a metal plate and knocks attackers out cold. Velcro
    adjustment. These gloves are legal, unlike brass knuckles,
    and will distribute blunt force which concusses an attacker.
    They'd come in handy for self defense in a world without
    rule. Consider steel toed shoes and sap gloves, and
    concealed weapons. A self defense key chain can be a
    woman's best friend.

  • Retreat. In some situations, retreating may be the most
    viable option for survival. Happy Preppers always assess
    their situation and have a plan of retreat. Look for exits,
    plan on escapes even while you are in the middle of a
    struggle. As a wise philosopher once said, "Plan ahead or
    find trouble on the doorstep."

  • Revise, rethink. Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a
    plan until they get punched in the mouth."  The same is
    true for preppers. Revise and rethink your situation.

Final Words about Self Defense for Women
At the end of the day, realize that self defense is not really
about carrying a firearm, having mace or prepper spray nor any
other weapon. Self defense really has much more to do with self
confidence. Having self confidence will help you deal with the
situation at hand. Knowing that you are responsible for your life
and that you affect your own destiny will give you the upper
hand. Prepare to survive from a mindset that starts with
confidence. Simply believe in yourself and take immediate
action. Here are more ways to accomplish just that:

When you peel back the veneer of society, you'll be surprised
what everyday good people will do to survive. For this reasons,
self defense training with a gun is an area all prepper women
should heavily consider.

Happy endings...
Sometimes defending yourself is more about the things you
don't do. If you can avoid a situation in which you'd otherwise
be vulnerable, then so be it. There's no contest you need to
win. You've already won your peace of mind.

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