Healing powers of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Salt
Healing the homesteading way with Himalayan salt

You know that salty air good feeling you get from a good day at the
beach? Well, that's the same healing power of Himalayan pink salt.

If you're worth your weight in salt, you'll look into prepping with
Himalayan pink salt because of its many benefits. Himalayan
pink salt is a miraculous and beautiful unrefined salt that will
heal you from the inside out. It's tasty, too!

Make Himalayan pink salt part of your homesteading and
prepping plan not only for improved flavor in your cooking, but
for detoxification, better respiratory health, and lowered blood
pressure. It can also help you sleep better, resolve bruxism and
much more.

Is it a panacea? You can take this information with a grain of
salt because Himalayan pink salt won't cure everything, but
indeed there is a grain of truth that Himalayan pink salt is good
for you! This "divine substance," as Homer called it was "dear to
the Gods," as Plato concurred.

Look back to antiquity and you will find that salt is a gift from
the gods. The Celtic word for salt is holy or sacred. They weren't
talking about the table salt of the modern world, they were
talking about salt that is of pure crystal of 250 million years
ago. The closest equivalent to what was available to the historic
figures above is Himalayan pink salt! This mineral-dense, pure
and clean salt has many benefits.

What makes Himalayan salt different?
The first thing you'll notice is the rich translucent hues of pink --
you can actually see the trace minerals refracting light in the
crystal chunks. The splendor of the color is that pink Himalayan
salt contains all the 84 elements found in your body. It's unlike
ordinary table salt in every way.

  • Aching joints? Add Pink Himalayan rock salt to your food
    and it will help you feel better, but even more amazing is
    the restorative qualities of a warm Himalayan bath salt.

  • Can't sleep? Anyone who has a bout with insomnia will
    appreciate the peaceful rest given from the ions emitting
    from a Himalayan rock salt lamp. In turn, this will give you
    a boost in your daytime energy.

  • Depressed? Stressed? Negative ions emitted by a pink
    Himalayan salt lamp is known to stimulate oxygen flow to
    the brain, and this can help alleviate depression, say the
    manufacturers. Eating Pink Himalayan salt, a natural health
    promoting salt will help much more. Chloride is essential
    for the brain in growth and development of neurological

Put away the table salt and replace it with Himalayan rock salt.
While ordinary table salt has links to hypertension, neurological
degenerative and kidney diseases, strokes and more, you'll find
just the opposite with pink Himalayan salt. It heals!

Now you know...all salts were not created equal.
What makes Himalayan salt unique from other types of salt
(including celtic sea salt) is that there are no caking agents and
no contaminants in it. The salt is mined from deep in the earth.

Why is ordinary table salt bad?

  • It's heat refined. Ordinary table salt is refined -- it's
    chemically altered in the heating and refining process. To
    get pollutants out of table salt, it must be heated and

  • It has preservatives. Ordinary table salt has man-made
    preservatives, aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate,
    magnesium carbonate added back into the salt to make
    them taste better. Aluminum is known to deposit in the
    brain and potentially may cause Alzheimer's disease.

  • It includes toxic iodine and sometimes fluoride! While
    iodine is a necessary nutrient to help rid your body of
    environmental toxins, the iodine of table salt includes
    iodate or iodide.

Benefits of Himalayan salt
Highly regarded, salt is important to man -- enough so to be the
reason behind wars and revolutions in our early history. This
valuable stuff is required by every living being. Without salt a
body can't transport nourishment, oxygen or even nerve
impulses. If you're going to pick just one salt, make in
Himalayan salt, which has the most benefits.

Here are the benefits of Himalayan pink salt:

#1: Himalayan salt lowers blood pressure.
A big secret is that Himalayan pink salt has Potassium in it,
which can decrease blood pressure making it beneficial for that.
Of course, if you already have low blood pressure, then this
could make it go lower, which wouldn't be beneficial for you, but
then again, you should probably stay away from bananas too. In
the video at the bottom of the page, one woman claims her low
blood pressure is well regulated thanks to her unusual use of
Himalayan pink salt.

Just remember to take Himalayan salt with plenty of water to
help regulate blood pressure. The two work in unison.

Contrastly, the inorganic sodium chloride that you'd get from
ordinary table salt will keep you from getting the right balance
of fluid and it will over burden the elimination. It's an important
difference between the quality of salts. The media has it all
wrong about salt, because they are not talking about unrefined
salt, like Himalayan pink salt.  They are not comparing salt to
salt. Ordinary table salt is processed like white flour or white
sugar and is devoid of any nutritional benefit. Himalayan pink
salt has nutrients.

#2: Himalayan salt provides essential trace
Himalayan salt has more than 84 trace elements, while ordinary
salt is stripped of every nutrient and is chemically altered in the
heating process. Pure and natural Himalayan pink salt crystals
are loaded with uncontaminated earthy goodness. The trace
elements are

  1. Actinium
  2. Aluminum (Note that this is natural aluminum and not the
    man-made aluminum, which is toxic)
  3. Antinomy
  4. Arsenic (Not the same as the famous rat poison)
  5. Astatine
  6. Barium
  7. Berullium
  8. Bismuth
  9. Boron
  10. Bromine
  11. Cadmium
  12. Calcium
  13. Carbon
  14. Cerium
  15. Cesium
  16. Chloride
  17. Chromium
  18. Cobalt
  19. Copper
  20. Dysprosium
  21. Erbium
  22. Europium
  23. Fluoride (Note this is natural fluoride is not the same as
    the man-made fluoride put into water and toothpaste.)
  24. Francium
  25. Gadolinium
  26. Gallium
  27. Germanium
  28. Gold
  29. Hafnium
  30. Holmium
  31. Hydrogen
  32. Indium
  33. Iodine (though not quite enough of the requirements)
  34. Iridium
  35. Iron (the iron oxide is what gives Himalayan pink salt its
    pretty hue)
  36. Lanthanum
  37. Lead
  38. Lithium
  39. Lutetium
  40. Magnesium
  41. Manganese
  42. Mercury (all salt has mercury, but Himalayan salt is "old
    salt" and tends to be lower in mercury than refined "new
  43. Molybdenum
  44. Neptunium
  45. Nickel
  46. Nitrogen
  47. Niobium
  48. Osmium
  49. Oxygen
  50. Palladium
  51. Phosphorus
  52. Polonium
  53. Platinum
  54. Plutonium
  55. Potassium
  56. Promethium
  57. Protactinium
  58. Radium
  59. Rhenium
  60. Rhodium
  61. Rubidium
  62. Ruthenium
  63. Tantalum
  64. Terbium
  65. Thallium
  66. Thorium
  67. Thulium
  68. Samarium
  69. Scandium
  70. Selenium
  71. Silicon (Note that this is natural silicon and not the same
    as the man-made silicon)
  72. Silver
  73. Sodium
  74. Strontium
  75. Sulfur
  76. Uranium
  77. Tellurium
  78. Tin
  79. Titanium
  80. Vanadium
  81. Wolfram
  82. Ytterbium
  83. Zinc
  84. Ziconium

The bonus is that these 84 trace elements will help you balance
your pH levels. Better pH means better digestive healthy, which
brings us to #3.

#3: Himalayan salt is a digestive aid.
Salt is the only rock we eat! If you're going to eat a rock it may
as well be pink Himalayan rock salt. Pink Himalayan salt aids in
the absorption of food in your intestinal tract. How so?
Himalayan salt aids in digestion by providing chloride to the
hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach. HCL breaks down
proteins and simultaneously kills bacteria that enters your
stomach. The HCL also works to activate an inactive enzyme
responsible for digesting proteins (pepsionogen). In short, this
improves your condition of acid reflux or heartburn.

  • Increases bone density. Eating Himalayan pink salt has a
    sideline benefit of strengthening your bones. The secret of
    increased bone density to help prevent osteoporosis is the
    high potassium content of Himalayan pink salt. You see,
    while sodium can lead to bone loss, potassium intakes
    offset this. Help ensure adequate calcium and potassium
    intakes by adding Himalayan pink salt to your diet. Here's
    more about the role of dietary sodium in osteoporisis.

Another bonus is that adding more Himalayan salt to your diet
will also help you detox! That's #7 on the list of Himalayan Pink
Salt benefits.

#4: Himalayan salt can promote blood sugar health.
If you or a loved one is a diabetic, pink Himalayan salt is good
news in that it helps promote healthy levels of sugar in the
blood. Take ample amounts of Himalayan pink salt to help put
the body into an ideal state. It's loaded with trace elements to
put your blood sugar to good health.

#5: Himalayan salt can help you sleep.
With pink Himalayan salt you'll have a more restful night. There
are a several ways to achieve this benefit:

  • Try a Himalayan salt lamp. Heating a salt lamp with a
    light bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an
    effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air (or
    so says the manufacturer). This theory seems to make
    sense. The pink Himalayan salt, which sat below the
    surface of the earth, is now bursting with a  glow of
    minerals. It provides a sense of ambiance if anything.  
    Once lit the lamp will emit a calming Amber color. A salt
    lamp not only provides a cozy atmosphere, but it can serve
    as a night light. For the child with Bruxism, a Himalayan
    salt lamp can work its magic to calm. (Lavender Essential
    oil can also help with Bruxism). While there have been no
    scientific studies to prove the claims, many users swear by
    it in their reviews. You can read more than 900 reviews by
    clicking the image, right.

  • Take a Warm Himalayan saltwater bath. Restore and
    replenish your muscles with a bath in much the same way
    you'd use Epsom salt to soothe aching muscles. You'll find
    Himalayan pink slat will quickly absorb into the blood
    stream. This will restore the acid and alkaline levels to a
    pH balance.

  • Replace Himalayan pink salt for ordinary table salt. You
    can get a better night's rest, thanks to the iron oxide
    content of Himalayan pink salt, so feel free to flavor your
    foods with it.

Himalayan salt has power to regulate your sleep, and also you
likely won't get up to use the restroom in the night if you flavor
your foods with Himalayan salt, because it has the power to
regulate the water content throughout your body.

#6: Himalayan salt promotes respiratory health.
You'll breathe easier with Himalayan pink salt. This hollistic
homesteading trend based on science with support in the
medical community. Here's what Dr. Oz has to say about
Himalayan pink salt:

Dr. Oz explains the power of Himalayan pink salt.

Himalayan salt inhaler.
Greek medicine widely accepted the practice of steam inhalation
of salt water thanks to the influence of Hippocrates.

Himalayan salt can help ease many ailments:

  • Allergies. Help for seasonal allergies may be just an
    inhaler away. See what Dr. Oz has to say about this
    alternative health secret revealed in the video below.

  • Asthma.  A salt inhaler, picture right, can help with sinus
    and respiratory problems and allergies. Salt air inhalation,
    known as speleotherapy, was first discovered more than
    200 years ago. Dr. Oz has rediscovered the amazing natural
    high. Please see the video below.

  • Sinusitis (sinus infection). If you live seaside, chances
    your sinusitis is well managed. The rest of us may benefit
    from a Himalayan salt water rinse with a Neti pot or the
    salt inhaler, pictured right.

Confirmed by modern science, salt water steam brings
respiratory health. The inhaler decreases swelling in the back of
the throat, which makes it a natural help for asthma. See what
Dr. Oz has to say about this natural solution, below:

Dr. Oz explains how to use a Himalayan salt inhaler.

#7: Himalayan pink salt promotes effective
Himalayan pink salt can help with detoxification in many ways.
Taken internally, and applied topically Himalayan pink salt
promotes a healthy detoxification.

  • Himalayan sole detox.  Did you know that a salt water
    flush is the safest way to cleanse the colon and detox? To
    detoxify, you can create a beneficial mixture of Himalayan
    salt dissolved in water. This is called Sole. It's not a typo.
    "Sole" will help lift your "Soul!" The process detoxifies and
    creates an electrolyte balance. The detox will increase your
    hydration and help your body regulate water content in and
    around the cells.

    What is Himalayan sole? Dissolving Himalayan rock salt in
    water, to the point of saturation, that salt water solution is
    called sole. This is a "liquid light energy." You can make
    your own Sole, using pure Himalayan salt in rock or crystal
    form. Here's how to make Sole -- the saltwater solution
    that just may replace your morning coffee:

Above, Karen Atkins shows you how to make Sole.

    Similarly, Dr. Josh Axe recommends a sea salt water flush
    as a method of detoxificaiton. Another way to detoxify is
    with a salt bath...

  • Himalayan salt bath detox. Salt baths cleanse and
    detoxify your skin. Himalayan salt has long been reputed
    for healing properties for common skin conditions, a salt
    bath, known as Thalassotherapy, by Hippocrates. Today use
    of seawater goes beyond cosmetic spa treatments to
    cleanse, soothe and revitalize skin. A Himalayan salt bath
    reportedly can help treat cellulite, reduce stress, soothe
    muscles and even benefit breathing, cardiovascular health
    and beneficial for osteoarthritis patients.

  • Himalayan salt Deo bar detox. A Deo bar may look like a
    bar of soap, but it won't lather up like soap. It's more of a
    natural deodorant. A chemical-free bar without aluminum or
    alum, is made of Himalayan Crystal salt is a natural
    alternative to getting rid of odor causing bacteria. To use a
    Deo bar, you apply a deo bar, pictured right, wet to the
    skin. This Deo bar leaves an invisible protective salt layer
    that works to prevent bacterial odor throughout your day.
    Now you can skip the chemical deodorant bars. Best of all,
    a Deo bar keeps your skin in pH balance, fresh without
    clogging pores.

    Food can also help you detoxify and you don't have to
    directly pour it on your food. You can get nutritional
    benefits from a salt slab.

  • Himalayan salt slab detox. Use your salt slab as a hot
    plate, a platter or a skillet. Place in the freezer to chill and
    keep foods cold for hours or heat up in the oven to keep
    your food warm. Think of it as curing brick. You can put it
    directly onto the grill or stove top or keep your shrimp
    chilled in the fridge before grilling. Cold, it's great for fruits,
    sushi, veggies, or cheese as a decoration. Imagine how you
    can enhance a Paleo diet with salt slab.

Himalayan salt slab is not only a healthful for grilling, searing and cooking
meat, fish and vegetables, it's a beautiful way to display appetizers.

Using a salt plate results in a milder flavor than when using
ground salt - it will help sear your food with flavor. Himalayan
salt is rich in trace minerals, which adds to the depth of flavor
your foods will achieve when cooked, chilled, or simply
presented on the plate. Himalayan salt plates have naturally
low moisture contents, which allow the plate to be heated or
chilled to extreme temperatures.

Above, the salt plate will help you infuse an amazing flavor and the holder
will help transport foods from the grill.

#8: Himalayan salt is a natural antiseptic.
There may be an expression, of rubbing salt in the wound, but
believe it or not this is beneficial! Himalayan pink salt is a
natural antiseptic that can clean wounds if applied topically.

People commonly believe that putting salt in  wound makes
things worse, when nothing could be further from the truth. It
was Hippocrates who first discovered salt for wounds as therapy.

You may think it's the salt that hurts, but some salt water high
mineral content an irritate skin, especially if you have a cut or
open sore. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.
Modern medicine uses a "Saline Solution" for wound care. It's
the same principle,but they use a sterile water and saline. A
sterile saline solution decreases wound contamination and
encourages formation of connective tissues.

Unless you are salt sensitive, go ahead and partake in
Himalayan pink salt. (Incidentally, if you are salt sensitive, Dr.
Lawrence Wilson has four suggestions for what to do and a lot
of great
information on sodium and salt eating!

No matter how you shake it pink Himalayan salt is a winner. So go ahead and pass
the salt!

Happy endings...
Clear the brain fog! Once you experience Himalayan pink salt
you'll never go back to ordinary table salt again.

Like we said above, it's not a panacea. Ralph Waldo Emerson
wrote, “A good intention clothes itself with sudden power.”
There is scientific support from some, but not all uses of
Himalayan salt.

The medical community falls into two camps the believers and
the non-believers. Dr. Oz supports inhaling, while Dr. Andrew
Weil on whether Himalayan salt lamps are worthwhile, says
"there is no scientific evidence to support any of these claims."
This is much different than the easy answer that it simply is not
true. It just means no one has studied salt lamps.

Salt is vital to life and was considered a gift from the gods, but
this knowledge has become clouded. Man has altered the
original salt. From biblical study, you will find Matthew 5:13
concurs. “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its
taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good
for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under
people's feet."

The truth is that modern salt has lost it's taste. Himalayan salt
is the salt of the earth! Table salt is sea salt is slightly better
than table salt as it is unrefined salt, but it's filled with
pollutants from the sea including mercury, PCB, dioxins -- and
even oil spills. These accumulate and get transferred to the
salt. The pollution is so bad that some sea salt is refined salt
and is no better than the ordinary table salt.

Nutritional information on Himalayan Pink salt is scant, but here
is important information from Dr. Joseph Mercola about the 13
amazing benefits of Himalayan Crystal salt:

Above, Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Mercola.com discusses the value
and importance of the right kind of salt (the purist kind of salt there is).
The world is awakening to his wisdom.

You don't have to avoid salt anymore. Pink Himalayan salt can
actually lower your blood pressure, increase bone density,
promote sugar health, detoxify and much more.

  • Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea. -

  • There must be something sacred in salt. It is in our tears
    and in the ocean. - Khalil Gibran

  • Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. - Nelson

In a toast from Frank Capra's film, It's a Wonderful Life, George and Mary
give a new homeowner bread, salt and wine. "Bread, that this house may
never know hunger. Salt, that life may always have flavor. And wine, that
joy and prosperity may reign forever."

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Warnings about essential oils and pregnancy: As with all essential oils, do not use internally
unless you have express approval from a certified practioner. Essential oils for consumption
must be food grade and are taken with caution only and never during pregnancy. Consult with a
physician or healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or are nursing. Also, do not use
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